Well... I guess we did it.

[Even with Beatrice defeated and now getting to spend the rest of her life in a world that had rejected her attempts at "improvement" at every turn, and VIPER similarly thrashed, Roy's really not feeling entirely at 100%.  And that's not just because his drone body's got tons of cybernetics showing and the Wagner proper's in need of getting patched upa gain.]


Ya know when you think about it, Dakova was like my second parent.  Boss man wouldn't have made me without it, couldn't have even made me in a million years.  And we couldn't have stopped Finally-Out-Of-Tricks like we did without it.

And then there's Jen and everything with... with Nancy the Nasty Ninja still.  Like yeah... she saved a crapton of people and made that ninjalady finally pay for everything but like...

There's all those clones out there, right?  Things being all set up so they just think they've gotta pick up the torch some day and be total psycho hose-beasts just because that's how the original was.

And you know?  That's... just not fair.


[With the damage the Wagner sustained taking down Alex/Joshua, Roy had figured he'd have to go under for a while while the mechanics patched his body up.  He's plenty surprised though to wake up one day... back in his human-sized body, repaired and good as new]


[Here he'd found his body to help Doomstar and Jen out... but to think the crazy scientist had actually been able to patch it up again?]

... Holy cow.

Lady Crackrock you're... pretty freakin' amazing when you want to be!


[And indeed... it's pretty great to be able to go around and not in a Doomba, at least until...]




[Until Roy gets re-introduced to pain when he stubs his toe on a door.]



[And hunger pains make him do an emergency run to the mess hall to have his first meal in months.]


[And worst of all...]


[Suddenly realizing he's gotta start using the bathroom again. as he sprints down the hall when nature starts calling.]

[He hadn't been able to have a ringside seat for it, but Roy'd still gotten to hear the truth about Chimera and its "leader", Edel Bernal.]

Three little words and some freakazoid could make you do whatever he wanted...  Lady, you were nutso beyond nutso, but like... how much of that was really you?  Would you have done all that crap if you'd known the truth?

... 'Course you got blown away by Mr. Lovey-Dovey, so we're never gonna know.  Maybe you wouldda been just as bad, or even worse 'cuz you'd have somethin' to prove.  But maybe things could've been different...
[Beatrice Willson.  The successor to the SCCF's initial leader and mad scientist, Lilian Cavinagh, who didn't last long in the position seeing as how she's locked up in a cell and facing interrogation.]

Right.  We get to meet face to face now.  In a sense, since... yeah.

[... From a Doomba with the video setup for Roy.]

And you came because you thought I'd just tell you information you wanted to hear about the Foundation, or the Cambio Protocol in general?  Or what happened to your friend after Carina attacked with the Gatekeeper?

The Doomba and the Detective )[Anyone else is free to talk to/interrogate Beatrice if they want, even as groups.]

[They'd been winning.  They'd been making Carina eat her snobby, condescending words one and all, and Lenore'd been poised to finish her off for good.  So why... why had he only been able to watch as Carina did... that thing...]

... An "I win" button.

[That's one way of describing it, sure.]

Great Roy, just really great way to totally freaking jinx EVERYTHING!

[As juvenile as it is, the Wagner kicks over a pile of existential and philosophy books he'd requested.  So much for being in the mood for making sense of his own predicament.]

She deserves better than all of this crap!  It's not fair that... that someone can just control a situation like that!  What was Lenore supposed to do, just sit on her hands and just never do anything ever friggin' again?!?
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[So it seems you all haven't seen the last of Roy Garnette just yet.  In spite of what happened at Erria, the Wagner, untouched since then, still rose to help save Hikari's friend.  Now it's at least getting a proper repair job, with the AI inside now free to focus on his existential quagmire.]

So... yeah.

Boss man didn't just get me an awesome robot to pilot... that robot... was me.  An' I guess the normal-size me was just a... drone or somethin'.  Dan Man, you're probably right.  My past an' living on the street... nights I went hungry, winters I spent freezing my butt off... even meeting boss man himself were all a buncha lies.

But when we were out there, that dude in the Megatank knock-off needed help.  And like, I could hear it.  Like I wasn't blown to bits and crap.  And I had to ask myself if I could just let a guy get killed and not even try to save 'im.

I mean... even with boss man I tried...






[Hooked up to a screen, Roy's been trying to get at least a digital image of himself re-established.  Kinda hard when you're only just getting into the wonderful world of computer programming even though you are one.  And worst of all, his efforts seem to be straying further from the mark.]

Not in a million years...


[And afterwards the Wagner can be found, looking at a small data screen in the hangar, tendrils occasionally poking at it to cycle through reports about what happened at Erria and everything afterwards.]


... What a bunch of scumbags...


[So triggering a huge explosion by rupturing the fuel tanks of three huge flamethrowers is NOT a good idea.  Even though the doctors have checked him out and he's fine, Roy's still in a bit of a daze.  Doing better than the Wagner is though... but he's still suffering one hell of a migraine and walking into stuff.]

... Who put a wall here?

[That's a door.]
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[In the aftermath of the mission and returning back to base, a slew of armed guards from the general ESUN military whisk Roy away amongst cries of pseudo-swears and frustrations.  One brain-scan later though, and-]

Yeah, whoop-de-doo that's a surprise!  The guy who's acting totally normal and was trying to SAVE his FREAKING BOSS and didn't even know anything about this Dakova thing IS TOTALLY CLEAN!

[... well he's huffing and puffing at a medic, trying to change out of a medical gown for his usual clothes.]

Maybe if there were some jerks left behind from the attack you could try checking THEM too... but boy did you get to luck out and make me draw the short stick!  Dakova or Avakado or whatever, you're barking up the wrong tree if you think there's something wrong with me!

Well... actually... there technically is.  Mr. Dotrice was able to provide us during the meetings with countless brainwave samples of Erria inhabitants... every single one of them suffering abnormalities like him, except ofrentimes much, much worse.
The only known case of someone being on Erria and yet not being affected... is you.

... Say what?


... Right then.  Never thought being normal could be considered "weird" but there's a first time for everything so go figure.  But while all the eggheads were looking me over, somebody tried to find a match for the face of the lady who'd been calling the shots out there.  Turns out someone figured it out after she'd used that fancy teleporting trick of hers.

Icequeen McTeleporter's real name's supposedly "Lilian Cavanagh".  Never heard of her, and I would've if boss man had done any business with her any time in the recent past.  But she'd been a scientist, working for the ESUN for a while before they discovered "oh hey, she's taking money from us so she can do her own stuff with wormholes!"  After that she just up and vanished... until tonight.

And I got to thinking...

World Materials laid claim to Erria first, sure.  Made it their legal property, moved all their stuff there and then bam.  Dakova screws with everyone's brains like the dick it is.  But what if there were other people that went there first so they also knew about Dakova?  Maybe even worship it like some sorta freaky god?  And they tried to go after boss man because they wanted to keep him silent?

Well tough luck for all of them!  We know, we can deal with Dakova however those ESUN people decide they should, and I'm going to get my boss back!
[So the good news: in spite of knocking a gigantic rock off course by crashing into it, all that Roy got off with was a dislocated shoulder and a massive amount of pain.  Bad news, even painkillers weren't taking much of the edge off as Roy sat in the hangar, nervously waiting for...]

The boss man cometh )
So... she just goes "Hey, these other peoples' offer is great!" and jumps ship because she thinks the other guys' boat is better?

The heck, man.  That's like... when you got no sense of loyalty how do you live long enough to even pull some dirty move like that off in the first place?!?
[It's not just Kijin girls who showed up during the last battle, no siree.  There's a new mech in the hangar, and its pilot is already working on getting a good lay of the land.]

So then... thanks a million out there again for being quick on the draw when stuff got crazy.  Not quite the introduction boss man Dotrice probably planned, but it could've been a lot worse.

And speaking of introductions... the name's Roy.  Roy Garnette... bodyguard to World Materials' CEO John Dotrice and pilot of the Wagner!  Boss's been thinking of closer relations with the ESUN for a while now and there's no time like the present, so that's why we're here.  Looking forward to working with you all!

But... uh... there's one other thing...

... Where do you guys have the kitchen?  I haven't eaten since I left Erria.