[Suddenly, all across the planet - a wave of energy briefly flows, touching everyone's minds for a second. The wave reaches out far, towards everyone in the Earth Sphere, and possibly more.
Many will be confused by its message, or try to rationalize it in one way or other, interpreting it wrongly. The message conveyed without words, only with a feeling.
A message of unconditional love.
And a farewell.]
[Ren's room has been vacated. Scarce personal possessions have been moved elsewhere, and the whole place looks like if no one ever lived there, left in a pristine condition.

The horned person can still be found in a Unity Group base, head bowed in prayer in front of the wall of rememberance. Ren wears the same robe they were first found in. Even the gunshot hole and the bloodstains are there.]

Seeing even one person die in front of my eyes, their life lost - when I had means of preventing it... it makes me feel guilty. It's a selfish emotion because it makes you feel bad for yourself rather than the one who just died. But we are inherently self-centered beings. Aren't we?

[As their eyes open, Ren smiles sadly.]

My time draws close. I know I am going to die - not exactly when, not yet, but it will be soon. And I know where it will happen. I really doubt the circumstances will be peaceful, so I already informed Roland. We will do everything we can to ensure no further tragedy strikes.


I am really happy we could have met. Thank you for everything.
[Late at night, Ren is looking up at the starry sky. It is peaceful and quiet, with wind gently blowing, a fresh breeze on everyone's faces.]

I was a fool, wasn't I?

If you close your heart, if you stay distant from others - then they can't really hurt you. And if you are not sure about someone's intentions, that is the best way to avoid disappointment and harm.

And yet...

And yet I will continue being a fool.

I am aware of horrible things human beings are capable of. I even experienced it first hand - this doesn't change anything. Because, every day, I am surrounded by proof of wonderful things people are capable of, too. People of Earth, and of other planets.

[Ren notices the shining object in the distance. It was not there just a few days' ago. Cybertron.]

Great kindness, incredible cruelty and everything in between. That's what it means to be human, doesn't it? Sorry for waxing so philosophically.


[Ren approaches people they know with a glint in their eye. It might be time to run.]

So many people were concerned about recent happenings, I'd like to help them get at least some relief. And I know how.

Would you like to attend a religious ceremony with me?
Her condition is the same as before. Eva looks up at the ceiling, struggles against her restraints occasionally, and sees and hears nothing of what goes on around her. Those eyes that fail to see what is right before them instead see...somewhere else.

Somewhere Else... )

Back in the hospital, Eva blinks once, and sees the ceiling for the first time.

1. [For Ren]
Of all the people Eva can think of, there's only one choice for who to call once she's woken up. She waits for them to arrive in the front of the hospital, having changed back into her normal clothes. For a given value of normal, at least-the all black outfit looks somewhat out of place when not going out to do some espionage work. It'll take a while for her friend to appear, so she takes out a small notepad and starts drawing.

2.[For everyone else]
There's no announcement. But soon, if you're paying attention or watching carefully, you may catch Eva stalking around the base, eating in the cafeteria, or practicing in the gym.
[After being rescued, Ren regains consciousness pretty quickly. That's what happens when you heal at an accelerated rate - though can Ren's spirit heal so quickly, too?

After all, Mark turned out to be a traitor. One who, in the end, lost his life. What does Ren have to say about it?]

It's true. It's true what I said - my faith in humanity as a whole will not be eroded by a single person's actions. If you are concerned for my powers, that they are still needed... well, you have nothing to worry about.

As for myself...

[Ren smiles sadly. A trail of dried up tears is so visible on their face, and no one even tries to hide it.]

I'm happy that you let my kin live, even knowing they have nothing but disdain and mistrust for humankind. Even if they do... it's not fair to judge them for their beliefs, is it? Only for actions - and they didn't do anything yet.

So. I'm proud of you.
[It's Valentine's Day so you'd probably expect Ren to do something overbearing and possibly very annoying. Or perhaps to tell everyone not to love each other just one day of the year, but to spread caring all the time - which boils down to the same thing.

Well, you may breathe a sigh of relief because as a matter of fact, the horned individual is nowhere around to be found at all.

Elsewhere - Ren was patiently waiting for a special someone to arrive. Recent events made it hard to have light hearted fun, but the two could meet so rarely. They might as well try to enjoy it to the fullest.]
1 - Alhambra, out-of-the-way room

[During the attack on Alhambra, Kagura's concern was, primarily, with the Graveyard personnel. Mute as she is, she managed to get people to pack up and safeguard everything important and evacuate in time for the damages to the base and their labs to have minimal effect on Graveyard material.

The problem is that among the damaged areas was Kagura's room. Which means she no longer has a locked place to hole in.

So at one point, if you're wandering around the most remote areas of the base, you might hear a male voice shouting. Closer inspection reveals Kagura in front of a screen, being absolutely ripped a new one by one of her superiors. The words "against intent of orders" "risk" "insubordination" "liability" "we can have you scrapped" "never fly again" and so on are used a great many times, while the fairy simply stands there and takes it. Not like she can defend herself, she can't even talk. So she's standing at attention with a fixed frown - so fixed, in fact, it's kind of disquieting. In the end, the commander signs off, and Kagura relaxes, floating down to a table with a thoughtful expression.

She makes some tiny scratches on a piece of paper with a mechanical pencil's small lead bar. It looks like some kind of diagram - it's very, very little, since Kagura has small handwriting even for her size, but there seem to be initials, relation arrows, and X marks on some. And she's so absorbed that she hasn't even noticed you.]

2 - Gym, late at night

[Late at night, if you go near the gym, you might notice a light turned on. Going in makes it clear nobody is using it, though...

...until you decide to look on one of the tables. Kagura is on it there, using bottlecaps as weights, surrounded by open handbooks on muscular rehabilitation. The effort has opened a few of her old wounds, but the fairy is too focused on keeping going despite the pain to care about the little drops of blood dripping on the paper.

She does notice someone coming in, though, which makes her drop the weights with a startle and turn around to look at you accusingly. Is there no bloody privacy in this place, seriously.]
[After a practice run, Ren leaves their unit's cockpit - and looks up, at the training TSF Fubuki and the sky above it.]

If I recall correctly, first generation TSFs had a pilot life expectancy of only 8 minutes. And that's with veteran pilots, who had a lot of experience using fighter jets. How regrettable...

But to think technology advanced so much since then! When cornered, humans are capable of pushing themselves to incredible limits. Individual persons, and humanity as a whole.

[Ren's gaze returns to the ground level. Still with that omnipresent smile, the horned person adds...]

However, I don't think that's always a good thing.

[2, aimed at people with (possibly offscreen) CR]


[Already waving from a distance, a familiar face approaches.

And it looks like Ren got a new haircut. A change of style?]

What do you think?
[So.  Even though SolSavior's second encounter with SolEraser didn't go as well as everyone would've liked, it still had a perfectly good showing against the Lady's Good Men without falling apart or anything.  So clearly things were in the clear, right?  Wrong.  A new group of mechanics have come in from Solaris, performing more work on the DuskBird.  And Mizuki's getting in a heated discussion with her father.]

- But the last time we formed there wasn't any problem!  And for that matter the time we broke down it took me using the Sol Salvation and drawing out all of my-

That doesn't mean the threat's not there.  After we heard from Ken's parents about how that second battle against SolEraser went, we got worried.  Started looking more closely at the data gathered from when the DuskBird combines with the other machines.  And Mizuki, I'm... sorry.  Nobody was blind to the risks of mixing Sol and Void energy together, but what we say, it's... this is...

...... Dad......

Don't lose your nerve here.  You were supposed to be my adviser.

... As you say.  Very well then.

The findings, needless to say, were not heartening.  Sol and Void energies are contradictory, we've always known that since the earliest days of our conflict.  And having a machine draw on both would be like have an individual with both forces flowing in their veins.  If it could've been done safely that would've been one thing, but... our hopes were ill-placed.  The energies are in conflict, forcing each other below a certain threshold lest they destroy SolSavior... and what you experienced during your second battle against SolEraser was the result of you trying to push past that.

And that's just the machines themselves.  Flesh and blood aren't as easily mended as servos and conduits.  This isn't something that can just be powered through either; when one burns a hand it doesn't become more resistant to flames for the next encounter.   Just now you called me your adviser... so please heed my advice: your last combination didn't lead to tragedy, yes, but if you continue one of them will.  Or your bodies may fail you in between battles without warning.

But Dad... after that incident we've all pressed on and are doing fine.  It's not as if we're doubling over with pain or-

And that's exactly it!  We don't want that happening period!  Salanshiel, myself, Director Harper, Ken's parents, everyone!

[There's a pause as Zangango collects himself again.]

I'm sorry for that outburst, but it's true.  The deaths of the Balmung Team hang over Solaris's heads, even your mother's and mine.  I wouldn't be a good father if I just let this run the risk of happening.  So...

You're... not going to make us stop piloting, are you?

No, but we're not going to let the three of you pilot a ticking time bomb.  Not when it's endangered all three of you once already.  That's what they-

[He gestures at the mechanics.]

-Are there for.  SolSavior cannot be treated as a reliable weapon because... it isn't.  It never was, and we were well-intentioned but naive and unaware of the dangers it could pose.  Forming it now will require two overrides... one from Director Harper and one from the Unity Group's higher-ups... and only in times of absolute need where its strength would make the difference between life and death.

Please understand, Mizuki.  It's bad enough worrying some times when you're fighting out there.  It's another thing entirely knowing that SolSavior could wind up killing you.

... I'm sorry.

[Mizuki has no words for her father.  Just a nod and resting a hand on his shoulder to show that she'll comply.  But when she looks back up at the DuskBird and its Sol-aligned companion mechs...]

... Ten years supporting each other and still this happens...

[And thus she storms off.  Wouldn't this just be delightful news for Sara with all her talk of the limitations of heroes?]
[To say Regalis Filia was pretty damn trashed after the latest engagement with the Zentraedi was an understatement. Indeed it was designed first and foremost to protect its pilot, it didn't mean the beating wasn't straining in itself. Peola was sitting on the deck of the Macross with a number of bandages on her, kicking her feet lazily as she looked out to sea. Ever so often she'd glance at her bandages in annoyance and tug at them a little.]

For an annoying big talking Pacifist, that jerk Kaifun knows how to throw a person.

[She gives you a wry smile and waves.]

Do you think we did good enough out there?

[Not too far from the Macross and the Unity Group in town, there was a woman making something of a commotion. She was a tall, brutal looking specimen, numerous scars on her body and face. There was also a distinct air of smugness and a somewhat vicious grin on her face.]


[Her hand snaps out towards you.]

I'm looking for a brat named Peola. I felt and saw her around here... so where is she?

[As she lowers her hand her fingers curl into a fist as bones pop.]

I'm not one for asking twice so you better cough it up.

I'm really not - I cannot meet, talk to Evaa like this. Sorry.

[Post-mission, Ren seems weird. Their speech pattern is rambling and slurred, and the horned person sways rather than standing still. In other words, sedated or high on painkillers.]

Still all, all things considered, it wasn't too terrible, right?

Wwe saved almost everyone. Only Unity Group could responsed so quick. Ah. Sorry. Can you help with this?

[Also, Ren's TSF fortified suit (male version) is partially removed, for ease of application of some kind of healing balm they hold in hand... before trying to hand it over to you, that is.]

Here, here. If it's alright. I have bad reach.

[Ren tries to point at their back.]
[Ren's Genoace is standing like it tries to grab the attention of people who pass by. This is because mobile suits do not usually have handmade transparents held up in their hands - and this one does. Its owner sits underneath the suit, a Santa hat on their head.]

I'm so glad you're here! Would you like to participate in a fun holiday time tradition? I'm happy to explain if you do not know what I'm talking about.

[The Genoace sign says "SECRET SANTA" by the way.]

Mark and I are doing a thing for Christmas. Ah, but it's not a date or anything! It's a group activity, in fact we'd love to have you around. Please consider it.

[This time Ren asks people in person out of their own initiative. But what kind of cheesy holiday activity will this one be? Offkey carol singing? Feeding ducks?

Some time later...]

"Alright, it should be our turn now... err, or soon anyway. Rennie, is your harness alright?"

Not too loose and not too tight. Everything's in order.

[Ren puts on skydiving goggles.]

Let's go!

[The plane's door slams open. It's time to jump.]
[For once Ren's Genoace survived a deployment more or less intact. Its pilot on the other hand is a mess, bandaged like a mummy. But it's a mummy that has important things to say.]

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for hiding the truth from you. I have no excuses except for - I was afraid.

tl;dr information under the cut )

Among the programming I received while still incubating in my place of birth was a message. A message that told me, only one of my kin will grow up to love humanity and not detest it - and that love will be necessary to save humankind from destruction.

But by doing so, I will inevitably lose my life in the process.

That is my duty.

[Someone finally had enough common sense to shoo Ren to a medical ward to rest. But if you come visit, you'll see that they're not alone.]

"Ren, you really shouldn't do this kind of dangerous things."

I know... I'm sorry, that was too risky, for everyone involved. But I'm relieved, relieved that everything turned out alright and also that...

[That's when the horned individual sitting in bed notices they're not alone, and so does the unknown man holding Ren's hands.]

Ah! I think we should introduce ourselves. This is...

"Hello. I mean, yes!"
He salutes awkwardly.
"Ensign Mark Tennyson, I'm sorry for the intrusion!"
[This is frontdated a bit, possibly more than a bit depending when will the planned Ren mission take place.]

[Ren's ever-present smile has a conflicted tint to it now, and they're not even trying to hide it. Instead, have an explanation of what's going on.]

Not too long ago, I received a message from Mark. Do you remember Mark? He's my... well, you could say he's my boyfriend. He doesn't get a lot of leave but there is an opening soon.

So we're setting up a date. A lot of serious, sad things happened recently and it made me think. I didn't even tell Mark who I really am. I wanted to use this opportunity to tell him, but now...

[Getting cold feet, it seems.]

Excuse me. Do you have a moment? It's about the date.

[Related to above, Ren seeks some advice. Non-grumpy or depressed/troubled people this time, though!

The horned individual opens a colorful book. What is this, a fashion catalogue? The opened page reveals a very... poofy, pastel pink dress, full of frills and ribbons.]

Would this fit me? I think it might be a bit too girly for me... perhaps I should just wear a suit.
[Ren notices that others enjoy their Unity Group meals with less enthusiasm than usual.]

Would you like to have mine? The portions are small recently but if we pile them up... and don't worry, I didn't touch it yet.

[But they got the reason behind it all wrong.]

The truth is, I'm worried.

[Ren has a confession to make - directed only at people who'd accept this kind of thing, and don't have a lot of problems on their own plate.]

I'm worried because such tragedy happened, and now our friends were captured by Zentradi. I was even there, I was there to see it... but sometimes even if you do your best, it's not enough and you can't do anything. It only makes you feel more guilty.

I can only pray for their safe return.

[Be it as a result of one of the other prompts or it happened offscreen, but either way Ren wants to do something to put worried minds at ease - and asked you to come. You have a way to travel - down Star Rose's space elevator to Earth, then towards the seedier parts of the city founded at its base. Just where exactly is Ren going?]

Read more... )
[After she took her son to tour the Unity Group base, Sarah...vanished. For a solid week, she didn't show up at all. Recently she's been around, but hasn't talked to people too much...she never was really a huge buddy-buddy team member, though, so that sort of thing isn't odd.

It is odd when, out of the blue, she'll walk up to you and engage conversation. Her right arm is bandaged up as well, for some reason.]

Hey, are you free? I...kinda want to hang out.
[After the defense of the Macross as it tried to return, Alex hung around the hangar back on base for a while rather than going to get changed immediately. Mostly she seemed to have just stopped in place, lost in thoughts.]

So...Did Enki lie to me, did Enlil half-assedly cheat or does Humbaba mean something else entirely?


...Just drop it. We haven't talked in ages and that's what we end up talking about?...Right, we should. Goodbye.

[Alex was just on the phone with somebody and it didn't go well. She looks quite angrily at the poor, innocent piece of consumer electronics even after hanging up. Her expression quickly slumps slightly, though, the anger fading away.]

I should have guessed that.
[One of the transports carrying goods to Alhambra deposits a weary-looking person in a nun's habit. Except that nuns don't normally have horns, betraying that it's actually Ren.]

Ahh, it's good to be back! This place starts to feel like home for me, you know? I'm happy to report that the refugees received as much help and assistance as they should. There's still a lot of labor awaiting them, but that's something they have to do themselves. Their lives and well-being are no longer in any danger.

I must admit, that was some hard work. The living conditions were not ideal, though I'm used to it a little. Still, I don't regret it. In fact...

[Ren smiles embarassingly. Wait, is that blush on their face?]

I'm glad, and not only for those people. I mean, for myself. I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful individual.

So, what happened while I was gone?
[Immediately after Through the Stomach mission. Said in person for those who were present (or had a reason to be around the area), or as a transmission for those who were not.]

I'm sorry everyone. But I will not be returning with you to Unity Group.

At least, not now. There are many refugees around, who have lost houses, lives, friends and family.

I have promised to help them, and I will. As soon as the ESUN relief group arrives, I'll join it. I have a little bit of experience doing something like this, so don't worry about me.

I'll return as soon as those peoples' immediate needs are taken care of and their base for building their own future will be restored. See you in a few weeks.

I'm very proud of you.

[2 - for Walt]
[Ren hopes to find the depressive Lt before he departs. If they do, it's time for a small private conversation.]

It seems you have been given a unique gift. And, well, a rather scary one - I don't mean for me, I'm not afraid of you. Unless you want me to be afraid that is. No, I mean it could be a little bit scary for you.

Would you like to talk about it? Don't worry, I won't take much of your time.
1) [Right after 'The Runaway']
[Well a new machine is now sitting in the Hangars of Star Rose. Though a familiar face was soon leaving it. A very angry face at that. Peola was stomping down the gantry, tearing her helmet off and hurling it into a wall with brutal force. She was ranting and screaming angrily in a mixture of english and a language known to no human being on Earth at her current situation. Why? Well her secret was out. She was a Runaway Alien Princess with a horde of potential suitors. And now all of them were coming to Earth for her. What's more her sister somehow managed to sneak into Star Rose and was probably responsible for her Gespenst's breakdown - which was the whole reason she had to switch Regalis Filia back on in the first place.]

-Untranslatable enraged screaming- SWEAR TO GOD I'LL TEAR OFF HER ARMS AND -more untranslatable enraged screams- SMASH THEIR STUPID FACES IN -Do you actually want to know what she's saying? Its not pretty- HATE THEIR STUPID IDEAS AND HIS STUPID PLANS AND HIS STUPID NEED FOR ME TO GET MARRIED -Yeaaah best we don't know- RAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

[Aaaand Wallpunch. Do you risk turning the wrath of a furious princess at you?]

[Peola has.... relatively calmed down and is sitting in a lounge, curled up on a chair with a look that is mixed between annoyance, bitterness and resignation. She barely pays attention to the sight of a trio of people on TV trying to beat the everloving crap out of each other in front of a cheering audience.]

I know you're there...

[She sighs grumpily, she already had a long and uncomfortable talk with the commanders about a lot of things... what was one more person asking her MORE questions.]

What do you want?

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[In order to get better as a pilot and not wreck a mobile suit each time they're piloting, Ren is doing some good old fashioned physical exercise.]

And one, and two...

[Running laps around Alhambra Base - with a lack of haste that'd cause any drill sergeant worth their salt to pop a vein or a dozen. But what's this - 15, 20, 30 laps around the base done, and Ren isn't even sweaty yet.

Comment? Or maybe join in, if you dare?]

[Some time after the exercise, but directed at whomever seems willing to listen.]

Do you believe in the afterlife?
[Peola let out a frustrated sigh as she slumped down at the kitchen counter, hands over her head. She's had a somewhat miserable time due to reasons she would prefer not to discuss - but suffice to say Ken and Dido's ki experiments had a hand in it. Still. Nothing a small snack wouldn't fix and-]

Is that smoke?

[She turned around to see a somewhat clogged toaster literally spewing out black smog that smelled of burned... cake? Peola of course panicked, quickly rushing over to slap it on the side - causing it to fire the charred mess out with the velocity of a bullet, sending the charred mess all over the place.]

AGHK-! Damn you! At the very least that other thing is doing its job-

[This was promptly preempted by the microwave's door blasting open and splattering its contents on the far wall before it shorted out. The bluenette slowly turned to regard the disaster that was literally painting the kitchen before the sprinkler system kicked in after cutting the power to the appliances. A soggy security guard hung her head solemnly.]

[After assisting with cleanup of her mess, Peola was wallowing in the shower. Well not exactly... Somehow she managed to find a large basin, barely big enough for a person to fit in, drug it into the bathroom and was sitting uncomfortably in the steaming water with a grumpy expression as she cleaned her hair.]

Just what kind of place is this, no proper tubs... or anything...

[She grumbles to herself, continuing on to wash and scrub herself down. Odd as it was, this actually wouldn't be too bad... if this wasn't the men's shower.]

[Once again after yet another inexplicable mistake on her part Peola just crashed somewhere, picking up some reading material along the way that most likely belonged to Izuru as she lay on a chair with a mild expression on her face.]

It....blew up the moon? But that doesn't make sense... the moon is right there...

[Wait... what?]
[Following the attack on Brussels, Alex had followed the Unity Group people back to their base. Not like the city was terribly livable at the time and if anybody could help her make sense of things it was the people whose job was dealing with these issues. The awful weather in Brussels during the mission was still clear as she was sitting in the transports back to base, showing themselves as wet, matted hair and positively soaked clothes.]

I should explain...Anything you want to know?

[In the hours following the return a new girl could be found trying to find her way around base. She seemed faintly uncertain and rather preoccupied with something.]

Is there a shower I can borrow somewhere?
[Eva-Or, as she's more likely known, the strange girl from security with that weird robot-is feeling down recently, despite stellar and slightly uncanny performance on the mission with the Zhar battalion. Rumors, spreading fast as they do, make it pretty easy to find out-she attempted to murder the walt-child, and was given a three-hour dressing down by Commander Howe in response. A loud dressing down, the kind that can be heard from down the hallway through an office's closed door.

She can generally be found moping about Alhambra, looking about as happy as a sack of potatoes with chronic depression, and spends more of her time in the gym.]
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[News spread quickly in Unity Group. General Mukantagara, the leader of the Gebian attack force that caused so much damage to Sparta, turned out to be Hetepheres' daughter. Nobody knew... Up until the end, when Hetepheres killed her.]

[After the fight, the Gebian general can be found in her office, sitting behind the desk - the room is mostly dark, the light is not even on. Her terminal is, but she's not really looking at it - just staring somewhere with a distant gaze. Until someone enters or contacts her, at least.]

Batallion Zhar was kept by the Russian government on a leash for too long. It was only a matter of time until they broke free. Maybe now their fortune will turn around for the better.

I intend to let ESUN know about the way Russia treats its immigrants next time we talk. This is not how a professional government should act.

[Roger falls silent. Paradigm Corp at home is not exactly a paragon of virtue, either.]
[The conversation from a few days' back assured Ren into making this decision.

Here they stand, wearing a pilot suit sans helmet - two obvious reasons get in the way of wearing one.]

Hello again. I was taken to your leaders and just a few moments ago it was made official. Starting from now on, I am Unity Group's newest pilot.


I can't just sit back and wait while everyone is risking their lives. I'll help too! I had some experience piloting mobile suits already, but it seems it's time to add "combat pilot" to the list of things I've done during my life. Also, well.

I love everyone.

But I understand that sometimes, there is no other option than to hurt someone to save someone. I won't hesitate.


Well then, which one of those would suit me~?

[Ren is checking out Unity Group's hangars, trying to find a unit for themselves. They act more like they're picking up groceries though.]

I must say, the selection is quite amazing! You have some really rare suits... I think. I'm not much of an expert. But some of them don't even look that much used.
[There was a fairly generic member of the team that went on that jungle mission-or, that's what it looked like. The girl in question summoned some kind of crazy super robot, called Leos a liar, and had Ms. Norman all over her. She's still even got the third eye that old lady painted on her forehead.

She can be found wandering around the base, her right arm in a sling. Sometimes, she will visit the hangar and stare up at the new black robot that showed up to save her.]
[1 - locked to Argos Flight]
[Immediately after the mission ends, someone is checking on VG's downed TSF.

VG himself can see a weird person appearing in the entrance to the cockpit, looking at him with a concerned expression.]

Are you wounded? I know you didn't die, but it'd be a shame if you were hurt because of me.

[Later, back at Unity Group Bases, someone is making a video introduction.

That someone is an individual with horns and an unchanging smile on their face. Ren switched the old robe to standard, baggy technician overalls. The reason for that is simple: the robe had a gunshot hole at the heart, and was stained with blood - Ren's blood.]

Hello, my name is Ren Ubuntu. I am really grateful for saving those ESUN soldiers. Let me explain. Hmm, where should I start? Ah yes. These...

[Poke at the horns.]

They are real. No, I am not a demon or anything supernatural like that. I am an artificial human-like being, birthed from a cloning pod. I'm afraid that my kin, beings similar to me, are after me. They want to, well, kill me and eat my flesh. I am not too concerned for my own safety, but they started to target people around me as collateral.

So I'm turning to you for help. I know Unity Group is powerful and can defend itself against my kin, and your Commander-in-chief agreed to grant me asylum, at least for a little while. I have a little bit of skills I learnt here and there, so don't worry, I won't be a freeloader. If there is a way I can help you with anything, I will.

This introduction feels... impersonal, but I'll gladly talk to everyone in person. I'd like to get to know all of you better.

I'm sure you are all wonderful people.

[The transmission ends there, but Ren is easy to find in person. They don't exactly blend in with the crowd.]

Several people have died that night. So many more could've perished, but even that few make me sad. It's a tragedy.

[Ren found the memorial, and puts a lit candle in front of it.]

I know most of them were not members of Unity Group, but I hope it's alright if I remember them this way.