All out of sudden, a military exposition has been organised. Many ESUN bigwigs were invited to come, and this applies to Unity Group members as well. On location, the guests may feel safe thanks to heavy security - provided by some kind of armored soldiers. In addition to acting as guards, they are the ones showing off at the exposition. Be it on foot drills or fake combat in mobile suits (modified, heavily armored genoaces), the squads perform their tasks with excellent speed and precision.

"What's the secret behind Project Khnum's success? We have cloning to thank for that!" The guests are entertained by a way too enthusiastic presenter with a fake smile. He is all too eager to explain the goings on of the exposition.
"Now, this is not the first such attempt, I'm sure everyone heard of the MJP Project. But that has its shortcomings - it creates cloned people, but people still, and the project's graduates grow just too slowly! The Earth Sphere is besieged by enemies from all sides, we need a large elite army to protect us and we need it now. Project Khnum is the solution."

"Its creations may be biological, but they're more robots than people. They are created from a template only vaguely similar to human DNA. No real sentience, no free will, only directives downloaded into their brains by our well-developed and tested training procedures. These procedures is what gives the Project Khnum clones their excellent abilities and teamwork, while ensuring they will never, ever harm a human being. Safety is always our foremost concern, a priority!"

"With Project Khnum dawning on the Earth Sphere, the face of warfare changes. No longer will our brave sons and daughters have to risk their lives in battle. No longer will nations have to spend huge sums on years' worth of training. With the project, a soldier of the new area, capable, skilled and loyal, is ready from nothing in mere months!"

Many of the guests are sceptical and some even look visibly disgusted. But just as many seem enthusiastic about this idea, as clapping fills the air as soon as the speech is over. One older gentleman seems especially content.

"Today this becomes reality. My dream... no - my final chance at redemption."
Edward Mcdowell looks like he aged 10 years since the last time you saw him, forced to stand with the help of a cane. But he is beaming with pride. Pride at the project that - as any information leaflet reveals, is his own doing.

And the DNA template mentioned during the presentation? It too is present on site.

"This is the right thing to do, isn't it? This is a good thing... right?"

Chou avoids the crowds and leans against the window in a secluded area. The Kin looks torn apart by internal struggles and exhaustion. But they're here not as a prisoner, but the project's co-creator. One whose genetic pattern served as base for the clone soldiers.

"What'd you do in my place, Ren?"



The cloned soldiers themselves aren't separated from the guests. You can talk to them, or try your luck against them in a fake fight (using 100% safe weapons). They even answer questions. But unless someone has business with them, they just stand still, like statues of futuristic warriors. So unlike the Kin whose DNA they share.