Guys! Guys!

[It didn't take long for Izuru to learn what happened during the Crossgate fight. He's quickly running through Sakihama corridors, trying to find his friends.]

That was amazing. I knew you could do it!

[He steps for a moment, but isn't even short on breath. Where does all this energy come from?]

I was kinda worried that I couldn't go out there and help. But everything turned out fine. Sorry, looks like I still need to learn to trust my friends more.

After all, we're all heroes, right?
That giant thing was built from Cambio Protocol resources... and Lenore's sacrified friends.

How can the Protocol even pretend to do anything good? Is this type of "new world order" supposed to help anyone?!

[Izuru clenches his fist.]

I'm sorry Lenore. You got captured and I don't know what Carina wants do to with you, but... but we'll get you back. I'll do everything I can.

It's a hero's promise.
[Open to all]


You get a message on your comms from Dido, inviting you to one of the lounges in the Saikhama hanger bays.

Upon arrival, you discover that furniture and tables have been shifted to the side, making room for a chalkboard. A huge old-school chalkboard on wheels, pea-green and with a wood-framed ledge for colored chalk-sticks.

Dido nods to you as you walk in, sternly tapping some chalk to the board.

"So," she says. "Loni and the terrible trio have all the Seals. Soon, they'll make their move to summon the Lady upon this world. Brye and Rani are standing by the wings, ready to hijack the Lady's power and somehow use it to wish away suffering. The Lady herself managed to influence the Lady's Good Men, the UG's foundation and Loni's whole upbringing, despite being in a different dimension. Worse, we still don't know what her true power or form is."

Dido starts writing on the chalk board. "If we're gonna win, we have to figure out what's coming. That means assembling clues, testing theories and answering key questions..."

Read more... )

Dido underlines each question on the board, and turns to face you all. "Class is in session, guys," she pronounces.
[Responses should probably go as a reply to the first tag. Not necessarily all in one thread though.]

Hey guys. Let's go out on a trip! Actually it's more like a visit.

But anyway! It's going to be fun. It's this time of the year, right?

[What hare-brained idea is Izuru up to now?

Anyone who dares follow in his footsteps will find themselves at a certain serene facility. Its pristine white walls and green park areas exist to evoke an aura of calmness, but burly orderlies and electrified checkpoints are never far away, and though it tries not to draw attention - security is very high.

There's one person Izuru wants to talk to here.]

Hey Leos. How are you doing?
Hey guys, we're going on a road trip!

[Izuru exclaims while lugging around a big backpack full of... things.]

By we I mean us Team Rabbits. It's quiet right now and everything turned out right, so we're getting some rest. It's Kei's idea actually - but captain Suzukaze knows about it and she's alright with it, so it's all fine! If something happens and you need us, just call alright?

So, see you in a few days, or something like that!

[Comment? Or are you coming along, maybe?]

[2 - for trip participants]
You know...

[Izuru looks around the surroundings. They sure are beautiful and pristine... but that's the problem! There's nothing around, especially no cars on the road!]

Maybe hitchhiking wasn't the best idea. My arms are tired...

[3 - likewise]
Alright! Let's set up camp! Time for a campfire, scary ghost stories, everything!

[They're in a hotel.]
[Following a certain conversation with Kagura a while ago, Kei could regularly be found doing what appeared to be studying various subjects on her own from an assortment of textbooks, spending a lot of her free time on it. And today she can be found handing over a thick envelope over to the mail staff at Fort Alhambra, moving with uncharacteristic confidence.]

I guess I'll see if the Major was right.


[A short while later, she's heading towards her room carrying some sweets and a cup of tea and all that confidence has vanished.]

Hopefully they'll take it seriously and not just use me as a mascot or trophy and try to fix things like they do for athletes.

[Late at night, Sakihama Base's residential area is peaceful and quiet. Suddenly - bumping noises. Something thumps in the dark, followed by shuffles, as if a heavy object was being dragged on the floor. The source of the noise can't be far away... sounds of cutting, movement, and when you get close - fluids squirting, guide you towards a room.

A room where, as soon as the door is opened, the corridor's light illuminates horrible, orange organic mess on a table.]

Hey there!

[And here's a killer with a knife!]

[Izuru tumbles another (badly) carved pumpkin on its place, but he doesn't seem entirely happy with it. An idea is already brewing inside his head...]

Man, so much crazy stuff happened that it actually takes the edge off this holiday... I wonder, are there any haunted houses around? I mean real ones. We should totally visit one.
[News travel fast.]

Majora Kagura is dead?

Just... just like that?
1.[After everything that happened on the last mission, Eva is worn out. So she's sitting on a chair out in the hangar, looking up at the Tern and gathering herself. Her hands are quietly shaking.]


2.[Night finds you walking the halls of Alahambra base-but it's wrong. Windows are shattered, lights flicker, and there's dirt everywhere. The place is familiar but not, looking exactly like the base might if it'd been abandoned for five or ten years. Nobody else is around.

-Until a teenage girl drops out of the ceiling right in front of your face.]


((If it's not obvious, this prompt takes place in a dream sequence. Feel free to tag both with the same characters.))
1. [After Star Rose was used as impromptu ammunition against the Wulgaru gate, its inhabitants found themselves without home for a while. But now, after getting shuffled around several places, Asagi finds a permanent room in Sakihama. It's in the quiet side part of the base's apartment section, even. He's just done unpacking his things and looks around the place.]

Not as big and comfortable as Star Rose... But quiet. Good. Maybe I'll finally get some peace.

2. [One thing you can't do on a space station, but can when you live in a city, is ride a bike. The blue Rabbit does that now, both to get from place to place and as a hobby that doesn't involve too much excitement or shenanigans. Or so he thinks.]

I could get used to this... Huh?

[As he passes by, his attention is distracted by a sheet of paper attached to a pole, announcing an amateur bike race that's going to take place soon.]

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[Guess who's back in the hospital. Izuru got to know the bed very well, and Red Five is wrecked pretty badly... but this time it's different.

He's here because of injuries, not due to piloting his AHSMB. No symptoms related to the JURIA System synchronisation have appeared. It's as if the recent feats stabilized his DNA's relationship with Red Five.]

We've done it! Everyone, we've done it.

Humanity is safe now. Well, safer I mean. There's still more dangers to take care of, right? But the Wulgaru one is gone, thanks to everyone's hard work.

You guys... are all heroes!
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[Daniel sits in a common room, in a chair large enough to support his weight. In front of him, a TV. What's playing is the ending credits to a western, as the cast rides off into the sunset. Looks like he's been sitting here for a while. And, as soon as someone passes by, he speaks.]

...I made a mistake. Can't move my leg. On the table over there, a syringe. Can you give it to me? Sorry about that.
Hey guys! Check this out...

[Izuru is running forward to show something when suddenly!]


[He clutches his chest and collapses on the floor!]

[Some time later...]

I don't know why. I barely used Red Five....

[He's in the medical ward bed again. Conscious and without any split personalities taking over. That's good, right?]

Okay, just a little, but that was to help everyone fight that Balmarian thing. That's not bad, right?

Red Five... at this rate, I won't be able to...

[Also, Izuru's AHSMB is under double the amount of locks right now. The unit is restrained from ever being used again, electronically AND physically.]

[Getting Izuru out of Grungust Alpha's cockpit is no easy task. But after a few hours, it just opens, and the Rabbit stumbles out.]


[He looks absolutely miserable. Considering the circumstances - who wouldn't?]

What would a hero do?

[Some time later, Izuru somehow made it to his usual hanging spot (Asagi's room). He acts partially zombified, not quite aware of his surroundings. The dried out trail of tears is still visible on his face.]

Find a way to save everyone?


Sacrifice a friend to save a lot of people? And the friend is okay with it?

I'm sorry Seta. I can't be the hero you wanted me to be...
Cut for length )
[With Izuru in the infirmary, Asagi was asked by the mechanics to help with some routine test on the still in-repair Red Five. He climbs into the cockpit, wondering what's the point of this since he's not the pilot and the Juria system won't react to him... But suddenly, various systems of the AHSMB light up!]

What the... How is this possible?

[locked to an NPC]
[Soon after that incident, Asagi was summoned to captain Suzukaze's office.]

Commander? I'm here. Is this about...

[locked to a certain derp]
[After the talk with the captain, Asagi absolutely had to talk to his team leader. So there he is, at the infirmary, with a determined expression.]


[the part other people can actually respond to]
[Asagi's hanging out in the Star Rose bar, as the rabbits tend to do on their free time. He's thinking about everything that happened recently - the fight against Klein, the successful rescue of Team Doberman, the incident with Red Five (which you might or might not have witnessed), the following revelations. Quite a lot of stuff. But he seems to be at peace.]

...I think my stomach is starting to get better.

Guys! Look at this!

[Who's that, causing a ruckus as he runs through all of Unity Group's hallways? Why, it's Izuru, carrying a holographic message display. When turned on it shows...]

"... Therefore I would be honored if you could join me, Izuru. I'd love to talk about our past, even if you do not remember the whole of it. Those moments we spent together are still fresh in my heart, and precious to me."

She's inviting me! Princess Teoria is inviting me for a dinner!

What do I do?!

[2 - frontdated to soon before the mission. One thread only please]
[Izuru and a few others who decided to tag along as chaperones (so much for a close dinner for two!) are approaching the place of the date. A certain eyeless creature is driving the lot in her silly but surprisingly fast (and recklessly controlled!) car. The Rabbits' manager picked the location, a teppanyaki restaurant.]

"Make sure to look confident but natural, Izuru!"

Y-yes! Of course.

[Izuru makes his best suave face. It needs work.]

A few weeks after the destruction of the Ladies' Good Men, and a week after the final fight with the Kijin, Dido tightens her grip on the controls, eyes narrowed, teeth bared.

"I can't give up now!" She declares. "I won't despair! If I stand by justice, and keep moving forward, a way will open up! I know it will–Aw Fudge! Fudge! C'mon! Fudge! That combo's broken! This boss is OP! Cheap! Hax!"

On the arcade game's screen, Dido's Qipao-wearing character twitches helplessly in the throes of hit-stun, then flies back across the stage. "K.O.!". The boss character, clad in a sharp business suit and fish-crested gladiator helmet, folds his arms and laughs."Pathetic! You're ten years too early to beat me!".

Dido's bloodshot eyes twitch. "I'll wipe that grin off your face!" She shouts, fishing quarters from her pocket.

For god's sake, someone drag her away!


[Private Chat, locked to Mizuki]

"Yo, 'Zuki!" Dido pops up on your tablet screen, shadows under her eyes, a grease stain on her chin. "Could I ask you for a favor?"


[Private chat, sent to Ken, Hetepheres, Sarah and Peola]

Dido pops up on your tablet screens, looking chipper and extremely energized. "I challenge you to hand-to-hand mecha combat!"
"Here Asagi, your mail! Sorry about the delay - all packages have to get through routine scan, and you received a lot of them. You're really lucky!"

[With these words, a certain tiny eyeless monster puts a huge file of mail on the blue Rabbit's table. Most of it is chocolate - Valentine's chocolate, by the looks of it. There are also notes and letters, many of them embarassing. Looks like someone has fangirls.]

1. (Locked - takes place right after the mission ends)

[Judgement disappears just short of landing before Lady Grey's location, which is shrouded by smoke from the UG's incredible joint attack. In the aftermath of the battle, Seta certainly can't ask the others to do more. So, she's chosen to approach her former teacher herself.

Wounded, and still affected by the venom, she lands, albeit unstably, and soon falls to one knee.]

"...The fight is over...

Please...stop this."


2. (Open - Frontdated to a day or so later)

[The recent events have been particularly difficult for Seta, both mentally and physically. After returning from the battle zone, she is now bedridden and in much worse shape than before.

Still, what happens in the infirmary now brings some much needed respite.

If you choose to visit, you'll see that Seta's bed is surrounded by...the same Kijin children from before. With the chaos regarding the Foundation, they have nowhere else to go. Looks like they've brought board games to play with her, too.

But as you approach, they surprisingly give way, and Seta waves a bandaged hand at you.]

"...Hello. I hope you are doing well...

"Things have returned to normal...and it would not have been possible without everyone's help. I am thankful."


3. (Open - responses not required, but welcome)

Cut for length )
[Following is backdated to before Seta's invitation.]

Major Ingram really was a good guy all along? I had no idea... that Calico guy managed to trick everyone. He seemed just like the real deal!

It just shows that you can't judge someone just because he was made one way or another. Even if the Major was cloned to be a spy, goodness of his own heart prevailed.

[Izuru sits down while pondering loudly. He starts to sketch absent-mindedly.]

I wasn't there to see it, but it must've looked something like this. I'm sure...
[Not too long after the fall of the Lady's Good Men, UG members receive a video mail.]

Um...hello, everyone in the Unity Group.

...It has been some time since my last call to you, but the Foundation has been spread thin over the last few months. I also know that all of you have been having troubles of your own.

But today, I am sending this message as an invitation.

Among the members of the Foundation, there is an occasion held for members to celebrate their coming-of-age. On the date stated in this message is when my own takes place...

Normally, it would be a festive event with many attendees. But not this year.

So, the Foundation has agreed to open its doors to you...if you decide to come. This does not happen very often, and...I sincerely hope that you will be able to make it.

[She bows at the camera, and then looks around awkwardly for a while, before moving to turn it off.]

1. (Mingle/reactions - Frontdated to hours before the next mission)
[The Gloster Foundation HQ is located in the center of a vast woodland estate - nearly a half an hour's drive on a cobblestone path from the only road that connects to it. It is a compound of impressive-sized, linked buildings, all with a gothic, medieval look, complete with towers and tall walls.

At the center of these buildings is a mansion - the Administrative Building - in front of which a fleet of very expensive vehicles are parked.

For those of you who chose to accept Seta's invitation, it's pretty clear from the moment you arrive that if there's supposed to be some kind of celebration, you don't see anything related to it at first. Even the guards, who are all wearing dark blue long coats as uniforms, aren't saying anything beyond guiding you to the hall where you're supposed to be, if you need it.

In this hall however, there are a few 'people' already waiting, and dressed for the occasion. Their genders and apparent age differ, but one thing they share in common is white/silver hair. Of course, you'll get curious looks, some glares, and some complete aversions with your presence.

Probably worth noting that the event is moments away from starting, and Seta is nowhere in sight.]


2. (Actual prompt)

[Should you actually choose to explore nearby (the guards don't stop anyone), you'll discover the reason for the former UG member's absence. There is some rattling coming from an open store-room...

In this small room, a Seta dressed in a long, white, and almost bridal dress, is crouched down while reading a book, and she doesn't even realize you're there.]

This is do I memorize it all in time...? Did they give me this so late on purpose...?

What should I do...?


3. (Locked to one doge)

[Despite some notable hiccups, the ceremony was completed.

But, while others enjoy themselves, Seta is contacted by one particular wolf-Kijin to meet alone, and finds herself wandering through corridors in the Administrative Building that she has never been in before.

She eventually (after getting lost) ends up in a vast, circular chamber that lies underground, where her red-clad acquaintance awaits...]

[Hetepheres looks at images, and a news article, regarding a recent discovery in Egypt. An ancient, mysterious building, still half-buried in the sand, with a large gate that nobody was able to penetrate yet, made from a combination of stone and metal alloys thought to be unknown at that time.]

...I know what this is.

One of the members of the ancient Gebian expedition to Earth was a legendary warrior, a member of a rare tribe, whose name was lost to ages. He is only known as the Deceased One now, for he died during the expedition, protecting his comrades from a monster. This building is a tomb, and a vault, hiding his remains and his weapons, crafted with methods that are unknown today. But their power is well-documented in many tales; while crude by the standards of today, if enhanced by modern Gebian technology, they could become an extremely formidable tool on the battlefield.

Such vaults usually remain closed, and open only during a specific time of the year. This time approaches quickly... And I am sure it is only a matter of time before the AEP hears about this tomb as well. They will try to secure it. I will not let that happen.
[Its all peaceful on the deck of the Macross... that is... until-]


[-Skald charged across its deck to chase away birds, running this way and that before skidding to a halt before a large group of seagulls that were staring blankly at him. He merely glares back and unsheathes his claws.]

Challenge Accepted. HAVE AT YOU!!!!

[He dives right in as the birds rush at him in a wave of feathers! There's a flurry of activity and then the birds flee. Skald's fur is extremely ruffled and there is blood. But surprisingly none of it is his.]


[He coughs up a feather before hissing and spitting.]

Foul tasting avian filth-GAAAAAAH!

[And then a Pelican scooped him up. Well. Crap. Rescue the cat?]

[If you were doing anything you find Skald quickly trotting over to you, his fluff majestically moving in the wind before he bats at your leg insistenly.]

My comrade! I believe we have a situation! A mysterious intruder has managed to bypass our security! I believe it to be following me but every time I try to chase it down it always manages to get away-

[He freezes and fixates on something to the side.]


[To which he begins a frantic chase of.... his tail. The intruder Skald was worried about was his tail. After a combination of scrambling in circles and rolling around like a fluffy ball he crashes onto his back in a fluffy heap.]

W... which way did it go! We must capture it!

[...Will you humor him or tell him the truth.]

[You are doing something. Either typing, reading or in Asagi's case assembling your puzzle. However something has you look away for a moment. It doesn't really matter what it was - be it grabbing a drink or looking for more pieces. What matters is the fact Skald and his voluminous floof are curled up on your thing apparently asleep.]

[This may or may not be important. Try to move him?]


[Once more Skald is chasing down a bird. Probably not one of the Avian Empire's troops... and possibly might be Chika. Either way he runs past where the Unity Group leaves its garbage. A loud crash has him halt his pursuit and carefully pad over to the dumpster... which rattles loudly. Skald says nothing, merely looking at you and nodding as he readies his claws. When you open the dumpster however, a dirty cat that was probably white under all the stains scrambled out, crashing into things before unsteadily getting to his feet. He coughs weakly.]

"Thank you. I thought I was a goner..."

[Skald freezes up. The cat spoke! No. More than that. Skald KNEW that voice!]

Amewro? Amewro Ray?

[The dirty cat looks up resignedly, letting out another feline cough.]


[The cat nods in acknowledgement. It looks like you found a CLAW pilot digging through your garbage.]

Vagans were people all along. And there's also all kind of other things happening. I still don't know what's the deal with when I fought Jiart the last time.

I knew I was going to fight Wulgaru, who are a threat to all of humanity. But... it still feels like the scope grew a lot since then.

So let's not give up now, everyone!

You guys are heroes! Whatever we face we can take it! So let's train, together! It'll be a mock battle with all our units!

[Time for the mock battle in question. Except...]

Ehh? Why not?!

[Izuru's Red Five is under lock down and he is not allowed to use it.]
[After the team returns in haste from the Cardinal Shaft, Kagura's severely damaged armor is brought hurriedly into the Graveyard installation. Kagura is a valuable asset, and panicked pilots demanding a valuable asset is repaired don't get asked as many questions - plus everyone is shook at the report of the mission that they are finally now getting, since Kagura set it up so a message would go off if she went down.

Therefore, half an hour later, the normally grim and quiet Graveyard installation is a boilerplate of activity, with everyone rushing every which way. Graveyard technicians and medics rush around while the Executors are looking somewhere between dazed and in disbelief. The thing that resurrected the PRAYERs is gone. All that is left is cleanup. It can be over. And the Major is down, so nobody is entirely sure who takes over now until Graveyard sends another officer. Her second-in-command is sort of organizing everyone now, but he seems more shocked than anything. He never liked Kagura, but well, it's Kagura - he expected to be dead before he saw her down.

In this chaos, it could be doable for concerned someones to get in and see how Kagura is doing if they're willing to be bold about it. And what such a person would find is... Kagura's huge body left listlessly against a corner, nobody paying it any mind at all. It's opened up while the hole in the gut remains, still vaguely glowing like heated metal - and instead of looking at it, technicians and medics beaver around a center table that looks very much like an operating table staffed with strange, esoteric crystal-y tools. And in a moment when a few of them move away to get some weird flask, what is on the table can be seen.

A tiny, clothesless, fairylike female figure with a semispherical lower half, and an upper half littered with scars that don't look new.

A Mistletoe.

It seems most definitely hurt, its lower half is chinked, but the technicians around it are wiping off their brows. It looks like she's out of danger for now, and resting. Kagura's armor is still laying on the corner, lifeless.

What the hell is going on?]
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1. [For those who were on 'Into the Crush' - the shuttle ride back to Sakihama wasn't exactly filled with least on Tsubasa's part. Even as you touch down, she appears to be preoccupied with her own thoughts instead of saying hello; not even sparing the other members on-base a glance. When she does speak, she gets straight to business.

Given how she was like when Kanade still was around months ago, it almost looks like she's a completely different person. Do you approach?]



"Wait. Even if it's an order, I cannot-"

[At a spot just outside the base, you catch a glimpse of the Symphogear user just as a call is ended on her. It's too late to hear what the conversation was about, but the displeasure she's expressing is clear as she lowers her phone.]


"Since that time, I've been fulfilling my duty on my own. So, why?"
[After some time to really let the weirdness of Izuru's new behavior in, Kei finally got around to talk to others who'd met him in the hospital. It was a pretty major issue, after all.]

I'm not the only one who thinks Izuru has been acting really weird since he got back, right?

He's being all...Cool.

[Mostly just for Izuru.]

[Any misgivings about out of character coolness aside, Kei is here to visit you again, Izuru. And she's brought a homemade cake!]

Hi...I just thought you might want something to eat while you get better.

[There has certainly been a lot of chaos as of late. But the brief respite that follows also comes with a video call from a familiar face.]

Ah, hello...?

...Can...anyone hear me?

[Seta waves awkwardly at the camera while you are walking by a terminal or checking your phone. She isn't alone, though - behind her are a handful of curious looking human-shaped figures, both male and female, whose real identities are betrayed by their glowing eyes staring at the lens. They say nothing, and the dim lighting in the room doesn't help much.

Still, the former UG member smiles on the screen.]

If you can see is everyone faring?

It has been weeks now...I am doing fine. And...I hope it is the same for all of you.
[Izuru woke up. His condition is declared good, he just needs a bit of rest - and he can see visitors. Anyone who does come visit will see that he's busy, as usual, drawing in his sketchbook. What did he draw is a mystery - unless you sneak a peek!]


[He puts the sketches away.]

I'm fine as you can see. Actually, I feel great! But I'm really glad you came to see me.

We did a good job out there. That's what I'd call a victory if I ever saw one.

[Doesn't he act kinda... weird though?]
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So that's what Major Ingram was up to? I never even suspected...

But in the end we still have a lot to thank him for, right? I don't think Unity Group would do as well as it did if he wasn't there to support us. Even if he had his own reasons.

Still, if he fights us again, we'll just have to beat him somehow, right? We can't let him do as he pleases.

I promised someone that I'll protect her and return safely. It happened a long time ago and I don't remember it... but she does. I'll keep that promise.

[But rather than focusing exclusively on serious things, Izuru has some other business to take care of.]

Go! Go and live once more!

[After weeks of tinkering, it's finally ready - he releases the cleaning bot that Kagura stomped on so long ago!

It moves a few feet forward before making discordant beep noises and spinning like a top.]


Is this what should be happening?

[Spin spin spin.]
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1. The battle against the Decepticons and the AEP, which doubled as the field test of Bitles, was a full success. Everybody, well done.

With the death of general Onuris, the AEP command has been thrown into disarray, and it will take a longer time until another of their leaders launches an attack. His bigotous pride lad many Gebians to their death, with himself at the end. He got what he deserved.

Three AEP generals remain: Khaldun, Sagira, and Nekhbet. And, of course, high commander Teremun above all of them...

[Hetepheres trails off during that last part. Some people might know why that is.]

2. [The Gebians are celebrating their victory by watching a movie! The ordinary ones are sitting on several sofas and chairs, passing bowls of popcorn (with weird condiments added) around and chirping to each other. Hetepheres herself is sitting on a throne-like chair, almost unmoving. She has her own popcorn bowl.

The movie itself, playing on a large screen, might be very familiar to some people.]

I presume it is not normal for Earthlings to hold a grill party in the middle of a war zone, is it?

[Eva has been released from medical care and supervision-with orders to relax, avoid stress, and most of all to not touch the Albatross. And she's still not getting her weapons back. But for the girl who's constantly exercising, practicing at the shooting range, or trying some simulator mission, the first of those orders is the most problematic.

She can be found in the hangar, wearing her usual civilian clothes-a short skirt and a chinese-looking sleeveless top. There, Eva sits across from the Albatross, 'BE THOU AFRAID' displayed in baroque letters on its forehead. She sits there, and watches, and waits.

And waits.

And waits.]

[Dated to a few weeks after "Keep Away"]

Those of the Unity Group who like to creep about the Saikhama base at night may hear faint sounds of grinding and hissing come from the main hanger deck.

Those who investigate this discover two things.

One, all the mechs that fought in the latest battle have been completely repaired. Not just the standard limb reattachment and armor replacement: they've also had new paint jobs and their scratches ground out!

Second, Dido Sybil is at the controls of a huge lathe and machining device, grinding out some kind of component from alloy stock. Sparks fly, and she gazes at her work with eyes shadowed from a grim mood and lack of sleep.



The next morning, Dido is still in the hanger, hanging from a work harness like a narcoleptic rock climber, and rocking side to side like a baby in a crib.

She snores as you approach, and has a bit of dribble on her chin.

Wake her up?


The next next morning, Dido's out at a nearby abandoned airstrip, running some wires from a strange metallic cylinder in the middle of the field to a concrete bunker.

She looks up at you. "What are you doing here? Nevermind, get in the bunker with me!" She grins. "This should be cool!"

Get in the bunker with her? Ask what the heck's going on?
1) [Right after 'The Runaway']
[Well a new machine is now sitting in the Hangars of Star Rose. Though a familiar face was soon leaving it. A very angry face at that. Peola was stomping down the gantry, tearing her helmet off and hurling it into a wall with brutal force. She was ranting and screaming angrily in a mixture of english and a language known to no human being on Earth at her current situation. Why? Well her secret was out. She was a Runaway Alien Princess with a horde of potential suitors. And now all of them were coming to Earth for her. What's more her sister somehow managed to sneak into Star Rose and was probably responsible for her Gespenst's breakdown - which was the whole reason she had to switch Regalis Filia back on in the first place.]

-Untranslatable enraged screaming- SWEAR TO GOD I'LL TEAR OFF HER ARMS AND -more untranslatable enraged screams- SMASH THEIR STUPID FACES IN -Do you actually want to know what she's saying? Its not pretty- HATE THEIR STUPID IDEAS AND HIS STUPID PLANS AND HIS STUPID NEED FOR ME TO GET MARRIED -Yeaaah best we don't know- RAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

[Aaaand Wallpunch. Do you risk turning the wrath of a furious princess at you?]

[Peola has.... relatively calmed down and is sitting in a lounge, curled up on a chair with a look that is mixed between annoyance, bitterness and resignation. She barely pays attention to the sight of a trio of people on TV trying to beat the everloving crap out of each other in front of a cheering audience.]

I know you're there...

[She sighs grumpily, she already had a long and uncomfortable talk with the commanders about a lot of things... what was one more person asking her MORE questions.]

What do you want?

[Following a recent paycheck and as a way of passing time, Kei had acquired a fairly large collection of board games, but such things obviously needs other players. As such a game night is held for the pilots and support staff of Unity Group. The venue? The only place on any of the bases suitable for a large gathering possibly sticking around until late in the night - Asagi's room. Several board games are scattered across the room, taking up both table, bed and floor space, though one table is reserved for snacks. It holds a variety of different ones, centering on a large number of Kei's strange, technicolor cakes, but also featuring more ordinary ones for those without hummingbird metabolisms or who just have a sense of taste.

So what are people playing and how many friendships are ruined by brutal backstabs or lame jokes about what to give in exchange for sheep?]

[Izuru is wandering around looking absent-minded. No, this is not because of his unit's severe damage. Or even because of what he saw during the mission.

It's because as soon as he returned home, Captain Suzukaze and Commander Simon both immediately briefed him and told him not to share this news with anyone. That the Wulgaru commander looked like a human... why keep this a mystery?

He doesn't know. And he doesn't look okay with it.]


[But Izuru's state of mind doesn't last for long.]

Do you know anything about repairing electronics? I was trying my hand at it but it's harder than I thought.

[It seems he found something to do. But what is it?]
1. [The previous mission had ended relatively well. And so, one may find Seta actively using her phone without minding her surroundings...even as she walks or eats. It seems like she's gotten a lesson on how to finally use the device from someone, for better or worse.

If a person actually manages to peek at the screen though (it's not hard at all), they'll see many out-of-focus pictures of what looks like white scales. There are more blurred images like these, including one that seems to depict a wolf-like creature tackling a serpent-thing, and a random shot of many long, black limbs...and a wine glass.

Whoever took these obviously didn't wait for the auto-focus to kick in and snapped them straight away, making it difficult to tell exactly what they are...even so...]

So, this is what it does...

On top of making calls, as well...what else is it capable of...?

...Aah...this incredible...!


2. [On a more serious note: like in Alhambra a while ago, Seta now stands facing a group of dummies out on an empty square that is located somewhere in the uninhabited parts of Sakihama City.

This time, attached to the left side of her waist by red ribbons, are a pair of curved swords. Together, a set like this is known as a daisho, and in this case, said set is comprised of a long katana and a shorter wakizashi.]


[The strange part of this is that she's been doing nothing but staring at the dummies. Her right hand rests on the longer blade's handle - there's a firm grip, but she never draws it.

Minutes and hours go by...and still, nothing happens...until she lowers her head in defeat.]

...I do not understand...I was able to draw it before. What made it so different back then...?
[Peola let out a frustrated sigh as she slumped down at the kitchen counter, hands over her head. She's had a somewhat miserable time due to reasons she would prefer not to discuss - but suffice to say Ken and Dido's ki experiments had a hand in it. Still. Nothing a small snack wouldn't fix and-]

Is that smoke?

[She turned around to see a somewhat clogged toaster literally spewing out black smog that smelled of burned... cake? Peola of course panicked, quickly rushing over to slap it on the side - causing it to fire the charred mess out with the velocity of a bullet, sending the charred mess all over the place.]

AGHK-! Damn you! At the very least that other thing is doing its job-

[This was promptly preempted by the microwave's door blasting open and splattering its contents on the far wall before it shorted out. The bluenette slowly turned to regard the disaster that was literally painting the kitchen before the sprinkler system kicked in after cutting the power to the appliances. A soggy security guard hung her head solemnly.]

[After assisting with cleanup of her mess, Peola was wallowing in the shower. Well not exactly... Somehow she managed to find a large basin, barely big enough for a person to fit in, drug it into the bathroom and was sitting uncomfortably in the steaming water with a grumpy expression as she cleaned her hair.]

Just what kind of place is this, no proper tubs... or anything...

[She grumbles to herself, continuing on to wash and scrub herself down. Odd as it was, this actually wouldn't be too bad... if this wasn't the men's shower.]

[Once again after yet another inexplicable mistake on her part Peola just crashed somewhere, picking up some reading material along the way that most likely belonged to Izuru as she lay on a chair with a mild expression on her face.]

It....blew up the moon? But that doesn't make sense... the moon is right there...

[Wait... what?]
[After returning to base following that clusterfuck in Russia, Kei hung around the hangar for a bit. She'd found a quiet corner amidst all the technicians running around to attend to the returning mecha and their need for maintenance. Leaning against the wall with her helmet next to her, she was drinking something from one of those foil packs astronauts take their meals in.]

That was so messed up...

[She didn't really speak to anybody, but in a busy hangar you might very well have heard her anyway.]
General Hetepheres... she actually killed her own...

[Flit's seen some ugly shit ever since the incident at Nora.  But filicide is in a league all of its own and Flit can't even begin to imagine a situation where his mother -bless her heart- would have to kill him.  Or he in turn have to fight and possibly even kill a child or grandchild.]

Those... are the kind of hard choices you have to make if you want to save people, aren't they?
1. (Semi-locked, permissions only)
Length cut )


2. (Open - takes place after returning to base.)

[Despite the relative success of the mission, the Zhar Battalion surviving and all, something still troubles Seta. She's been trying to cheer herself up by watching a children's show starring an indescribable, silly-looking creature.

She knows she still owes Kei an explanation, at least. But at the same time, she's just as confused about what is really going on. There was no opportunity to ask Astara either...]

...Just...what are you up to...?
Well, that's that!

[Ashe and her friends have hauled the captured Raiders temporarily into the cells at Alhambra base, with the permission of Unity command, until they know what to do with them, since there were rather more than expected. And as she comes up from the cells, she dusts off her hands and grins]

Now for introductions and stuff. So, hey everyone, I'm Ashe. I'm a Hunter for the Legion. Thanks for the assist before - that could have got a bit hairy. [What, does she mean it didn't?]

We'll be with you a few days while we get word on where these guys we captured should go. Don't worry, we won't be a bother, right guys?

Oh, and on the Biometal thing - I know you're probably curious, but I honestly have no idea what happened there, either. Sorry! Model A apparently also doesn't - he says he can't remember much except that he really doesn't want that Prometheus guy to get his hands on him.
He says he's sorry about that.

So, anyway, nice to meet you all! See you around!

[If you want to find her to talk to her, though, she'll be really easy to find around the base and the hangar, since she and her friends were allowed to bring in their ship for a checkup]
After the battle in Paradigm City, the Sol Machine known as ShelLancer trudges it's way back into the hanger bay, docks in a gantry, and powers down

A weary figure in mechanic's overalls clambers out of the cockpit, and after a bit of flailing, descends on one of the cherry picker platforms.

"What the heck was I thinking?" Dido groans, slumping down onto a bench. "I panicked, made stupid calls. And that Decepticon leader thinks I'm a turtle ninja transformer now...!"

She smiles. "...but Hot Damn, I saved some lives out there! Not bad, Dido. Not bad at–"

She looks up at ShelLancer...and finally notices the major damage it's taken: melted armor, broken off spikes, and an endless amount of scratches and dents. All of which needs to be fixed.

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1. Greetings. My name is Roger Smith, I am Paradigm City's top negotiator. Thanks for your assistance out there; I'm glad to see miss Ohara is alright now.

I should offer a short explanation. Paradigm is the city of lost memories; all of its citizens suffered from complete amnesia in a mysterious event 40 years ago. Since then, we had no contact with the outside world, and weren't even aware civilization exists out there; seems that this lack of knowledge turned out to be mutual.

I was hired to help with the talks regarding establishing relations between Paradigm and ESUN, so for the time being I can offer you my assistance - as negotiator, and Megadeus pilot. A TSEN is being set up as we speak, and you will be able to visit Paradigm soon if you want to. Just remember to stick to these rules:
- Do not draw attention to the fact that you're from the outside world.
- Keep the identity of Big O's pilot a secret.
- You can stay as a guest at my home for any time, but unless you're lovely young woman you have to let me know in advance. Also, wear all black; it is one of my house rules.

I think that's all. If you have questions, I should be around to answer. I heard you've been through hard times lately, Unity Group; perhaps by cooperating we can make it a bit better.
[The above is a message, but Roger can be easily accessed either through the comm system or in person.]

2. [Roger is walking around the bases, getting familiar with their layouts and various objects inside. Considering the technology level is vastly different from Paradigm's, it means a lot of things attract his attention! Not just super high-tech stuff, but even things like computers or color TV. Strangely enough, he barely blinks an eye at the hangar full of mecha.]

Well, that's interesting...

[What is it that attracted his attention?]


Garrod has been pacing the hangar back and forth, more or less in front of the GX. He does seem to have something on his mind, and his gestures are as if he's really fretting over something, but what might it be... You'll have to ask.

Sometimes later Garrod is seen with Tiffa, making way with her to the hangar. And within minutes after, the two of them load up into the Gundam and prepare to take off!

He's... coming back, right?
[Over the days following the last mission to La Gias, Kei took an unusual interest in things like news reports, information coming in from the various groups sponsoring Unity Group and similar. More specifically she was looking into any reports about whether the two surviving Glory Stars had been found.]


Who was that man? Dr. Shirakawa seems to have had contact with him in the past, but he's not here now...Maybe there'd be notes at his hideout?
[Nothing went right during the latest mission in La Gias. Denzel is dead. Setsuko, Toby, and the people they were sent to rescue have disappeared to some place unknown. Blue One took a crapload of damage, but that's the least of Asagi's worries right now. He stumbles towards a sitting area, slumps down on a chair, takes a stomach pill and lays his head on the table. Then, he slams his fist on it. The table, not his head.]

...It wasn't supposed to go like this.

[After Mars, Peola can be found in the hangar at Star Rose, seated close by her Gespenst and looking half asleep as she lazily drank the contents of a small nondescript carton of fruit juice. The mood was still tense practically everywhere, even after managing to save everyone. People don't simply forget friends and several hundred civilians dying so easily.]

[She paused a moment and moved her free hand in front of her, stretching it slowly before pulling her lips away from the straw with a sigh.]

I really hope today means everything is going to get better...

[Still, when a perfectly average security guard does that well on the field... its a good sign yes? She waves lazily for some reason.]

You need something?

[Wait... was she talking to you?]


[Peola's at a gym somewhere. Alhambra, Star Rose, The Macross, Sakihama... it doesn't really matter. Either way when you see her, she's training pretty hard as a barrage of strikes filled the air and battered the everloving hell out of the poor training dummy that was set up.]


[You can see that she's been at this for quite a while. However it seems that there's something else in the way she moves. While she was indeed pushing herself to her limits, the look in her eyes betrayed a sense of exuberance. Part of why she was training so hard wasn't just to get stronger, but simply because she enjoyed it - all but immersing herself into the flow of punches and kicks.]

[She hasn't noticed you yet, a change of pace from her regular schtick.]

Miss Kanade?

Mr Yancy... and Raleigh, too?

[It doesn't take long for someone to break news to Izuru. The young pilot just stands there, in shock.]

I wasn't even there. I wanted to go to the concert, but...

Why did it happen?

[Some wannabe heroes try to act tough. Izuru is not one of them, at least not now. Tears start to well in his eyes.]