"The first operation of Project Unification was a resounding success. Don't let it get to your heads, but we did better than even the most optimistic estimates. There's more dangerous, hard work awaiting us in the future. In the meatime, Dirchs pulled some old contacts and to spare you the boring details, we've organized a short trip to a luxury resort. Enjoy your vacation."

"I'll be there too!"


"You got it all wrong. See, it's a contest of skill, stealth! Peeking is all about not getting caught, it makes it more exciting."

Two years - it may feel like ages since the last time you had this type of vacation. Or maybe that time passed all too quickly? Regardless, it's time to rest now. The weather is warm, the beach is nice, and drinks are on the house!

The pilots' hijiks )

[This is a mingle post. Feel free to talk to either other players or the NPCs, or even more NPCs of your own. Writing your own posts for others to tag in is also fine.]
"The Spirit Emperor said that I understand the importance of my duty, and he isn't wrong. When the time comes, I will go to Balmar, as the Priestess of Zehirut."

"But until I am needed there, I wish to stay on Earth. Experience more and more of it - and I have all of you to thank for the opportunity to do so."

Armana's thanks are extended to all members of Project Unification, and she's not the only friendly Balmarian now. Apparently ESUN and Balmar have achieved peace, and a large Huleh is now landed near Alhambra. Its crew are mostly Balmarian cloned soldiers who don't have anything important to say - but not only them.

"Until that time comes, I will guard the Princess with my life. I am Luria of the Qayits noble house. We met on the battlefield twice, but I hope we can coexist in peace now."

"Wa ha ha! Well said. After all the Spirit Emperor nominated me, Baran Doban, as the Balmarian representative to Earth, so we should get along. And though we are finally at peace, I must commend you: You fought well, warriors of Earth! Such determination and tenacity, it reminds me of myself in my younger days."

Wish you to talk to the Balmarian Princess - or perhaps one of her colorful bodyguards?
Will they be here...I wonder?

[With another intense engagement against the Balmarians looking like it's just around the corner, Seta decides to make a direct request to her allies in the Kijin Realm. Remembering her talk with Princess Teoria, and more recently the new acting commander of Project Unification, she feels that it's only right. The situation is certainly dire enough to warrant it now.

A message is sent through the Gate at the Gloster Foundation ruins...]


The Imperial Guard )


Vallar of The Eight Cyclones )
Following the fight at Sakihama, SSR forces arrived - and soon after, even the Shirogane. This can't be just a coincidence or reinforcements to fight Balmarians, and indeed it isn't.

"The ESUN council made its decision regarding Linjun's request. It's only fitting that I, being the inspector and envoy to ESUN, read it." Inspector Jou speaks to a hall full of personnel from both organisations, while others are watching on video feeds.

"From this day on, Unity Group and SSR assets are being combined into one force, known as Project Unification. The force's primary objective is to stop hostile encroachment of alien forces - Za Balmary Empire and the entity known as the Lady, into the Earth Sphere, by any means necessary. For the sake of this objective, Project Unification has full jurisdiction and doesn't respond to any external chain of command other than itself. Its secondary objective is to neutralize hostile groups from within the Earth Sphere, such as the Lost Seekers and still functioning members of Cambio Protocol. Jurisdiction here is limited, and full reports are expected to be submitted..."

"Not to interrupt you Inspector, but let's leave the minutae for people who deal with them. What of the joint organisations' personnel and their standing?"

"Of course. Project Unification members will mostly hold their old ranks until the project's dissolution, which will come after the primary objective is fulfilled. The exceptions are limited to shuffling among the leadership ranks. The acting commander and highest authority of the Project was, despite some protests, in the end decided to be..."

The leader reveal )

The first briefing )

[3 - a bit after the briefing]
A chance to converse with SSR members - or rather, Project Unification ones. You're all in this together!

"Did you see Linjun's face? That guy had it coming a long time."

"I was never a fan of the way he did things. And, it looks like I got a pay rise. But that's the least of my worries now."

"Bout time all of us worked together officially. If you need anything fixed up, it's on the house!"
Following the disaster of the terrorist attack (and later Lost Seekers showing up), Project Khnum was not accepted by ESUN. Moreover ethical concerns ensured that thorough investigation must first be performed before it is allowed to continue in any shape or form.

But what of the clones? The clone soldiers who, after something happened to them, now are apparently sapient and acting with a will of their own. There is less than a dozen survivors, but one of them speaks up.

"Uncertain... I mean. I am uncertain what I wish to do now." The clone gestures - at the armored Genoace, at a handheld weapon dropped not too far away.

"But it's not this."
All out of sudden, a military exposition has been organised. Many ESUN bigwigs were invited to come, and this applies to Unity Group members as well. On location, the guests may feel safe thanks to heavy security - provided by some kind of armored soldiers. In addition to acting as guards, they are the ones showing off at the exposition. Be it on foot drills or fake combat in mobile suits (modified, heavily armored genoaces), the squads perform their tasks with excellent speed and precision.

"What's the secret behind Project Khnum's success? We have cloning to thank for that!" The guests are entertained by a way too enthusiastic presenter with a fake smile. He is all too eager to explain the goings on of the exposition.
"Now, this is not the first such attempt, I'm sure everyone heard of the MJP Project. But that has its shortcomings - it creates cloned people, but people still, and the project's graduates grow just too slowly! The Earth Sphere is besieged by enemies from all sides, we need a large elite army to protect us and we need it now. Project Khnum is the solution."

"Its creations may be biological, but they're more robots than people. They are created from a template only vaguely similar to human DNA. No real sentience, no free will, only directives downloaded into their brains by our well-developed and tested training procedures. These procedures is what gives the Project Khnum clones their excellent abilities and teamwork, while ensuring they will never, ever harm a human being. Safety is always our foremost concern, a priority!"

"With Project Khnum dawning on the Earth Sphere, the face of warfare changes. No longer will our brave sons and daughters have to risk their lives in battle. No longer will nations have to spend huge sums on years' worth of training. With the project, a soldier of the new area, capable, skilled and loyal, is ready from nothing in mere months!"

Many of the guests are sceptical and some even look visibly disgusted. But just as many seem enthusiastic about this idea, as clapping fills the air as soon as the speech is over. One older gentleman seems especially content.

"Today this becomes reality. My dream... no - my final chance at redemption."
Edward Mcdowell looks like he aged 10 years since the last time you saw him, forced to stand with the help of a cane. But he is beaming with pride. Pride at the project that - as any information leaflet reveals, is his own doing.

And the DNA template mentioned during the presentation? It too is present on site.

"This is the right thing to do, isn't it? This is a good thing... right?"

Chou avoids the crowds and leans against the window in a secluded area. The Kin looks torn apart by internal struggles and exhaustion. But they're here not as a prisoner, but the project's co-creator. One whose genetic pattern served as base for the clone soldiers.

"What'd you do in my place, Ren?"



The cloned soldiers themselves aren't separated from the guests. You can talk to them, or try your luck against them in a fake fight (using 100% safe weapons). They even answer questions. But unless someone has business with them, they just stand still, like statues of futuristic warriors. So unlike the Kin whose DNA they share.
[Frontdated a little.]

The Great Forge...

Ynya and Kimhone )

... Adjustments, she said.

[A package arrived to Sielje soon after the talk she had with her friends. With only a moment of hesitation she opens it, to reveal.]

... Ah!

[A dress. A black, vaguely leathery dress, with a tight fitting bodice but flaring, frilly sleeves and a skirt. As well as a veil, and a few assorted trinkets.]

This is what Kimhone wore ten years ago. A rarity like no other.
You wanted me... to have this?

[Travel to recover the Discovery's relic takes you to mountainous parts of Ankaia - inhospitable and barren even by the planet's standard, with barely any vegetation amidst rocks and crags. But eventually, the Unity Group party arrives at the forges: and the workshops where many an Arm was assembled now lie in ruins. Thanks to Ishin's destructive actions, artifacts put at work here now are shattered, half assembled Knight's Arm skeletons left on their own in empty halls.]

Meetings )
An uneasy silence surrounds a small fleet of orange-colored Wulgaru units that emerged from the gate activated by Jiart and Kamjin. The fleet came in peace, and its leader asked to speak to Teoria. Permission was granted, with everyone in preparation it turns out to be a trap.

It was not a trap.

"Legates Lumes. Glad I am that we may speak in the flesh again."

The news )


The two are not alone. As Lumes prepares to depart, a worried Princess Armana looks on wordlessly.

(You may talk to any of the three present)
The Black Charisma battleship is open and unguarded. All that is left is to face off with whatever Chimera members are left inside.

But the ship is empty. Brigadier Edel Bernal is nowhere to be seen, nor is a certain black-clad jerk. The only person on board is...

"Ah, don't hit! Don't hit! Edel doesn't like it when someone else does it!"

It's Jii, the childish/mentally unstable crazed scientist, making an exaggerated expression of panic (not pictured). He was found cowering behind the Chimera servers. Yes, the servers are there - and fully functional, still processing all information available online even now.

"This is a party. Party, party! Edel said you'll be coming, yes? That's why she and everyone is gone."

"They will be back, all around you so you can't leave. It's a party known as a trap."

[Elsewhere - narration only, not taggable]
Read more... )

"Kimhone, will she truly be able to hear me this way? For certain? ... Aha! A familiar face."

[Suddenly a private but low security transmission is received by Unity Group. On the other side you can see the Ankaian champion, pleasantly surprised that this works. And he's not alone.]

"Salutations. How fare you? We heard news of Earth and they were tumultous. It looks like you managed to prevail however, and I am glad for it."

"Is Sielje any place near? It is my turn to ask for her favor. Something she is best suited for, and may it bring our realms closer together in this difficult time."


"Is this how people of Earth live? Peculiar... I expected a place more austere. It certainly is lively though!"

Not quite... It is not a city, but Unity Group's Fort Alhambra...

[Sielje is playing tour guide for a small group of Ankaian delegates - knights young and old, men and women, they came here to experience themselves how Earth's like. But Ynya made a (probably wise) decision not to shock them with the big cities yet, so far a UG base should suffice.]

"Ignorant upstarts, you know nothing!"

[It looks like most of the tourists have better things to do than to take in the views however.]

Read more... )
[Route split explanation]
Read more... )

[1 - route A, mingle/reaction prompt]
The Discovery has launched into space.

The ancient stone building raised from the earth, freed from the cave that sheltered it for thousands of years. It's no building - but a giant cathedral-like starship. A starship that quickly rose through the atmosphere and before anyone could stop it, took its place on Earth's orbit.

Now it's floating in space, slowly circling the planet and not responding to any signals, seemingly lifeless. Something has obviously happened inside, something possibly not good at all - but there's just only one little problem preventing anyone from getting in close to investigate what has happened.

The Seekers, the Guardians (of Past, Present and Future) - even one of those was a very formidable foe. Now there are many, floating around the Discovery and, as an observation probe found out, attacking everything that comes close.

How much worse are things going to get?

"I'm assuming command of Unity Group."

Here's a message from Lee Linjun.

"Your little game, where the organisation continued to exist and pretend nothing's wrong despite not even having an acting officer, moved on for long enough. As long as it only affects internal affairs I couldn't care less, but now the stakes are simply too high."

"You know well what happened. The alien known as the Lady has made her move. She has the power to affect reality itself and wants nothing less than to subjugate humanity, it's not too late to stop her but we need to act, and we need to act RIGHT NOW. Her vessel, what we all used to know as Discovery, is now in Earth orbit - but not for long. Using the Shirogane's Tronium Cannon, I'm going to take it out."

"The only problem is the Lady's grunts on the way. That's where you come in. I've sent a similar message to UN Spacy, the ESUN military, anyone who still has a space force. We're gathering a fleet, and then we strike."

"I hope to see you there too, Unity Group. Not even for your own sake. This is a crisis where individual lives and organisations no longer matter. This is for the sake of humankind itself. Lee Linjun, out."

[2 - also route A]
Read more... )

[3 - route B, talking with NPCs and/or mingle prompt]

"Are you alive?"

Read more... )
"Captain Vadim agreed for Grungust Alpha and Huckebein Omega to return with us. She's being reasonable about what boils down to theft of a seal entrusted to SSR."

The acting commanders of Unity Group are having a meeting. Technically it's for higher ups only - but it's not behind locked doors, and anyone can just come and listen or even join in. This is no time for protocols.

"If by entrusted you mean they used it as a source of energy. That sounds perfectly responsible... and now the seal's somewhere inside the two units. It's the most mysterious blackbox the boys at engineering have ever seen." Dirchs quickly moves through several sheets of data on his pad.
"A black box that allowed the two to combine, which is funny because the mechanism for combination was already there. Just incomplete, locked down. And no one knew about it."


"Why is everyone looking at me? I didn't know of the combination mechanism either. I'm honest this time, sorry to disappoint you! Perhaps you should focus your attention on the one who delivered the Alpha and Omega to Unity Group, hmm?"

Unfortunately questioning the person responsible (can you remember who it was?) will have to wait, because...


"There is little time to act."

Unity Group has prisoners - Lagardia and Graeme, the two last Ancients, now in human form and the latter wounded and given medical attention. They are prisoners, but they came out of their own free will, and asked Unity Group for assistance.

"The One Who Waits is not yet invincible - yet. I know where the Gate of Sorrows is, and with keys on hand we can unlock it. Unlock it, and kill that monster once and for all. Except... there is only two of us remaining. We can't do it alone, so we decided to entrust the fate of the world in your hands."

"I'm afraid I can't assist you, Lagardia. My injuries... ugh. They are too severe."

"Then I will go by myself, but not alone - with Unity Group. Maybe I grew too stubborn in trying to do this on my own... one more thing."

"I realize of things I have done. My actions resulted in deaths of many innocents, for that I have no excuse. If you wish to punish or put me on trial, do it - but do it after the monster is dead. Slaying the One Who Waits is our priority now!"
After the fight around the medical camp, relief has arrived. Machines belonging to an unfamiliar organisation appear and activate some kind of smaller devices around areas damaged by the brief fight.

"The damage is nowhere near as severe as speculated... oh well. That is only for the better. Your job here is the same, regardless."

The woman seems to be in charge. She contacts anyone present as around her the devices start doing their work - releasing familiar-looking, if small clouds of shining matter. Clouds that start to reconstuct buildings and heal minor wounds...

"Excuse me. Caduceus chief executive officer, Setsuna Zeeck. Are you an acquintance of Willis Clades? He is currently supposed to be a member of Unity Group."
After the mission with the fake Crafts, a member of SSR who was present there decided to accompany you back. The SSR pilot is using a black AHSMB - just as Team Rabbits, and in battle you had enough of belligerent and barely cooperative behaviour coming from that unit. And now it's time to talk to the foul-mouthed pilot...

"Thank you for your assistance. Umm..." A quick and awkward bow.

"If you weren't there, casualties would be severe! I am 2nd Lt Kuroki Ange, it's not my place to say it - but SSR is grateful for your actions."

"I should return now and report to my higher ups, I just wanted you to know that."
[1 - later than other two prompts actually]
[With some caution regarding use of unfamiliar technology, Sielje reviews a mission recording time and time again. Or rather, a part of it - one during which her own words can be clearly heard. A desperate confession forced by an enemy...]

There is no way to make this disappear...


So be it, then. This is, after all, the truth.

Painful may it be.


"I could not find lord Ishin."

The findings )

[One matter yet remains...]

"Perhaps... it was my mistake to reach out to Fumerco. Blinded by my own optimism, I could not see through intentions of leaders behind it until it was too late. I was blind to many things that seem so obvious now."

"We all made mistakes. What to do of them but to learn and move forward? Look to the future. Is that not right?"

[Kimhone and Ynya both turn towards the third person present.]


[Sielje is not too eager to start a conversation. Have you something to say perhaps, before leaving the three alone?]
"It's not usual for me to talk to you directly. Today's circumstances are nothing but usual." In Fort Alhambra, you have a strange announcer. An unassuming middle aged man in a suit, the ESUN inspector - some of you met him before, but for many it's the first contact with the inspector, who usually talked to the commanders only.

"Apollonius Gavin spoke of the voice calling to him. You suspect it's the Lady - so do I. I hope I'm wrong, but we need to prepare for the worst case scenario."

"The Lady told him about the seals, and how breaking them will allow him to change the world as he wishes. That is the truth. The Lady cannot lie, but she may manipulate others with sweet half-truths and not mentioning important details. I'm sure she uses Gavin as a tool for some goal of her own. Preventing Gavin from getting his hands on further seals is Unity Group's priority."

"From the remaining two, one was given to SSR and to the best of my knowledge is still in their headquarters. The second... is in possession of Gavin's uncle. His development labs, to be precise. Lastly, to be broken all three seals need to be brought to the Discovery, where Professor Dupond's research staff is still working. We're going to inform these locations and make sure they are heavily guarded and ready for an attack."

"An attack that's just a matter of time."
[Frontdated to a day before the mission takes place]

No matter where on Earth you are, the ground underneath your feet rumbles. The sensation lasts for a mere moment, but not too long after everyone is called for an emergency briefing. And this time, the situation really calls for it.

the situation )
[Taggable part - music]

Perhaps ironically, despite all the death and destruction the Decepticons caused - the original, hidden message on the transport shuttle arrived unscathed. Though its recipient can no longer listen to it...

What could be so important and secretive that it had to be transported physically? That it could not have been simply transmitted?

Astronomical data. Astronomical data that clearly shows one thing - something huge is moving towards the Earth Sphere. Something made of metal and planetary-sized, a celestial object of unclear nature, but an ominous purpose...

Many planets simply disappeared in its wake. And now it's coming for us. It won't be here tomorrow, or next week. But eventually, it will be here.

[Cutscene/NPC part only, no tags]

"Welcome, Megatron..."

The Decepticon leader comes by. He slowly remembers - Astrotrain was overloaded, and Starscream ordered the fallen and damaged to be thrown out. The treacherous slag personally made sure to throw Megatron out. And now his broken body was drifting in space - was.

"What... are you?"

Because he was facing a being humongous in size, forced to hold on for his life as even its words threw him away.

"I am..."
[Suddenly a portal opens up, and from within...]
"I am an envoy! By my honor, we come in peace!"

[A small group of Ankaian knights in their Knight's Arms step out, waving flags and banners, their weapons sheathed.]

"The Ankaian moot, most important of our gatherings, will begin in less than a week. By the given rights, Lord Anya the Champion of Ankaia, and his wife Lady Kimhone, request presence of people of Earth, those who belong to the order of 'Unity Group'. Yours will be the role of important guests. Bring arms as you wish, however rest assured as no harm will befall you. I swear, it is no trap nor deception."

[All prompts frontdated several days - way after Calvin's mission.]
[It was no trap nor deception. Passing through the portal brings you to a strange land. A world of rolling plains and huge rocky pillars, save for the howling winds its impression is... empty and quiet. Plants are present but infrequently, mostly familiar looking but scarce trees and grasses, and the buildings its people erected in the past are grandiose, huge halls and tall spires - but now, many of them lie abandoned, fallen into ruin and the artifacts stored within long since fallen into disrepair. These are just shadows of former glory, as current people of Ankaia prefer humbler housing in small villages. And yet...]

I... am home.

[At this sight, Sielje seems happy like she rarely is.]

[The Ankaian capital, where the moot will be held - possibly the only real city yet remaining on the planet, parts of its spires still occupied and surrounded by a serene lake. In this place you have a chance to visit a certain location...]

A knight's dwelling )

[The moot itself will take several days - a gathering of Ankaia's finest knights and lords, in the capital's largest hall. Those gathered wear attire of differing levels of historical anachronism and practicality, and yet though they all seem to emanate strength and confidence, no one except for the common guards is armed. Also, Sielje doesn't seem to be around.

Some of the lords give you curious looks but say nothing, while others try to distance themselves or frown with outright disgust and hostility. You have a feeling you are not exactly welcome here. There is however a single exception.]

A knight's friends )

[Whether you try to search for Sielje during the moot or just explore the area, straying from the main meeting hall has you encounter...]

"Are you lost? You would best not wonder. What gave you impression this is a friendly land? It is not."

[A young man who can't be even twenty years old yet. His long cloak obscures most of his body, and he stares in your direction with a disinterested look.]

"Not for the likes of you, anyway."
After Operation Heaven's Gate, you have one more surprise in store. Remember the Thuverl-Salan class Zentradi ship that rammed the Hermodr? The still damaged ship now approaches Earth forces, and it's not alone.

"Hold! Hold fire!"

An older looking Zentradi appears in a transmission sent to all forces present.

"I am Exsedol Formo, the record keeper attached to fleet commander Britai Kridanik. As representative of the Britai fleet, I want to talk. Negotiate, in person!"

This strange diplomat arrives on Macross safely, however as soon as he's there (in miclonized form), there is a complication...

"Before we talk, I want you to show me. Show me your Deculture."

Some time later...

A dramatic turn of events )


"So this is the organisation Teoria spoke of..."

Space princess #3 )


"While we were in space with GDF, the SSR launched a large scale offensive in South America. Their objective was to break the NUNE hegemony and it looks like they've succeeded. The capital has been conquered, their armies destroyed and it looks like New United Nations Earth is no more. Thought you'd like to know."

"Oh yeah, there's also a short message one of theirs left for us."

Clone says hi )
The GDF fleet and SDF Macross still make their way towards the Wulgaru gate. But after a recent fight, the Macross has something unexpected on board...

[Everything is so small! What is that?]
[Don't touch it you fool!]
[I want to see Minmay. You promised there'd be Minmay.]

Zentradi! Some miclonized (read: human sized), some not, the giants stick together - grunting to each other in their alien language, curiously inspecting everyday objects and overall looking rather lost and confused. But one thing's for sure, for once they are not aggressive. In fact this group seems to have gotten to Macross on purpose to do stuff other than fight, and that's why they were fired upon by their own commander.

But why are they here? They seem to be led by a miclonized trio who even brought human-like clothes along. And as soon as anyone armed and/or important looking approaches, one of them speaks up:

"We come in peace! Enough fighting, we just wanted to see the concert!" And it looks like those three know how to speak human, too.
[1.] Alright, Percy. I got a bone to pick with you...

[Sarah and her ex-husband stare each other down from across a hallway. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife-and why not? Percival was the last of the knights to leave Zieg's side, and attacked Sarah in that final fight while she was trying to deal with other foes. The two stare at each other silently for what seems like an eternity, before Percival closes his eyes.]

...Do what you will.

[Sarah marches right up to him, fire in her eyes, throws him into a headlock-and proceeds to give the knight a merciless noogie.]

You idiot! Staying behind to keep an eye on Jacob is cool and all, but how was I supposed to know you weren't a crazy insane asshole! You didn't even tell Nathaniel you were just waiting for him to get you out of this! And you nearly got yourself killed because of Zieg's sabotage! Being a last-minute reinforcement is dramatic as all hell, but what am I supposed to do if you die in the process! And what if I ended up hurting you, huh?! Were you just gonna call for a time-out in the middle of the battle!?

That is...well...

Well, what!

...I had faith in you.

[Sarah lets Percy go, and for a moment, it looks like all is well-before she punches him in the ribs.]


Fireworks )
A group of units is approaching Fort Alhambra. The units look very familiar - it's the Knights of the Guiding Hand, but for once they are not aggressive.

"My name is Nathaniel de Sayard. Stay your weapons Unity Group, I come in peace!"

"Zieg is overcome by madness. His actions are no better than the monsters' we are supposed to fight - and yet knowing it, the greats Seraphina and Percival do nothing. I won't do nothing. If this is the path the Knights of Guiding Hand are going to trek, then I want none to do with it."

"Zieg has the boy, Volya Alkaev, in his hands. Yet he did not release the hostages, they are still kept captive to ensure his compliance. Volya is going to be executed, a grand show that's supposed to be our hour of triumph. This will be your chance."

Not waiting for any prompts, de Sayard begins a transmission of data to a Unity Group info line.

"Our stronghold's location, best paths for approach... I am giving you it all, and more. I swear on my honor it is all accurate, and satellite recon and similar means should confirm it. The execution will happen very soon, but that will be the time Zieg grows most prideful - and pride comes before a fall. At the same time, me and a few you see here - men and women still loyal to me, will strike hard to free the hostages. My betrayal was not discovered yet, so an underhanded attack should be successful."

"I beg of you. Stop this madness."
Suddenly, every single screen in Unity Group bases shows the same thing at once. Or rather, the same person.

"Can you hear this? Of course you can. Unity Group - ones who chose to shelter the unholy child who will bring forth the end of the world. Chose to, but not for much longer."

The camera moves away from the leader of the Knights of the Guiding Hand, to show something else.

"I will make it simple. I offer you an ultimatum - either you handle Volya Alkaev willingly and peacefully, or..."
That something being Sarah's son - Jacob. He looks scared and his body is bruised, it's obvious that he was handled roughly recently. Doubly obvious because a broken-horned Lilica is standing behind him, holding him down in place with a grip so strong her fingernails draw blood against his skin.
"Sarah Daniel's son dies. And he is not an only one. There are others, awaiting your decision. Who are they? I know not, nor care not. You were the ones who pushed us to such desperate measures, Unity Group. Do as I say, or their blood will be on your hands."

"I expect a response in less than a day."

Coming soon... (In a new post actually)
[1 - mingle]
Suddenly, it's all over the media. Official proclamations, interviews, news - different forms but they all say the same thing.

A new player is in town. SSR - it stands for Stetigkeit, Sicherheit, Ruhe. Stability, Safety, Peace: a new special operations group not related to ESUN governments, but working closely with non-membership countries. Russia, southeast Asia, South America, these places are not affiliated with ESUN, but they too want protection.

With the declamations comes an accusation, an accusation directed at Unity Group itself. The SSR spokesman says they have proof of ESUN governments pressuring the UG, making it value the interests of people in charge over safety of the common man. SSR itself will stand immune to such corruption, and if Unity Group tries to intervene in an operation to push an agenda - they should be wary and stay out if they know what is good for them. By "them", the spokesman means us of course.

He also accuses Unity Group of lacking discipline and organisation. Being a loose group without strict chains of command and authority means it is not as effective as it should be. Inadequate to face many of threats to mankind, even if it had some successes of its own.

The identity of SSR members is not public. The only one who revealed himself is the spokesman, an individual unfamiliar to you, one Lee Linjun.


"I am sorry! Most terribly sorry. No amount of apologizing will suffice, but I must try to beg you of forgiveness!"

Lowen General is prostrating himself while apologizing loudly and profusely.

"It is true the information Unity Group received about SSR, and vice versa, both arrived through channels owned by us, Chimera. The latter however was delivered stealthily, without knowledge of our members. We did not even know SSR's true nature until you did. However it is no excuse! An administrator's duty is to know all information that flows through his network, even and especially if it tries to be unnoticed!"

"Please do not blame Edel Bernal or my organisation for what transpired. If you have to, please blame me for becoming complacent. Schlan is trying to find the source of false information even as we speak. The second he finds a clue, I will inform you right away! Moreover, we have analyzed both videos in greatest detail and it seems no kind of manipulation took place. Both broadcasts look completely genuine even if reality disagrees with them."

"I have no idea why. Once again, my apologies."
[1 - immediately after Crazy Little Thing]
Ren is gone, their body disappeared in a golden light, their life - given up to show the Kin memories and the true face of humanity. The good, and the bad.

How did the Kin react? At first, they are shocked. Their units do not move anymore, and in fact quickly start to decompose into component pieces, random collection of metal and other rubbish. Only the pilots are left behind, some curled up in a ball from shock, others with an absent zombie-like gaze, others yet wailing loudly or punching the ground. It takes them a longer while to really try to collect themselves. But they are not a threat. Not anymore.

Eventually, one of them approaches you. It is Chou.

"I understand. We all understand now."

Chou falls to their knees, crying.

"How can you forgive us? You can't, not after what we did... what we were trying to do."

"I've been a fool. All of Kin were such fools. I can only, sincerely promise, that we will not harm humanity anymore. Even if we wanted to... our powers were fueled by our feeling towards humanity. Because of Ren, that feeling's gone. Forever."

"If you want us to be sentenced or to make amends in any way, you have rights to do so. I just ask you to judge every Kin individually. Not us all as a race."

"We were just a first wave." One of the Kin - those who came from the future, mentions as they depart.

"We were a first wave of many that were to come here. Others aren't coming, not without the beacon. They know how to find your time but without the beacon, it'd be suicide. They'd lose their minds, their lives, or worse."

"The rest of Kin will remain in our future. It's a shame... that they never got to experience what I just did."
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"Not too long ago I said Unity Group is not a prison, but..." Commander Antov looks over his reports. Since when did UG accumulate so many prisoners to take care of?

A chance for you to converse with some of them (well except Sielje, she gets her own thread).

Ilinka Venczel doesn't do much - she mostly sits around in her cell without any displays of emotion, as if used to it. Despite not being a prisoner but merely someone under house arrest, Desta is similarly not too communicative, brooding by himself (presence of guards non-withstanding).

Apollonius, on the other hand...

"Aaah! I'm sick of this shit!"

He throws a book he was reading on the floor.

"I never expected being held hostage to be so fucking boring! Is that your plan? To bore me to death?"

"At least let me pilot once in a while! I see BrightSaber and it's collecting dust! Are you guys really so stupid to let a good unit and its pilot go to waste?"

"It is over..."
Aaron Anso Antema, the sole remaining Lady's Good Men member, is pacing around his cell.
"My uncle is dead and his cult has fallen. Our dreams, shattered. All because of that one man..."

"Loni Gavin. You have bested me." He admits bitterly.

Serak - Peola's mother for those of you who are not Ashe - unlike the other prisoners who are either emotionlessly sitting around, brooding, throwing tantrums or moping while pacing is...


Screaming out things that Peola has continuously refused to translate while trying to pummel her way out of the reinforced cell she was placed in. Not only that but every time her fist rams into the walls she recieves an electric shock. The lack of damage to the walls and the faint scent of burning hair has yet to deter the scarred woman from her futile escape attempt. Eventually she would slam her head into the wall only to end up getting launched to the floor by the next jolt. The tirade of alien curses has yet to cease as she gets to her feet and tries again like a clawless cat trying to scratch a curtain.

"Brave men and women of Unity Group - from now on, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps are in your debt."

Marshall Pentacost has something to say, as he shows the end result of the Hong Kong defense operation. Wrecked Jaegers, destroyed buildings, chaos everywhere.

"Crimson Typhoon won't be moving for a long time. Herc's arm needs months of healing. Almost the whole bay is covered in kaiju blue."


"It could have been much worse. Thanks to your quick reaction, the Hong Kong shatterdome suffered no casualties. If you were not there, I know many good people wouldn't live to see the light of next day. You have my deepest thanks."

"As we enter final stages of the plan to deal with Kaiju once and for all, I have no delusions that only a single Jaeger would be able to defend Hong Kong by itself. Until we're ready, I offer the services of Cherno Alpha and its pilots. They will be able to do more good in Unity Group than sitting around an empty Shatterdome."

Contacting the Shatterdome research crew results in one excited Hermann.

"I knew it! I was positive my calculations were correct, and I was right."

The mathematician walks around quickly with his cane. Then, he's suddenly deadly serious.

"The Kaiju won't stop with just one double event. We can expect more coming - no, not just double! Triple events, maybe more... there will be no end to it, unless something is done fast."

"Also, Geiszler would like to say something."
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"This is Commander Antov speaking. Do I have everyone's attention?"

[The Commander in Chief of the Unity Group coughs lightly looking aside at a stranger nobody has seen until today. A very official looking one to boot, in an immaculately clean uniform with a datapad on hand. Commander Antov may be fidgeting a little.]

"If... its no problem at all I'll need some volunteers for a mission on behalf of one of ESUN's branches. This is Representative Caroll from the Office of Special Investigations"

[He looks to the newcomer who steps forward. Now out of her line of sight he's quickly wiping his forehead.]

"Thank you for the introduction Commander Antov. Normally the OSI conducts operations that would be considered covert and thus not requiring the somewhat high profile approach that the Unity Group is known for. Even in the event of an emergency extraction, at the very least we are able to have ESUN troops on loan from member countries on hand or at the very most, special ops teams with close ties to our Office."

[The Representative taps a few buttons and close by displays for those at this announcement in person - or on the screens of those watching it from other bases will soon have information relayed to them regarding an isolated town. Geograpical and Weather Data, population, resources of note and among a dozen little facets of seemingly unimportant information. What was odd though were a number of sections labelled -CONTACT LOST- or -UNKNOWN- all of which were dated very recently.]

"Both those options that we have used to extract an Investigator who was sent to the area for a long term data gathering mission when he requested emergency extraction. Due to the investigator's reputation of... exaggeration... the initial rescue team was delayed until we could confirm that the situation was genuine."

"Shots were fired during his last communique and all contact with him was lost for roughly 12 hours before his emergency beacon was activated. Given the area has seen very little in terms of any sort of aggressor activity OSI command believed that a minimal response was best and sent the 13th Genoace Squad from ESUN's 4th Mobile Suit Division to retrieve him roughly 48 hours after activation of the beacon."

"After losing contact with them for roughly 36 hours after confirmation of their arrival to the OpZone, one of our Special Ops teams - Task Force Javelin volunteered to retrieve both the Investigator and previous retrieval team."

[A bit of worry started to get through her professional demeanor before she continues on.]

"That was roughly 5 hours ago. Lieutenant Commander Eklund is a professional and given that he has missed both second and third contact intervals I'm inclined to believe that there may be a problem. OSI would be in your debt if you were able to bring him and his team back home, as well as retrieve any information they were able to salvage. Furthermore, Lieutenant Commander Eklund had expressed interest in joining the Unity Group, and it is highly likely his team will follow him. They have an exemplary combat record and will most likely be a good addition to your efforts."

[She inclines her head lightly, though oddly she makes no mention of the investigator nor the first rescue team.]

"If you have any questions regarding the operation I will do what I can to answer them."
Her condition is the same as before. Eva looks up at the ceiling, struggles against her restraints occasionally, and sees and hears nothing of what goes on around her. Those eyes that fail to see what is right before them instead see...somewhere else.

Somewhere Else... )

Back in the hospital, Eva blinks once, and sees the ceiling for the first time.

1. [For Ren]
Of all the people Eva can think of, there's only one choice for who to call once she's woken up. She waits for them to arrive in the front of the hospital, having changed back into her normal clothes. For a given value of normal, at least-the all black outfit looks somewhat out of place when not going out to do some espionage work. It'll take a while for her friend to appear, so she takes out a small notepad and starts drawing.

2.[For everyone else]
There's no announcement. But soon, if you're paying attention or watching carefully, you may catch Eva stalking around the base, eating in the cafeteria, or practicing in the gym.
[NPC log part only]

"You... expect us to continue keeping them around?" Commander Antov blinks in disbelief at the man in his gabinet.
"I'd like to remind you that Unity Group is a fast response unit, not a private prison."

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"You may consider this a favor - one that would need repayment through extensive field testing, something which Unity Group is no stranger to. Happy Valentine's."

[Actual part you can react to]

"So... looks like it's good news for a change."

There are two new units in Unity Group's hangars.

"Thanks to our benevolent benefactors..." Dirchs did not make air quotes, but the tone of his voice makes it obvious he'd like to.
"You can say hello to Grungust Alpha and Huckebein Omega. These are top of the line machines we have here - pre-production in fact. We are tasked with testing their capabilities in the field, so take them out for a spin as many times as you'd like. Considering what they're capable of, I don't think I'll have to persuade the lot of you much."

"Oh yeah, one more thing."

"BrightSaber and the rest are fully repaired but they're still under lock. Commander-in-Chief's orders. No one's allowed to use them unless it's an emergency, and the Commander's the only person who has authorization AND knows how to release the locks."
[It's Valentine's Day so you'd probably expect Ren to do something overbearing and possibly very annoying. Or perhaps to tell everyone not to love each other just one day of the year, but to spread caring all the time - which boils down to the same thing.

Well, you may breathe a sigh of relief because as a matter of fact, the horned individual is nowhere around to be found at all.

Elsewhere - Ren was patiently waiting for a special someone to arrive. Recent events made it hard to have light hearted fun, but the two could meet so rarely. They might as well try to enjoy it to the fullest.]
(This occurs during the Screaming Souls mission)

Suddenly, Earth has been transported to a weird alien dimension - the Kijin world. A gigantic multi-armed creature has manifested in Earth orbit. The Kijin Emperor Invicta is here, unleashing his armies upon the world. The time of humanity has passed and it is time for the Kijin to take what is theirs.

Except that humanity will not take it standing.

Comm lines are in chaos, the TSEN is malfunctioning - but whatever forces could arrive in time have thrown themselves at the giant emperor and his minions. UN Spacy's ships and VFs, various mobile suits in differing stages of being outdated, as well as more familiar faces.

"Let's go guys! Time to show our juniors what's up!"

"Why are you so eager to die, Randy?"

"Ah... Tamaki..."

Team Dobermans are there, giving their all. So is a certain mobile suit ace in his custom white unit. So is the Chimera's representative and the Chaos Leo. And on the sides of the battlefield, trying not to draw attention but fighting just as hard as everyone else, one may spot a group of customized Gespenst Sterbens and a squad of TSFs marked with a certain emblem.

And the most unbelievable thing - is that despite the enemy's huge size and superiority in numbers, the Kijin are getting pushed away. Even the Emperor is getting wounded, small explosions forming on his giant form.

Now is the time to aid fellow humans in their struggle for survival! Members of Unity Group, give your all!

(This is a combat log, and following enemies are there to be fought:
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[Over the last few days, people who engage in various holiday-related activities might notice that they are being watched by a Gebian. He looks exactly the same as most of his kin, but he seems to react in a somewhat abashed manner when you spot him. And...]

Hello, I am Pentu. Do not mind me; I am here merely to research Earth holidays such as Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa. Would you mind answering a few questions?

[He talks! The voice is kinda insectoid and awkward, like how a cute bug would talk on a kid's cartoon, but still. What exactly were you doing that grabbed his interest? Maybe you knew in advance about him and it's a planned endeavour, even.]

"Welcome to the Shatterdome!"

All Unity Group members received an invitation to Hong Kong. The weather is foul, but Marshall Pentacost greets everyone in person on the helipad, right next to the colossal structure behind him. A structure that many of you know the purpose of already.

"You may have been wondering why you heard so little of the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps recently. That's because this is all that remains of it!" He gestures at the Jaeger dome behind him.

"The project is getting cancelled. It was deemed inefficient. In a few days, the Rangers will be no more. This is why we're pooling all our resources and making a final stand. But we are not alone. I know we have allies and, damn, that's what the name 'Unity Group' symbolizes - standing together. Let's take down at least ONE threat to humanity before the suits shut us down!"

Do you want to talk to the Marshall, or explore the dome? If you thought UG's budget cuts were bad, you saw nothing yet. This place is old and rusty, its large halls housing only a few Jaegers even though they have space for many more.

Speaking of Jaegers, their pilots are around too.
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Will you interact with any of the teams? Or perhaps...

[3 - prompt for player to player interaction]
With an old friend whom you didn't see for months?

There is one more Jaeger. It was destroyed, but it has been rebuilt. Good as new, in front of you stands:

Gipsy Danger.

And a certain mr Beckett is not too far away, either.

Read more... )

Looks like two of the Shatterdome scientists, one more eccentric than the other, are arguing. Dare you ask them what is this about?

Gipsy Danger activation - one thread only please. Will be started by a certain PC.
[For once Ren's Genoace survived a deployment more or less intact. Its pilot on the other hand is a mess, bandaged like a mummy. But it's a mummy that has important things to say.]

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for hiding the truth from you. I have no excuses except for - I was afraid.

tl;dr information under the cut )

Among the programming I received while still incubating in my place of birth was a message. A message that told me, only one of my kin will grow up to love humanity and not detest it - and that love will be necessary to save humankind from destruction.

But by doing so, I will inevitably lose my life in the process.

That is my duty.

[Someone finally had enough common sense to shoo Ren to a medical ward to rest. But if you come visit, you'll see that they're not alone.]

"Ren, you really shouldn't do this kind of dangerous things."

I know... I'm sorry, that was too risky, for everyone involved. But I'm relieved, relieved that everything turned out alright and also that...

[That's when the horned individual sitting in bed notices they're not alone, and so does the unknown man holding Ren's hands.]

Ah! I think we should introduce ourselves. This is...

"Hello. I mean, yes!"
He salutes awkwardly.
"Ensign Mark Tennyson, I'm sorry for the intrusion!"
It is time to interrogate the captured C.L.A.W. pilots and see what useful information you can get from them. There's only one problem.

They're cats. Sapient ones, but still - normal-sized, household cats. Currently sitting around in the holding cell/pet room, looking around disdainfully as cats tend to do. How to extract anything from them?

"Umm. Does anyone have any catnip?"

This is a hijinks post. Violence against animals is not accepted!
1.[In the mess after the whole fiasco in India, Eva is eating. Or trying to, at least-she keeps dropping her fork, and her right hand doesn't...work right. The wrist keeps sort of rolling off in random directions, and she's not using her pinky or ring fingers at all.]


[A thousand people rendered homeless, easy. The bad guys said she was their sister. The man they tried to save committed suicide. But right now, Eva is dealing with a very uncooperative plate of spaghetti.]

2.[Locked to a certain NPC]

[Eva makes the call from an isolate payphone, well away from Sakihama base and into the city proper. There's a rather long dial tone for her international call, and it takes some time for the person on the other end to pick up, but when he does-]

...Sir. I'm going to need more information.
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[1 - talking to fellow prisoners]
A Zentraedi ship. Which one - who knows? This is the first time a human sees one from the inside! Although, in this case, this also means from the inside of a glass dome standing atop a table, which is where the giants put the several people they captured during the last battle. The inside of the ship is high-tech, with metal everywhere, and some slightly weird, rounded parts in some places, but overall, it doesn't look too alien - just like the Zentraedi don't look too alien themselves, though a few might have strange skin colors. Also, they're all men, for some reason. When the dome was moved through the ship, you might've noticed another thing too - some areas appear to be badly maintained. In fact, there's no visible maintenance crew around at any point, just soldiers.

Two of the giants are watching from afar, sometimes commenting in a weird language. They ignore any attempts to grab their attention, though, and there are ordinary soldiers around in case anyone starts to cause trouble. The guy with the metal dome on his head, who seems to be in command, is one you've seen before - when Kakizaki (and maybe other people too) started to cause trouble after getting brought in, he beat up his VF - without any power armor, just on foot! Needless to say, there's not much use out of that VF now. But no, this is not the same man who launched the ambush on Mars previously and damaged the Macross' sensors recently. That's someone else.

[2 - talking to the Zentraedi (single thread please)]
Soon after all the prisoners have awoken, they are taken to another room, and set in the middle of a large, empty table. The two Zentraedi from before are here, as well as another, bald and older-looking one, and three others who just watch, stay quiet and surely have no relevance whatsoever. And then, the giants start talking - and you can understand them!

"Lord Bodolza, those are the microns you asked for."

"The translation device seems to be working correctly!"

"Very good." He looks at the prisoners. "I am Bodolza, the supreme commander of the Bodolza Main Fleet. I would like to ask you some questions. When have your people made contact with the Supervision Army for the first time?"

[3 - the rescue]
Some time after the questioning from Bodolza*, one of the Zentraedi soldier approaches the glass dome where you're held. Only this one looks strange, with his collar put high up and his hat pulled down on his face. That's probably because it's not a Zentraedi at all, but a VF wearing the clothes of one of their soldiers! Amazingly, this disguise seems to fool the giants... Looking around to make sure nobody is watching, the VF quickly takes you out of the dome one by one and stuffs you into its pockets! If you're lucky, it's the breast pocket.
"Don't make any loud noises. I'm getting you out of here.", says its pilot. The voice is unfamiliar to most of you.

* - the second thread is not finished at the moment of writing this, but for the sake of pacing, you can post here already. You can also write and tag other posts with the presumption that you're back already - the imprisonment took only a few days.

"I promised to tell you what I discovered. This is all secret information, try not to spread it around."

Elan Cubis is safe, and now he has a few words to say to everyone.

"I'm sure you remember the derelict ship Progtech had a research station at. The thing is... I did examination of the Nine-Ball, and its subsystems are similar. Not the same obviously, one's a ship and the other is an AC. But the similarity in design is there. Who made that ship, why, how long ago? We don't know. But there's an obvious connection."

"And a lot of people who worked on solving the mystery behind that connection are now dead."

There is one other person that has things to tell you. And while Elan did not care much for official channels, this time it's a talk behind closed doors, and you were informed that what you learn is classified and you're not supposed to share it with the rest of the world.

The person you talk to is an elderly scientist - Professor Dupond, the inventor of TSEN.

"I am not the inventor of TSEN." He says.
"No, this is not fully accurate. I have copied the design, modified it so it works using Earth technology. But I did not come up with it. When we made... the discovery, it was already there. Among others."

"What is the discovery?"

"It is a facility. Or a space ship? I am not sure. I am sure it is very ancient however, even older than the Macross. I was the expedition leader and I was able to uncover one of its many mysteries, this is why you have TSEN now. But before I could unearth more marvellous technology..."

"The facility disappeared. The giant underground cave that housed it was suddenly empty one day. Our ancient treasure trove was just gone - with one of my assistants. His name is Aaron Anso Antema. Does this name sound familiar to you? Constans Ricard Antema is his nephew. The same Antema who pilots Blue Blood, the Lady's Good Men combat robot."

"I have cooperated with Elan and pooled our resources to find some answers. He hoped to find the truth behind Nine-Ball, I - to discover my find's current location. We both made good progress, and I am sure this is why we were targetted."
[Backdated to shortly after the Daitarn finale]

Thanks to our recent operation on Mars, a discovery was made - one of the Wulgaru ships crashed into the planet, most likely during Battle of Ceres. It didn't self-destruct like others, which means we can grab whatever data is in its stores, hopefully something useful like the location of the gate Wulgaru are using to invade the Earth Sphere from.

It's our mission to gain access to the ship's main computer before it disintegrates. Also? Teoria's assistant Daneel is coming.

[1 - combat prompt]
Approach to the wreck is easy, but the ship itself is not unguarded. A group of Wulgaru humanoid fighters is walking and flying around it - they seem confused and mostly aimless, but still they have to be destroyed or at least occupied so the infiltration party can get in.

A sandstorm is coming, and on Mars those things get HUGE. You have to act quickly!

[2 - all in one thread please]
While the fight is going on outside, the infiltration team gets into the ship on foot.

"The corridor seems stable. Good, follow me to the bridge."

As promised Daneel is with you, wearing a space suit. There is no atmosphere here so hopefully everyone brought one! From the inside, the ship is rather organic looking, with cell-like walls and hexagons everywhere. Be careful - there are signs of decay and parts of the ship may collapse under careless feet.

Also: the ship is manned. Or rather, was. Humanoid corpses wearing concealing full body suits are strewn through the corridors.
[1 - locked to one very specific person]

At the Knights of the Guiding Hand headquarters...

Read more... )


"The Lady's Good Men are operating in eastern Europe. Apollonius Gavin's group has detected them and are further investigating on location."

Suddenly out of nowhere, a transmission from Major Ingram Plisken.

"I want you to go there and reinforce them. Gavin managed to destroy a cell single-handedly, but it was a small one. He's not the kind to evade detection, which means the Good Men will be expecting trouble. I don't trust him and his friends to be able to handle this. That's where Unity Group steps in. Find the Good Men' base of operations, defeat or capture as many of them as possible, and see what else can you learn."

Several maps flicker on the screens. Volya may find one of them showing a very familiar area...

Scouting rural Russian regions may bring you to a special place from Volya's past. Of course there is a likelihood of a trap since other interested parties may know of it too (hopefully excluding the knights who hunt him down), so an advance guard was decided on to look around and see if there's an ambush lying in wait.

You are a part of the advance guard and fortunately, there was no ambush. There is only a small town, where one of the buildings houses a certain individual.

"So you're Unity Group, right? Thanks for taking care of my nephew."

Says the local shopkeep, Sergei Sokolov. Also, Volya's uncle.

[4, for Volya and people who decided to accompany him, one thread only please]
So the area is clear and Volya can come in to visit his whole surviving family (one person). But Sergei's apartment is eerily quiet... is everything alright? Did he just walk out for a second?
[1] A two-way transmission from outside the base! The person on the other side turns out to be three people - men wearing white and purple robes.
Contents under the cut )

If you have anything to say to the three Masters, the transmission is still open.


"Hello. Is this still up?"

That's not it for the transmission from Legion HQ. Someone else calls Unity Group, a purple-haired girl.

"Can I talk to Flit Asuno?"

[As luck would have it, finding the reclusive Dolores Norman turns out to be a far more mundane task than some might have thought.  No surprise ambushes, no sign of any battles the previous search team wound up in... the rainforest seems completely undisturbed.  And after several hours of searching, the Sun is setting but an unmistakeable sight of civilization is found: a large canopy tree-house spread across several trees.  With that in mind, the transport shuttle lands as close as possible it can from it... though there's still going to be some hiking required from everyone involved.  But when you finally reach the foot of one of the trees, there's a little old lady standing there with a tray of cookies and looking very out-of-place there in the jungle.]

Oh well hello there.  I was wondering when you would finally find me.  If you would like some lemonade or tea, you'll have to wait.  They're up in the kitchen.

[Everyone: meet Dolores Norman.]


[Climbing up into the treehouse, Dolores's handiwork is everywhere.  She's an artist by trade, and countless portraits strewn about her home, depicting... bizarre things.  Distorted figures.  A completely blank canvas with random places warped from exposure to water.  Fractal hands where each finger only goes on to become a smaller hand.  There are countless pictures of men and women with a third eye on their forehead, each one weeping blood.  But most frequent are images of cranial invasion and escape.  Things of any shape, color, or size crawling into or out of orifices in the heads of people.  In some pictures, the people are in the throes of agony... in others they seem to not notice or even happy at their predicament.  Others still have a mish-mash of the two reactions.

[Dolores Norman seems even more out of place surrounded by the macabre art, but she just continues to play welcoming host for you all.]

Now then... are you here to browse?  I'll have you know I'm not used to potential buyers making house calls.