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[After the mysterious event in the last bit of the mission against the second Zehirut, Cobray has apparently returned to his regular self; meaning, no overlapping creepy voice and blue hair.

Having lost consciousness, he was taken to the infirmary, and now rests on a bed, looking frustrated.]

[Once the Wildschwein is safely docked, Cobray exits it and descends to the hangar floor. He doesn't immediately behave like there's anything wrong. However, he does take one good look at the machine he just piloted.

The Wildschwein, like some other units using the TC-OS, uses preset patterns for maneuvers. Somehow, he couldn't help but feel some familiarity with the ones programmed into this unit...

Even more mysterious was how confident he felt about it, and then there was the biometric lock...]

Ingram...was it...?
1. [The recent mission was quite the ride for one - now identified - Cobray Gordon. His medical examination proves that he is, in fact, the informant that the UG was supposed to meet up with.

What isn't very helpful is that he has completely lost his memories of anything prior to being in the equally mysterious machine, which he calls the Werkbau. The amnesia was also confirmed, which is probably the only reason he's not being kept in a cell.

The only thing he can hope for now is a lead on his past, because there isn't much except piloting that he can help with.]


[And that also applies to communicating, apparently. He sits idly outside the infirmary, looking thoughtful.]


2. [Now, you'd expect someone who is looking for his memories to be more curious about the machine he was found in. But, it's the exact opposite of that...

Cobray has refused to get back into the Werkbau for some reason, while it is inspected. What is known is that the unit itself is an enigma - incorporating Earth technologies, but also those that are reverse engineered from aliens. It is so strange that it can't actually be categorized as either, even if it leans more towards the former.

You find him staring at the machine quietly from a distance. He actually looks bothered by it.]