Commander-in-chief Antov ordered a quick briefing - in person, not through the broadcasting system. He's there, and he looks very tired. Almost like if he had to deal with a certain inspector drilling into his head how much in trouble Unity Group is due to the latest incident. Which is exactly what happened.

"So. I will try to make this fast."

"Despite our evacuation efforts, the fact remains that there's a big hole where the center of Montreal used to be and there are thousands of people dead. The Republic of Quebec is not an ESUN member so they could interpret it as an attack on their territory."

"They decided not to, fortunately. The Quebec government understands what we were trying to do and it was an accident, but still... the situation doesn't look too good. Macross will move to space at earliest possible opportunity, and I received explicit instructions to keep it away from population centers. Moreover..."

"We are handing over the -Saber units. This is an act of goodwill so to speak. Nobody was using them anyway except for Gavin and his friends, right? Speaking of which... the one good thing that came from this is that there was enough pressure insisting Ilinka Venczel stands trial, they actually pushed for it. She will face a court in four weeks from now on. The Sabers will be transferred out shortly before that."

"This is confidential information and you are not allowed to share it, especially the part about Venczel."


The Commander didn't want you to spread the word - and it's pretty obvious that one of the reasons for that was so Loni doesn't find out too soon.

"No, no, no, no no no no no no no fucking NO!"

He holds his head, eyes staring in shock, in between bouts of thrashing about.
Did Loni learn about the commander's decision somehow, I wonder?
1- (For NPCs)

[At some point during the day, Commander Antov's console is going to get a comm call with a message soliciting a few minutes of his time. The interesting thing is that the message has a Graveyard identifier, but Kagura, being unable to speak at the moment, would certainly not make a call, since the most she could do in such a thing is glower at the person on the other monitor.

Who could it be?]

2 - (For people)

 photo d0d6fb32-3af7-4901-a25e-78d3e0ec3a06_zpsca79a742.png

[And in the meantime, Kagura is entirely unaware of the conspiracies going on. Mostly because, after having discovered that the Major was in fact not a terrifying killer robot but one of them, a couple of the Mistletoes belonging to her squad seem to have taken it upon themselves to cheer her up.

This is working about as well as you'd expect.

When you run into them, the weak fairy is being pulled by the two healthier, bigger fairies, who are chattering excitedly about how fun riding the washing machines is and how she should totally try it. If looks could kill, the look on the smaller fairy's face as she fruitlessly struggles to get free, unable to voce her disagreement, could be counted as a serial murder weapon.

Assist, look on and enjoy the shenanigans, laugh?]
[NPC log part only]

"You... expect us to continue keeping them around?" Commander Antov blinks in disbelief at the man in his gabinet.
"I'd like to remind you that Unity Group is a fast response unit, not a private prison."

Read more... )

"You may consider this a favor - one that would need repayment through extensive field testing, something which Unity Group is no stranger to. Happy Valentine's."

[Actual part you can react to]

"So... looks like it's good news for a change."

There are two new units in Unity Group's hangars.

"Thanks to our benevolent benefactors..." Dirchs did not make air quotes, but the tone of his voice makes it obvious he'd like to.
"You can say hello to Grungust Alpha and Huckebein Omega. These are top of the line machines we have here - pre-production in fact. We are tasked with testing their capabilities in the field, so take them out for a spin as many times as you'd like. Considering what they're capable of, I don't think I'll have to persuade the lot of you much."

"Oh yeah, one more thing."

"BrightSaber and the rest are fully repaired but they're still under lock. Commander-in-Chief's orders. No one's allowed to use them unless it's an emergency, and the Commander's the only person who has authorization AND knows how to release the locks."
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Look, it's another announcement. All UG pilots were informed to come in person or look at the nearest screen, which shows Antov's uneasy face just now.

"This is a high-priority broadcast. Do I have everyone's attention? Good. So..."

"The good news is that we found the Lady's Good Men headquarters. It's in Africa and satellites do not show anything in the area, so it's most likely underground. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Professor Dupond's find, the ancient installation. Anyway, that's the good news."

"And the bad news is that there's a high energy reading detected in the area. I have no idea what the Good Men are up to, but they're doing something. It's too risky to send you guys in through the faux crossgate, even if we'd figure out how to activate it. You'll have to dig your way in, and my suggestion as to how is already on the Commander's table."


"They're going to fight Lady's Good Men? The final battle, and then it's over? ... Without me?"

Hey, look who else heard of the announcement, somehow. Gavin is not even angry, throwing himself around or cursing loudly like you'd expect him to be.

"This... isn't fair. This is all wrong. This isn't how it's supposed to go at all. I'm the hero... I'm the hero, dammit..."

He looks depressed.
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[Following is transmitted around Unity Group bases.]

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"Yes? I'm sure you must have a lot of questions for me."

Following the recording, you can talk to the commander in chief in his office. He looks a bit uneasy and twitchy as usual. But also relieved, like if a great weight was lifted from his shoulders.

How about talking to Loni or Desta? Even though not in cells, they are under constant watch to make sure no one tries anything funny. Not them, nor people who are there to visit them.

"Fuck... so this is how we'd end up, imprisoned by our so-called 'allies'. If I knew... shit!"

"Just wait until we get out of here, Loni."



Ilinka is sitting in a cell. She doesn't pay attention to anyone who comes and goes, but if you call out to her - perhaps she'll respond?

Commander in chief Roland Antov stands in front of a new place of interest in Alhambra - a memorial. Written on a heavy slab are names of those who gave their lives during service to Unity Group. Kanade Amou, Yancy Beckett, Denzel Hammer - these are only the most recent names. And there are surely more to come.

"No one ever said this is going to be easy..."

The commander mutters to himself. Are you here to talk to him, or to pay respects?

[2 - locked, NPC log only]
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[1 - locked to a certain individual]

"Damn! I knew we didn't have enough coverage. I told Roland, he said he'll bring it up, but did they listen? Of course not."
"If Unity Group is supposed to act like a crisis response team, why don't we have outpost that'd actually allow us to do that? Where is our base in South America? Or Africa?"

The Alhambra base commander stomps around her office angrily. But surprisingly, someone answers her concerns, a stealthy person who was there all along.

"Actually Imogen, I know who could help us."

A little bit later, a certain individual is approached by both base commanders...


Hey, a broadcast.

"Can I have your attention? Good. So..."

"From today on, Unity Group has a new TSEN entry point, in South America. It's not our base or anything, we are only lending it for a while to have coverage over the continent. We already had funds and agreement for this actually, we just needed a good location, and now we have one."

"Additionally, you will find new arrivals in our bases in the form of counselors and other trained psychological specialists. Please treat them with respect, they are here to help and... well, if you feel like you need psychological help or advice, pay them a visit."

"That's it from me, if you have questions talk to me in person. Commander-in-Chief Antov out."
There's a unit waiting in Sakihama Base's hangars. The Wildschwein is not a new addition to Unity Group. It belongs to a guest, a very important guest.

The guest in question is Major Ingram Plisken, one of Divine Wars veterans and a former Steel Dragon Battle Group commander.

NPC dialogue )

Have you a question to the Major while he's still around Unity Group?
The last few months were busy for Unity Group, and maybe you were with it during that time, or maybe you are a recent arrival. But either way, the Group was doing its hardest to be prepared - gather personnel, equipment, support, all for the moment when it can finally be called operational and functioning. This moment is now, as all bases receive a simultaneous live broadcast.

"May I have everyone's attention? You... you probably know who I am already, but just in case. I am Roland Antov, the commander-in-chief of Unity Group. Starting today, the Group begins its operations. From now on, when there is a crisis somewhere on Earth we will sortie and do our best to stop it, so I am counting on everyone."

"Hmm. And while you save the world, my men will make sure Unity Group stays afloat and your toys are fixed up and ready to go."

"Y-yes. Presenting to you all, this is Samuel Dirchs, our logistics and support specialist. Our base commanders are here with me too..."

"I'll take it from here, commander-in-chief. Imogen Howe, Alhambra is my territory. There's no emergency at the moment but we're ready to take off at any moment, tackle any problem."

"I'm the Sakihama Base commander, Salomon Huffman. Indeed Earth is relatively peaceful at the moment, but how long will it last? We only wait for a sleeping giant to awaken... not to mention, possible TSEN-related incidents."

"Wait a second, commander! TSEN had an incident?!"

"That's ridiculous. It would be reported immediately and besides, it is supposed to be a 100% safe technology. Huffman is trying to ruse you."

"Oh, am I now?"

"Is, is that so? Wait, is this still being recorded?"

"Of course it is."

Bleep. End of transmission - surely this could have gone better. Fortunately the broadcast was insider-only, so you're not in risk of losing all your sponsors immediately after they watch it.

Still, the commander in chief is so young, flustered and inexperienced, and the others don't seem much better in that regard. Will the Unity Group really be alright and stand up to high expectations thrown at it by the whole world?

Only time will tell.

And yes, the TSEN incident comment was a ruse. No such thing happened.

(The game starts now, and you can write IC posts as you please! You are allowed to backdate posts, that is write them assuming they happened in-character BEFORE this announcement.)