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"This is it."

Time has passed after the Lady has fallen and Apollonius "Loni" Gavin was dealt with for the final time. It seems as if Earth became a peaceful place - possibly an illusion, as true peace is never permanent. Someone will always fight, or abuse others for personal gain. Even now, troublesome and worryig groups are somewhere out there, some outside Earth and some within human society. The rogue Zentradi, VIPER, greedy eminences who guided Fumerco and so many more...

And yet, dangers - the type that can be fought by an organisation like Unity Group, are for now over. Little by little Project Unification was nearing disbanding, and now it is truly over.

"Huffman left already, to deal with his 'research'. Looks like everyone's returning to their old pre-UG posts. I'll miss commanding a ragtag bunch instead of an actual military unit."

"A ragtag bunch that the media is mad about. Don't get swarmed by reporters or let that fame get to your heads. But then, I suppose you all are part of the group that saved the world."

"We'd never do that if Project Unification didn't work together. I won't forget that: I know many of our members are going back to civilian life, but if you want to transfer to one of ESUN's other units, there's a commendation waiting. And not just from me - Kazahara said he hopes he'll get to see some of you again. If he misbehaves just tell me... Is this still recording?"

"Of course it is. It always is."



All the time, Inspector Jou kept to himself. He is one of the last few to leave Sakihama Base.

"My millenia-old mission is over. Maybe now I'll be able to die in peace, without regrets."

"But for now, there's still life ahead of me. Ahead of everybody."

The story is over. But even if it's not being recorded, even if history's annals have nothing to say about it - life goes on.

[No responses to NPCs here. Instead, this is a post for writing what happened to your characters after the game ended. Or you can write your own dedicated post, as was already the case for several characters.

This is the final mod-written post of the game. Thanks for staying with us, everyone!]
"You' think you're being serious?!?  This is a joke!"

[Peace had settled across Earth and space, yes.  But for Ana Racik, there was still one last obstacle to overcome, and one last ball and chain around her ankle to cut loose.]

I already told you, I'm not going back home with you.  You're going to need to think up some pasttime other than making me your toy now.

[And standing opposite of Ana, now in civilian clothes, is her ever-so-lovely grandmother.  A certain set of documents, notarized just hours before, are firmly clenched in her hand.  Resignation papers.]

"So then what?  I suppose you've found some private outfit then willing to take on a maimed test pilot?   The Raciks have friends in the private sector too, or are you forgetting your family history now?"

You don't have friends everywhere.  I'd rattle them off for you, but I'd rather not give you any ideas on where else to expand to.

"The nerve!  You think you know what's best for you?  Look at how going your own path turned out for you, being tossed from test group to test group-"

And you're to blame for that.

"Then the Unity Group and then over to the SSR... quite the organization that turned out to be!  Ran into the ground and needing to draw on every able-bodied pilot it could.  And then back with 'Project Unification'.  Well, no matter.  Enjoy your ever-crashing life, Anastacia.  In the meantime you might find your pension payments oddly delayed.  You are quite right that I don't have friends everywhere... but sometimes all you need is one somewhere."


"Nothing to say?  Not even the self-preservation to think about grovelling?"

... Actually, if you really want something.

[It's petty, but she has a sense of where this leads.  She takes a step closer... and spits in her grandmother's face.]

Fuck you, you bitch of a hag!

[There's a flash of shock in old lady Racik's eyes, before a hand suddenly flies to slap Ana.  It's caught easily in one hand, clenched tightly.  And when one of her aide's rushes to try to apprehend Ana-]

Don't even try it!

[She thrusts out her prosthetic.  The man's too far away for a punch, but the sudden hiss of compressed air and magnetic inversions gives but a second's forewarning before the fist launches out, Rocket Punch-style and cold cocks him before returning to the limb.  She lets go of her grandmother's own, pushing her away.]

Give it up, old lady.

I'm done with you, and I'm done with your family.

"I'd almost applaud your commitment if not for fear that you broke my wrist..  But with that kind of attitude, your commitment won't put food on the table, or make friends for you out there.  Keep that in mind come the winter holidays, Ana.  You'll always have a place at home for them, though after that display I think it'll be outside, freezing in the cold, alone and hungry."

[Still rubbing her wrist, Ana's grandmother smiles, thinking she's got the final word here.  But that's all just the cue for someone else to speak up.]

[The adventure was finally over. Loni... Gavin was gone. Though saddened, Volya eventually accepted that he had made his choice... and at the very least in the end he had finally grown up... for whatever good it did. Regardless though Volya was now left without a home with Project Unity now being decommissioned. Still... he was a resourceful kid and maybe with luck he'll be able to find a place to lay his head. Reluctantly though, the possibility of having to leave Sakihama and his friends - not just from Project Unity but also the ones he had made in school was both worrying and real to him. Yet as he walked the busy sidewalks of Sakihama City...]


[He found Interitus excitably chatting to an older woman at a cafe. At first Volya was a bit worried that something might have happened and made his way over to them with an apology on his lips... then as he got closer he began to notice things about this person... things that seemed so very familiar to his mind for the oddest reason...]

"Volya! Volya! Not going to believe it! Look!"

[Interitus is waving wildly before gesturing at the person with her. A soft, melodic chuckle emanated from the mystery woman who waved gently.]

Wh.... you.... You're...

[A finger was gently placed on his lips to shush him, a playful glint in her eyes.]
[A black, oldschool-looking car parks outside Sakihama base. The vehicle may look familiar to some people; same with the man who steps out of it.]

It's been a while. But it looks that everything ended up well over here, as well.
[With the members of Project Unity began to head their separate ways, one of the first to arrive at the Unity Group wanders around the now abandoned bases. What was once three different operating bases had been reduced to one and yet their success spoke for itself. After everything that Willis had gone through, losing friends, gaining them, reuniting with lost loved ones, traveling to new worlds. Being able to take in a quiet moment without having to worry about a thing was a much deserved break for him. Given the numerous abrupt endings he'd gotten accustomed to in his life this was a very welcome change.

Of course, he knew that it wouldn't last very long and despite the many things that were finally settled for him in the last few months there was plenty of clean-up work to do. Setsuna herself had told him about the corrupt elements in his deceased friend's company along with the unknown loose threads that might have still existed in Caduceus itself. He had to ensure that the U.I.I.N technology wouldn't be abused any further or worse yet used to ruin any more lives. Thankfully he wasn't the only one who thought the same. Between the remaining members of Aegis, himself and Leigh, and to his surprise Elys' own sister Freya; who had once challenged her for control of Ono-Sendai. They all shared the same goal of repairing the damage done to the Olympios Conglomerate and making amends for the numerous problems they had caused through their decades of inaction.

As Willis took this time to himself, his fiancee went ahead to get things in order. Returning Amagahara to Freya among numerous other things in preparation. Unlike Willis she wasn't a member of the Unity Group so being able to quietly slip away was simple enough for her.

Once Willis was finally ready to leave he didn't have much to pack.]

"...and that's pretty much everything, technically this is a hostile takeover but we'll be working in Aegis again with Freya's support...if things go well without a hitch. If something comes up....well I'm sure we'll figure it out.

...I'll get to see you soon, right?"

Yeah, I'm just taking care of a few last things. I'll be there soon, promise.

"Alright, just don't make me wait too long"

[Willis gives a quick nod and wave before closing the call with Leigh before rubbing the back of his head and letting out a small sigh.]

To think I'd be working in Aegis again...

[Much like how he arrived Willis seems to be preparing to leave with nothing more than Strahlend and the jacket on his back.]

I should probably say goodbye or something, but at this point I'm kinda sick of it. I'm sure I'll see most of you again so there's not a lot of point in making any final goodbyes, is there?

See you later fits more I think.
People of Project Unification. We have fought, and worked, and struggled together, for years. But now, the organization is no longer needed. And I, myself, am needed elsewhere. It is time to go.


Oh, you did not really think I am going to leave Earth and return to Geb, did you? Do not forget, I still officially hold the title of ambassador. I am simply relocating to an embassy constructed by ESUN in Brussels for this very purpose. Doing actual diplomatic work will not be very exciting for an old warrior such as I, but I have no doubts crisis situations will still emerge from time to time; and when they do, my Scaraber shall be there. In the meantime, feel free to pay a visit whenever you want. The building should be hard to miss even from afar; it is the one shaped like a pyramid.

If you feel like reflecting for a moment, compare the state of the known universe three years ago, and now. Back then, it was a hostile, unfriendly place, where all the races - Earthlings, Gebians, Balmarians, Wulgaru, Zentraedi, Vagans, and more - were at war with each other. These days, they are all connected through bonds of peace. And you helped forge these bonds; never forget that.

The time for the dance of death is over. Now, each of us will dance our own, personal, dance of our life. Take care. It has been a pleasure.
[Hetepheres' entourage - the various normal Gebians - gathers around and starts waving goodbye with their insectoid arms. Some of them are wearing giant foam hands to help with that.]

[Most of the stuff in Asagi's room is packed already. After all, it won't be long till all the Rabbits leave... And then most likely go separate ways, each pursuing education in the institution of their choice. Finally, after spending so much time fight, after being literally created to fight, they get to know freedom, and be able to make their own decisions.

Asagi's not in his room, though. He's outside, on the roof - and breathes in deeply, taking in the sight before him.]

Recently, the world feels... different, somehow. More tranquil.
I believe this to be all. Well...

[In the days after the Lady's defeat, Project Unification is slowly being dissolved. Sielje may not be a member, but now she is leaving. AHer belongings are already gathered and packed up, a small load for the Arm. All that is left is to await a portal opening...]

The Earth is safe, I have fulfilled my vow. It is time. Time for me to return... home.

I am honored. Where would I be without you - my allies, my dearest friends? Know this, this is not our last farewell. I have my duty as the envoy to Earth, and even though for now I depart to Ankaia, I will be back. Back when the duty calls me. And even when it does not...

I will make sure to keep our bonds alive. That is a promise.

[The knight's eyes are wet as she speaks the words, but this time, finally, her back is straight with pride, her expression happy.]

[2 - for Gwen]
[But before she can depart for real, there is an important person to speak to.]

Gwen? The Lady is of the past now, I had time to think without worries. And I made my choice.

Back then, when I spoke to Jen... when I spoke to you, we decided that we should try - to date. But, but it is not going to work. I did not give you attention it requires. All that time, we did not even...

[Sielje coughs, getting red on her face. It's not the time to get distracted.]

No, that is not important. You and I, our lives are too different. We are too different. I am sorry saying that. It must hurt to hear, I know it hurts me to say it. But...

But you deserve the truth, and this is how I truly feel. We are close friends, but you would not be happy at my side.


Please do not be angry. There are so many things in this world worth living for. I am sure you know that far better than I do.
Every world rejected him before.  But now...

Maybe there'll be hope for him still.  Out there.  Somewhere.

... After all, the Eraser Team's out there too.

But... what about us?  With Solaris?  If Project Unification disbands, Solaris'll just end up the same as it did before, right?

Not necessarily.  I thought long and hard about that... especially when the conflict between Void and Sol energies put the idea of SolSavior at risk.  Disaster relief's always something people will need.  And... there's anything we can find about the Primeval Dusk.

Doesn't that sound worthwhile?  Finding out about... where we came from?  How others of Darkness lived in this world of Light?  Certainly would wow your friends during presentation day.

Most of them are just making those really crazy volcanos.  And did you know that some volcanos don't even do that?  They just explode because of all the pressure building-

-And because of different types of magma.  Saw that when our parents made me marathon a decade's worth of nature specials.

[So many amazing animals shown and either domesticated or hunted for food too.  And every single one of them still absolutely disgusting.  What're the odds?]

... But you best get going.  I'm sure Mom and Dad want you in bed at a sane time.

What about you?

Just a bit longer.

[She looks up into the sky.  Thinking back.]

... Loni's not the only one on my mind.

[That was it.... the Lady is gone and Leos no longer has need to fight anymore and he could go back to his treatment. After some deliberation the Filial was to be disassembled and studied in depth in order to gain a better understanding of the Precursor Martian Technology.  But that at the current moment was neither here nor there. With the Raven's Nest collapsing completely, people needed an alternative to the arena battles, a chance to watch pilots give it their all in head to head mechanized chaos...  and PROGTECH - after much redevelopment and reworking of their goals and hierarchy delivered.]


[Cheering loudly from the stadium seat, Leos threw his hands in the air without shame. An advancement in Virtual Technology, miniaturized robotics and a complex particle emission system known simply as HIDEO, Project: Formula Front allowed for people of all ages to purchase and design miniature Armored Cores with ease and pit them against each other in configurable arenas - allowing everything from standard combat in non-standard environments to multi-Core Races through obstacle laden tracks. It was the last lap through a volcanic arena that was under considerable stress, often tearing the track apart - destabilizing footing or making unexpected ramps... and Lana - on the board as Hustler Nine with her AC Cueball just barely managed to cross the finish line, the gundam-colored machine stretching its arm across it as the rival it went head to head with was just mere millimeters behind her. The crowd went absolutely wild as the contestants who didn't have their ACs wrecked all crossed.

Within moments the area reconfigured, a winner's stand with an erupting Volcano as its backdrop and jumping in joy was not just her machine, but also Lana herself.]


[From the looks of it, her competition had no issues with their loss as well, the second and third place contestants having their AC's put the Cueball up on their shoulders. The three beaming brightly as they held their trophies up for a picture.]

Read more... )

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[And so Keisar Ephes and the Lady were vanquished.  The day was saved through and through, and one little Subot has become beside himself with everything he saw and experienced ]

This just doesn't make any sense though!  That spirit thread that I manifested... everything out there raises so many questions about metaphysics and spirituality!  Restarting your heart and you having seen things is at least not without precedent but... oh I think I'm going to be worrying about this for a really, really long time!

Or~ alternatively, you could just disregard all of that and bask in the knowledge that you're always going to be my Prince Charming.

I really do mean that too.  Not everyone gets a wonderful copilot with the brains and determination to bring a fair maiden back from the dead.  And it's only fitting-


-That you get a little reward.

-S-Selena?  Did you seriously just-?!?

Yes I did.  And you're welcome.

My story's ending )

[1] [Post "Inheritance"]

[Somehow against even his own expectations Willis returned to Sakihama with Leigh still in his arms, alive and in one piece all thanks to Elys' last actions. Something as minor as giving him permission to the MCR was what lead to in what was Willis' opinion a miracle. One that he still couldn't quite believe actually happened.

However, as quickly as Strahlend returns it takes a bit of time before the two emerge from the machine. As they do they break apart slightly in embarrassment again. ]

"You're still a big idiot, you know that right?"

[Leigh says this with the biggest smile on her face.]

I know...


[Some time later Leigh stands inside of Sakihama's hangar again, standing next to Amagahara's cockpit on one of the many elevated platforms. The machine was responsible for the fact that she was still standing here and for all intents and purposes it was her machine

As it was now Elyssa Soleil had essentially given up her life twice over allow Leigh to continue living.]

...thank you Elyssa.

[As she says this she closes the cockpit of the machine, even if it was now hers she didn't want to disrespect her memory by altering the machine in any way.]


[As for Willis he seems...actually Willis seems to have disappeared for a bit. A short time later a strange clean cut man stands in front of Strahlend, wearing a familiar looking jacket that has seemingly finally been washed. The man's gaze seems to be set on the now floating Discovery of Self.]

Just one more big problem to go.
It is time. Shadow falls on Sakihama's exterior - the colossus rises. The Discovery of Self floats up in gravity-defying flight: in preparation for its final voyage.

"Locks are clear, all systems green. Only a fraction of Discovery's functionality is restored, but what is back with us works fine - looks like now we can go anywhere."

"Impressive. And it doesn't end on just being a floating rock, hmm? I must say, the Lady's in for a surprise of the lifetime."

"Not if she or her minions manage to blow it up before it reaches her, Commander. The Discovery of Self isn't going in all by itself, Project Unification will provide combat escort, as large as we can. And I will lead it from the front line."

While the commanders are discussing, within the Discovery of Self, in the imprinting chamber, the preparations are also complete. No more people enter it. Instead, it's Inspector Jou who leaves.

"It's done. The weapon against the Lady has been created. The first time, it took the form of a giant crystal, so large only the Discovery could carry it with ease. But that was in the past. It was a joint effort of countless planets, and it took years. This time..."

The Inspector opens his hands, which were clasped together. Floating between them is a tiny shimmering gem, barely the size of a fingernail.
"We will have to make with what we have."
[Pre "Story's End"]


There's no rest for the wicked or the righteous. As the final military operation against the Lady shifts into high gear, Project Unification staff and civilian volunteers are streaming in and out of Saikhama to donate memory imprints to the crystalline weapon.

Dido Sybil has been hovering around the hanger bay where the Anti-Lady weapon is store. Observant people might see her take a few steps toward the memory copying station, then turn around and walk away, looking at something on her phone.

Finally, she sees and approaches you. "Hey," she says with a weak smile. "If you've got a free evening next week, could you do me a favor?" She chuckles nervously. "It's a doozy."


"I, Alexia Sybil, ask of you all!" Dido's mom proclaims. "In the world of Italian cuisine, what is the mightiest dish? Calamari? Chicken Alfredo? No, it is bell peppers; the spicier the better! Those who can eat these peppers whole are shining champions of taste! Those who cannot stomach them...should just order from the children's menu!"

You've tagged along with Dido to have Italian dinner with her billionaire mother. More specifically, you're dining in a zero-g Italian restaurant, located in the central torus of a space colony, where all the the food is broiled in raw sunlight focused by skyscraper-sized solar mirrors.

For an utterly posh restaurant, it's rather messy.

"Anyways," Alexia Sybil says, turning toward you. "Wont you tell me what my little Dido's been up to?" She grabs a stray pepper floating through the air and wolfs it down. "She never talks about her work at the Unity Group...or is it Project Unification now?"

[Another Unity Member biting the dust, and in the wake all the dirty machinations of the Crystal Chimaeras finally coming to light.  If not for Elys's unfortunate passing this might even have been a blessing in disguise; everything was laid out on the table and one way or another it'd be all over soon.  Then all that would be left would be the Lady and Loni.]

We really do have to win this, Elma.  If we don't, then...

The Balmarians would call it "Apocalypsis", right?

... Yeah.  And they already had enough trouble dodging one bullet.  And then there's everyone else's own problems we've gotten past.  The Lady wants her encore, but the audience isn't up for it.

But still...

... Don't tell me.  Selena, is that feeling is-

Still there.  Like I'm forgetting something obvious... and something in me's trying to hammer that in and make me remember more and more every day.

But Selena, you're... you can't keep fretting about this!  With what's ahead of us, we're going to need to be at the top of our strength.  Whatever's eating at you, just... just please don't let it get to you!  Please, it wouldn't hurt to get some rest.  I'd even cook whatever you want in the meantime too!


Yes, anything!  You have my word as a Subot!

Oh, so even that one special omelette recipe?

[A pause.  A very pregnant pause... and one might even think that Elma's starting to sweat.]

... Of... course!  I said anything, and I won't back down on that!  It might take a while but no matter what I promise I'd-

Good!  Then be sure to make extra.  I'm sure people'll be curious and want to sample it themselves.  And you wouldn't want to disappoint them, would you?

But Selena-

You said anything and that you wouldn't back down on that!  So you better not be backing down on me Elma!  Chop chop, don't keep a lady waiting!

[And cue a playful kick to send him flying into the kitchen.]

And then she totally was all smiles and just waited for her meal )

During the final battle on the Lost Seekers compound, Medb took a fuck-off huge laser beam to the everywhere. Daniel had put up a net to help shield it...but it was still partially melted. Temperatures inside the cockpit soared...and so, when Medb's cockpit was opened, it unveiled a scene of horror.

Much of Gwen's synthetic flesh had melted and burned, exposing metal and circuitry underneath. Fully half her face was gone, taking an eye with it. When she pulled herself out of the pilot's seat, skin tore and was left behind. Muttering a series of electronic squawks and beeps under her breath, she took three steps away from Medb before collapsing.

But, this is Gwen. She does not die easy.

As much of her body and mind was melted or destroyed, more of it was left intact. So it's a simple job for Doomstar to put her back together, to replace the broken parts, to slot in a new set of computer parts...All told, it's just under three hours until she's leaning against a wall outside the infirmary, looking over the details of a hand in introspection.
1: [Although the Chimaera were repelled from Sakihama the mission was an absolute disaster for at least one of the members on it. As the damaged machines are returned to Sakihama, Strahlend shambles in resembling can only be described as a complete wreck. As Willis manages to climb down from the cockpit of the broken remains of Strahlend the injuries that he personally sustained are very apparent. Several large chunks of his body were missing from the impalement he suffered  and his arm hung on only by a thread. Despite this he began to limp towards the now empty Amagahara.

Once again he was betrayed by his friends, someone he had trusted had been responsible for everything and even now he had no idea why she did it. Every step he took reminded him of this until he reached the base of the original now function-less U.I.I.N machine. ]


[He continued to stand in that single place, waiting and staring at the cockpit hoping that she would reform or emerge from it.]


[At the same time another person returns to Sakihama as well, a familiar to some machine lands in the hangar and the woman indirectly responsible for what had happened emerges from it.]


[As she spots him she hesitates to move, even though it seemed like everything would finally go right her actions had led to the situation they were in now.]
[As it turned out, Daniel's friends were real all along - or rather, based on Tam Defoe's old friends, acclaimed scientists Marjory Marita and Rupert Nestore, who came to UG's help during the final fight with Lost Seekers. And now, all three of them are sitting on a heavy duty (to sustain Daniel's size) couch, eating from a big bowl of popcorn and watching a movie. Though it's currently on pause, which means they focus on talking instead.]

Read more... )
[Among the banter, Daniel starts the movie back again. He looks happy.]
[With the amount of people turning up to help empower the Anti-Lady weapon it was for certain that there'd be civilians who would have had to bring their children with them, or that had to wait a long while before they were brought in. That being the case it seems that a few well meaning Cybertronians had some ideas to keep people entertained as things drew on.]

Cut for massive length )

[And soon a number of other a number of other shows of skill are displayed for the entertainment of all. An insane show of swordfighting skill and a makeshift airshow complete with daring maneuvers through the Sakihama skyline being some of the acts. Admittedly the show had to stop when Hot Rod's attempt at a daredevil stunt off a ramp dented his fender... among other things. But otherwise morale was up and the kids were happy.]

[With that out of the way the Cybertronians were available for conversation.]

[Hot Rod, Ratchet and Drift who are dealing with the aftermath of the stunt.]

[Thundercracker who is trying to watch some TV on a portable screen while Skywarp bothers him]

[Tailgate who is eagerly speaking of the day's events to a large and intimidating figure who looks very much like Unicron's minion Cyclonus.]

[Windblade who is perhaps the first female cybertronian anyone on earth has ever seen]

[The Constructicons... who are for the most part moping.]

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[2] [Sorta Locked/Frontdated]
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[Just as the Lost Seeker global threat suddenly emerged, it was also suddenly defeated. Daniel watches a map on a touchpad, that shows the position of the Light Centurion thanks to the transmitter he fired at her unit - and, eventually, should show the mark of the Seekers' secret base.]

...He's probably there. Jason Godefroy. The last of the Three Wise Men. Unless you count me.

[He glances at Steel Wanderer. The mech looks completely normal now, despite its unusual performance during the battle.]

...Apostle Mode. When it was active, I felt... different. Like I'm more in touch with everything. The world, the Gun of God, myself. But when it stopped, the sensation stopped too.

...It was quite something.
I think that's enough for now, you two.

[Project Unification wasn't the only one to fight the Lost Seekers, obviously. Setsuko met some (alternate universe versions of) old friends during the fight at Sakihama - the Glory Stars are reunited again! And now, they return from mobile suit training, just like old times. But unlike old times, it's not Denzel who is the non-sweaty one...]

Glory Star shenanigans )


[Somehow, the training she had with Glory Stars put Setsuko in a pensive mood, and now she's pondering things over a sweets-and-drinks celebration.]

The Sphere...

Edel is stopped, Asakim is dead, but the Sphere is still active. I can feel its power even now, feeding on despair.

[That the cake in front of Setsuko tasted mostly like nothing is proof of that. Her taste has yet to return.]

But... we won't just succumb to it, right? I know everyone, I know you won't. Even as the Lady is trying to make this world hers, we'll see this through to the end. We'll come out on the other side, looking forward to a better tomorrow.

And, I will too.
[1] [Keep to one thread]

[With the Lady now in the physical world it seems that some things may be deemed necessary... if certain safety measures were put into place. As such one particularly familiar face was waiting at Sakihama with a pair of orderlies, one of which sighed and shook her head while the other looked supremely amused.]

Geez... what's taking her so long... is this what it felt like for everyone else?

[Leos musing was promptly stymied when he saw a few familiar faces and waved with a huge grin on his face.]

Hey guys!

[One of the orderlies salutes crisply, while the other does so at a more anxious pace.]

"Sir. We're just waiting with Mr Klein for the time being. We've got orders only to leave once his Handler gets here."

"We know she's on base... she kinda said she needed to use the bathroom but..."

[The more antsy orderly gave a hesitant shrug.]

Meanwhile... )

[3] [After Prompts 1&2]

Aaaand even more questions. )
"The Lady's sphere of control now has a radius of over sixty kilometers." It doesn't matter which Project Unification base you're in: you receive an emergency briefing/status report from Viletta. And for many changing bases was a suddent event indeed. Fort Alhambra is lost, its staff quickly moved to one of the two available facilities: Sakihama or the SSR base in Russia. Well, there is also Shirakawa's hideout in South America, and apparently it is functioning again. But that's small good news, and this time the bad news are much greater.

"Fortunately after the initial burst, its rate of growth has slowed down significantly. But it continues to grow and will do so until the Lady has control over the whole Earth, and who knows how much more. The small blessing here is that neither her nor her Guardians tried to breach the sphere and leave their area of influence... so far."

Viletta sighs, looking down before taking on a stern expression.

"Project Unification was dealt a serious blow today. We lost many good people, captain Linjun and his Shirogane are gone. But we mustn't lose hope. People of Earth need us more than ever before, and we can't afford to let them down. The plan to weaponize the Discovery of Self and the relic found on Balmar has been accelerated. As soon as everything is ready: we will strike."


"Am I bitter? Of course I'm bitter. But there's no choice, take 'em down!"

Trying to use or just checking any of the remaining bases' TSEN reveals a shocking truth - the teleporters were turned off, and are being dismantled (under heavy guard) at this very moment.

"I liked having easy logistics of jumping between facilities too, but we can't afford that now. Alhambra's TSEN is in the Lady's hands, and she's got a track record messing with this type of device. All the other TSENs have disconnected with Fort Alhambra already but there's no telling if she won't just connect it back. It's a risk we can't afford."

"Agreed. There's not much of a choice but to take the long way around now, hmm? I strongly suspect the Lady planned it all out, even the parts where Gavin and Venczel acted against her."

"You see, the part where the Tronium explosion caused by late Linjun just up and disappeared... our friendly plant monster couldn't do it all by itself. Venczel used, channeled that power to bring the Lady closer, make it easier for her to cross the threshold and move to this reality. I'm pretty certain. But now the question is: was she the Lady's unwitting pawn to the end, or did she do it on purpose?"
[Alhambra was lost, and Loni once more allying himself with the Lady with all the Bad Things that entailed.  Not to mention Volya taking a hard knock for someone else... someone who, honestly Mizuki's going to think didn't deserve it.  Still...]

... We're not out of this.  Not just yet.  And better we only have to worry about Loni now than him and Illinka.

I can only hope on the other side, that Commander Antov has harsh words for her.

"This... oh my goodness."

Even after we parted ways with Balmarians, it turned out the visit to their now-destroyed home planet was not entirely fruitless (not counting the part about saving Armana and her kind from certain doom). As promised, one of the Balmarian ships deposited an ancient artifact in Project Unification's care. A strange crystalline device, or perhaps it'd be more accurate to say - a chamber, with a device in the center.

"Ahem. Yes, this is very good." Inspector Jou removes and rubs his glasses, a strange gravity to his move.
"What you see is a device similar to the ones that, ages ago, created a weapon against the Lady. If the Discovery of Self was our finest soldier, then this is the forge that hammered out its sword. How it worked is: it took a mental imprint of a person, and gave it physical form. The Lady's mind operates in ways of stories, archetypes. With this, we can force her to realize people aren't just actors with roles to play. In that realization, her powers will be stripped away. And the more individuals the device takes an imprint of, the more powerful the resulting weapon will be."

"There is just one side effect."

Points of contention )

Do you wish to talk to the commanders gathered? Help with the plan in question - by volunteering or otherwise? Or perhaps: question it?

[It was not long before a familiar face made his return to a Unity Group base.]

For a  year, this place felt so much like home... It feels strange to come back after being on Cybertron.. but it is not an unpleasant feeling.

[For some reason you can almost feel the smile that would be on Optimus face as he looks around.]

Its good to be back. I hope that you have been keeping well?

Screaming Dinobots under the cut )

Constructicons Under the Cut )
Gwen's arranged an announcement or sort of party in the Sakihama hangar, advertised on bulletin boards around the bases. She's even gone so far as to set out a small tray of sweets in front of the object of the celebration: a brand-new, upscaled version of Nemain. Though this one isn't exploded, or on the bottom of the pacific ocean.

"Good news everyone! Thanks to Doomstar's cooperation, many embarrassing apologies and more than a little bribery, I'm proud to present to you...Medb!"

Gwen gestures to the 15 meter mecha behind her, in all its edgy black glory.

"It's made from Doomstar's mecha, so that won't be gathering dust anymore. With it, I'll be able to take part in the battles from here on and kick some ass!"
[And so the Balmarian Empire, feared for their power and the scope of their domain... were now homeless.  Their Spirit Emperor a coward who tried to have them all killed just so he could live, their Prime Minister a flawed revolutionary whose noble goals were mired by the lengths he had to go to for them, and their planet destroyed by a freak force of nature that their military might had been unable to stop because they'd been off fighting wars elsewhere until it was too late.  And the person in the best position to lead them?  A girl who had been meant to be a mere sacrifice.

[But they could start over.  The galaxy was a vast place, and conflict was starting to finally die down.  But in the wake of everything...]

... Why...

[-Something still feels off.  Like there's no reason to celebrate just yet.]

-It feels like I'm forgetting something.  Or something's trying to tell me I'm forgetting something...

It could just be exhaustion from the fight, Miss Selena.  We went through a lot... but with Spectra and Calico dead we've definitely more than earned a break!

You'd think that but I... I just don't know.

"I am very sorry, everyone. I wish I could have done more on Earth - but, it's time..."

Armana is right - unfortunately, she can't wait any longer and she has to return to Balmar. But she isn't alone, accompanied by friends and allies from Project Unification... and even the Discovery of Self itself, the ancient rocky vessel moving towards the Crossgate.

The trip )
[Not long after the end of the battle against Quintus, Seta contacts the members of Project Unification through a video message. From her expression, it is clear that something urgent has come up.]

Good day.

I apologize for having to make this request in times like these...I am aware of the threat that The Lady poses, and it is not one that I take lightly...

Today, I will require the assistance of a few of our fighters to deal with an immediate problem in the Kijin World.

The time flow between our worlds has stabilized for the moment. The sooner we solve this issue, the sooner we may return and continue our battle here.


1. Grand Arrival )


2. The Briefing )
1. [The battle against Quintus and Stigma is finally over. In its wake, the last Rider looks on at the damage dealt to the surroundings, and then at the gaping hole that is still in her chest.

The Causality Reactor - the ancient object that had allowed her to turn the tides - glows brightly where it is embedded into her body. It occasionally sends out pulses of electricity that are clearly becoming painful for Fyra.

Morte looks on, concerned, but with a new sense of understanding.]

You were against being accompanied on that journey, Mistress. Is it because you knew that we would have prevented you from using this?

There were two who fought alongside us before who chose a similar path with another object of great power. Quite a number were opposed to it.


...Either way, the damage has been done. As a short-term solution, it worked well. But you are not Quintus - your body cannot contain nor control that power. It will destroy you.

Although...I may have a solution for that. Albeit one that requires sacrifice...


2. [Days later, the few survivors of the Metis Group are gathered in Antarctica, where everything began. Their ranks are bolstered by ESUN researchers and those from Project Unification who decide to follow...

The familiar sight of the tomb is now filled with all sorts of complex, modern machinery. In the center of the space is a reconstructed coffin, where an exhausted Fyra - worn down by the surges from the Causality Reactor - now lies. Her Steed watches over her, looking sombre.

At Morte's suggestion, a decision was made to put the Rider back into stasis, to allow the Reactor to stabilize, and its new host to adapt. The surrounding equipment would vent the excess energy harmlessly, so that there was no risk of overload.

However, there is no telling how long this process will take. At the very least, it would be decades before Fyra would see the light of day again.]

[And yet, she looks very much at peace with that prospect. After all, both Morte and herself had done all that they could for the time being.]
1. [Since the last encounter with a hostile Horseman, Fyra has been scouring the UG's, and Project Unity's records of Earth's history. Even though she had regained most of her memories and abilities, there was something that was not quite right - like a void that would not see itself filled.

Because what is available only goes back so far, she enlists the help of the Gloster Foundation, but not on items related to the Kijin. As Seta had mentioned some time before: the Kijin under their previous leader kept detailed records on humanity's advancement after the Great War - this is what the Rider needs.]


[She sits by a desk in one of the UG's bases that is surrounded by tall stacks of old books and scriptures, flipping through each one at incredible speed, while also being delicate enough not to destroy them. The fire damage on many of the documents shows that each is a survivor of the Gloster HQ's destruction.

A moment later, another person walks in, carrying yet another stack of old tomes.]

This should be the last of it. Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.


2. [One day, you happen across the Rider as she stands outside one of the bases. For the first time in a while, Morte is manifested and standing before her, his form more spectral than it was before.

When the Rider notices you, she keeps things very short.]

I have found something, and there is something I must do. Alone. I will be back in a while.

I will leave Morte here with you.


[Though the Steed says nothing, he is obviously not pleased with the idea. You can almost hear an exasperated sigh coming from him.]
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All out of sudden, Project Unification members are called for an emergency meeting. A meeting with a video broadcast.

"Greetings again, Unity Group. I'm afraid I don't have much time - we're under attack!" Abel Meyers sounds much more distressed than usual, and sounds of distant but quickly approaching destruction can be heard in the background.
"The Metis group of Companies requests your urgent assistance! We..."

Suddenly there is a flash of light, and he pauses - staring down, at a hole in his chest.

"Urgh..." Abel collapses - but someone else steps into the view. The leader of Stigma Silon... no. The Sequence's backup, fifth rider Quintus.

"You can hear me, can't you? Look at what I'm capable of, and know this - this is only the beginning. The power to complete the Sequence is in my hands."

He turns around and grabs a scroll from Meyers' dead hands, one he was clutching to the end.

"There's only one thing left for me to do. With it, my success is ensured."

"That's the end of the transmission. By the time we received it, the attackers on Metis' headquarters were already gone. There's nothing we could've done."

"Everyone's on high alert now. I don't know what's Quintus planning exactly, but we won't let him do it. For certain."
1. [Slightly backdated]

[After the conclusion to what should have been a relatively simple job in Tokyo Willis has been in a somewhat somber mood ever since returning to Alhambra. While technically they were successful and prevented the situation from getting even worse than it could have been thanks to the efforts of everyone else there, the implications of everything that happened were still weighing on him. From reemergence of his formerly deceased fiancee's machine along with the woman herself, the fog that could assimilate machines and turn them into Chimaera, and the Aegis members who were now chasing after Licht. There was a lot that he was now worried about.]

How does this keep happening?

[At the very least given what the Olympios Facility was restored for he could be confident that with medical aid only a few blocks away from where the Chimaera attacked the collateral that was caused there would be minimized. Especially after his own freak-out upon seeing those Chimaera again.]

Every time I think I understand a situation things change...

2. [Recharging]

[Sometime later Willis has seemingly made it his mission to devour anything and everything served in Alhambra's cafeteria. While it wasn't exactly necessary for him to eat at all it did at the very least gave his nanomachines more to work with in helping to treat some of his injuries which seemed to be a bit slower to heal than usual.

For some reason however there's a small pile of discarded tomatoes and other random vegetables between the pile of dishes.]


[Late into the night in a quieter section of Alhambra Willis can be found staring up at the starlit sky, trying to clear his mind. While it's hard to notice at first given the lack of light around him he seems to be holding up a familiar necklace, staring intensely at the pair of rings held on the chain.]

I shouldn't have to kill her twice...huh.
1-[The announcement]

"...So, um, I've got some good news, and some not-very good news."
Doomstar, of all people, is making an announcement for Sakihama base.
"Good news: Jen's fork is up and running. I set her up this morning, and we've been going over recent events and helping her pick out an appearance for her body. Other news is...well, she beat me up, stole my wallet and car keys, then jumped out a third-story window and escaped. Her sense of self is still very fragile, and I don't know that she's entirely stable, either. So if you can find her...please return her safely. With my car!"

2-[The escapee]
Elsewhere in Sakihama, a blonde woman with red eyes lounges about. Atop a moving car, in traffic. As the car she's on slows down for a turn, she hops off, rolling into a crouch as though it were the most natural thing in the world. From there, she walks past a sweets store and manages to filch some anpan from the tray out front. She tosses it in the air, catching it in her mouth like a trained circus animal and quickly gobbling it down.

"...Nifty! So I can eat food, or at least a little bit. That's nice! Though the taste is bland..."
[Following the operation to bring down Cambio Protocol, a certain someone was very, very quiet and evasive. But the door to Sielje's room is unlocked, so if you want to check how she's doing...]

So many lost their lives on the island. They fought, we all did, to save countless others from the lava weapon.

[Sielje sits in the dark, curled up on the bed. She doesn't look up while talking, but she speaks up only when some kind of company arrives.]

Then, why is it that all I can selfishly think of...

She is not coming back, is she?
Well... I guess we did it.

[Even with Beatrice defeated and now getting to spend the rest of her life in a world that had rejected her attempts at "improvement" at every turn, and VIPER similarly thrashed, Roy's really not feeling entirely at 100%.  And that's not just because his drone body's got tons of cybernetics showing and the Wagner proper's in need of getting patched upa gain.]


Ya know when you think about it, Dakova was like my second parent.  Boss man wouldn't have made me without it, couldn't have even made me in a million years.  And we couldn't have stopped Finally-Out-Of-Tricks like we did without it.

And then there's Jen and everything with... with Nancy the Nasty Ninja still.  Like yeah... she saved a crapton of people and made that ninjalady finally pay for everything but like...

There's all those clones out there, right?  Things being all set up so they just think they've gotta pick up the torch some day and be total psycho hose-beasts just because that's how the original was.

And you know?  That's... just not fair.

The media are buzzing with reports of current events. So many things have happened, but one above all: the Balmarian war drawing to an end.

But all out of sudden, one by one the anchors, news reporters and media personalities start behaving weird. A blankness in their eyes and silence, followed by them all speaking in unison on all TV and internet channels:

"We are in control. Rejoice, Cambio Protocol's new world has come. The good, the peaceful among the Earth's minds have nothing more to fear, because from this day forward: the corrupt and the brutal warmongers of the world will no longer be able to do as they please. Their will and freedom is stripped away. We can look towards the bright future together."

"And for all who are listening to this, a message: find Roy Garnette. Kill Roy Garnette. The one who does it will have their every desire come true."

"Well that's not ominous or anything. I just checked on the Erria survivors and they're all in convulsions from the psychic reaction. At least it's blatantly obvious who's to blame for this, hmm? And thanks to the psychic output, now we can easily track her down..."

"The first operation of Project Unification was a resounding success. Don't let it get to your heads, but we did better than even the most optimistic estimates. There's more dangerous, hard work awaiting us in the future. In the meatime, Dirchs pulled some old contacts and to spare you the boring details, we've organized a short trip to a luxury resort. Enjoy your vacation."

"I'll be there too!"


"You got it all wrong. See, it's a contest of skill, stealth! Peeking is all about not getting caught, it makes it more exciting."

Two years - it may feel like ages since the last time you had this type of vacation. Or maybe that time passed all too quickly? Regardless, it's time to rest now. The weather is warm, the beach is nice, and drinks are on the house!

The pilots' hijiks )

[This is a mingle post. Feel free to talk to either other players or the NPCs, or even more NPCs of your own. Writing your own posts for others to tag in is also fine.]
Guys! Guys!

[It didn't take long for Izuru to learn what happened during the Crossgate fight. He's quickly running through Sakihama corridors, trying to find his friends.]

That was amazing. I knew you could do it!

[He steps for a moment, but isn't even short on breath. Where does all this energy come from?]

I was kinda worried that I couldn't go out there and help. But everything turned out fine. Sorry, looks like I still need to learn to trust my friends more.

After all, we're all heroes, right?
1. [With everything going on as of late, Elys had taken a back seat to most of the action. She still had her own company to run despite being part of Project Unification, and doing so in the middle of all this was not easy. At least, it wasn't just something she could take a swing at with a sword.

As she sits in the lounge, news reports about the Balmarian cease-fire show up on TV, and she sighs. There is also the recent development with Loni's crew to think about.]

...I had to convince my board of directors that sticking with all of you is in their best interest. They're not exactly confident in me after Aegis decided to do goodness knows what, but this helped to push them my way.

I mean, it's hard to argue against a gigantic alien empire and some kind of multidimensional they've stayed quiet for now.

[There is an air of unease about her as she speaks. And between her fingers, she twirls a small, black pen drive.]

If only the smaller picture was simpler to look at.


2. [After the recent battle, Amagahara stands in Sakihama Base's hangar, looking unusually beat up.

It's not just the damage that Desta's Guardian form dealt, but also the result of the strain from using that technique near the end - something she very rarely resorted to. In particular, the unit's arms look like they've been torn apart internally by the forces involved.

Elys examines the damage from floor level. Because of her connection to Amagahara, she notes the nanomachines don't seem to be as active as they usually are, making automatic recovery quite slow.]

I know I might've overdone it there. Hang on, partner...

I'd rather not owe Rand even more than I already do, but this time you'll need a hand.
"The Spirit Emperor said that I understand the importance of my duty, and he isn't wrong. When the time comes, I will go to Balmar, as the Priestess of Zehirut."

"But until I am needed there, I wish to stay on Earth. Experience more and more of it - and I have all of you to thank for the opportunity to do so."

Armana's thanks are extended to all members of Project Unification, and she's not the only friendly Balmarian now. Apparently ESUN and Balmar have achieved peace, and a large Huleh is now landed near Alhambra. Its crew are mostly Balmarian cloned soldiers who don't have anything important to say - but not only them.

"Until that time comes, I will guard the Princess with my life. I am Luria of the Qayits noble house. We met on the battlefield twice, but I hope we can coexist in peace now."

"Wa ha ha! Well said. After all the Spirit Emperor nominated me, Baran Doban, as the Balmarian representative to Earth, so we should get along. And though we are finally at peace, I must commend you: You fought well, warriors of Earth! Such determination and tenacity, it reminds me of myself in my younger days."

Wish you to talk to the Balmarian Princess - or perhaps one of her colorful bodyguards?
"At attention! Team Rabbits, it has been a while." Look who's here, ready with a quick announcement just before the allied fleets move out to the Crossgate.

"As a part of a deal struck between Earth and Wulgaru, represented by Commander Gato and Princess Teoria - the Juria System of AHSMB Red Five has been dismantled and analyzed. With luck, its readings will be used to prevent the Wulgaru genetic malfunctions."

"Because of that, the unit cannot be reassembled in time and will not take part in this operation. However there is a reason why we did so now and not later..." Her gaze falls over each person present, serious but with a tinge of care to it.

"Elements responsible for Red Five's awakening were isolated and copied to other AHSMBs. That means whatever Izuru did, you should be able to as well. All you have to do is try to replicate his state of mind as it is during the awakening..."

"I know it won't be easy. But you all made great progress. I am proud of you. Suzukaze, out."
Will they be here...I wonder?

[With another intense engagement against the Balmarians looking like it's just around the corner, Seta decides to make a direct request to her allies in the Kijin Realm. Remembering her talk with Princess Teoria, and more recently the new acting commander of Project Unification, she feels that it's only right. The situation is certainly dire enough to warrant it now.

A message is sent through the Gate at the Gloster Foundation ruins...]


The Imperial Guard )


Vallar of The Eight Cyclones )