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[The Second Division located Fine's homebase - a luxurious cliffside mansion. But something's wrong... the whole place is strewn with unidentified assassin-looking men in black, dead. Whatever dark deeds transpired here went really wrong.

Also someone else is there.]

It... wasn't me! I just came here!

"I believe that. I know what you're capable of and who you are, Yukine Chris-kun."

[Further conversation is interrupted - Fine left a small surprise for interlopers in the form of an explosive! But as the dust settles, no one is harmed: Genjurou holding up a piece of rubble from falling, shielding both himself, and Chris.]

Kinda cutscene-y part )

[2 - a little later]

[Chris is standing nervously in Sakihama - a place not too long ago she considered belonging to an enemy.]

"Alright! Everyone say hello to Yukine Chris. A lot of things happened and Chris-kun made a choice to become a probationary member of the Second Division as a Relic User, with all what entails - including helping Unity Group. She promised to behave and work hard so count on her, alright? Why not introduce yourself?"

... You guys better be as well-intentioned as you say you are! If you turn out to be shady I'm bringing you down myself, got it?

"Ha ha ha! Talk about a first impression."

And... thanks for saving the world from being destroyed by a madman, I guess...

[If you ask Chris about Fine...]

Fine's a really special person. She's the one who gave me Nehushtan and the Solomon's Cane. She said she needed me to create a new world. A world without war or conflict, a world where everyone is safe and even cursed people like me have a place to belong to. She wanted to awaken something called "Kadingir". With Kadingir's help, she could do it.

'Course, now I know at least half of what she said was bullshit to manipulate me, but...

"Tsubasa-chan - so in the end you really did sing it. Knowing well what happened to Kanade, and what could happen to you."

Tsubasa was hauled off, in dire need of emergency medical care - alive, if barely. Such is the price you have to pay for singing the Swan Song, and in the end she was still lucky.

Now Ryoko is using a window to look over the Relic user - who is lying down in another room unconscious, connected to all kinds of life support systems.



Commander Kazanari looks serious. But there is nothing more he can do for Tsubasa at the moment, and there are other matters at hand too.

"So this is the identity of the girl who wore Nehushtan, huh."

He looks at the screen - and his brow furrows further.

"Chris Yukine. One of the potential Relic users. When her parents died in South America, she was abducted by a gang and forced into child labor. The Division managed to rescue her - but she disappeared mysteriously two years ago."

"And now she appears again. Her actions, and what happened to her... as an adult, all of it is my fault."
Late at night, Noise were spotted by a highway near the Lydian Academy city. The Second Section did not inform Unity Group - UG had its own problems and was best left alone for the moment, and besides the attack was small. Small enough that the Section could easily handle it all by itself.

Which is why the sole group of fluorescent creatures is met by only a single warrior...

(Locked to Tsubasa only - or is it?)
"Where we're going is no place for smiles", a certain sword said as the lift with Tsubasa, Hibiki and whomever else came to pay a visit descended. It went its way through an ominously long shaft, the sides of it seeming strange somehow... glyphs? Parts of an ancient tower? A strange design decision.

Either way, the lift arrives at 2nd Section headquarters. What awaits you now?


A happy welcoming party, apparently. Commander Genjurou approaches everyone to the sound of party poppers. There are even snacks!

"Tachibana Hibiki, welcome to the renovated headquarters of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps. And the same to you, members of Unity Group! I don't think you had a chance to visit yet? You really saved us out there, not to mention the city!."

"So... this is the girl who awakened Gungnir? How fascinating! What secrets lie in that body of yours?"

Who knew the renovated 2nd Section HQ is located under the Lydian Music Academy? Either way, you have an option to talk to either the commander, the chief researcher... or just enjoy yourself. It is a welcoming party after all, and everyone is invited.
Look, it's the beefy commander of the 2nd Section - the Symphogear people, in other words.

"Greetings, everyone in Unity Group. Working hard? I know times were tough recently so the timing may not be the best, but here we go:"

"Kanade and Tsubasa are having a huge concert really soon, biggest one in Zwei Wing career yet." He reveals a string of tickets that he's been carrying.
"These are for the VIP section, and everyone in Unity Group is invited. We'll be honored to have you there. Maybe you'll be able to forget about worries of the world for just a bit, and fortify yourself for further challenges that lie ahead."

"There's one more thing..."
His face takes on a more serious expression.
"The concert's phonic gain will allow the Section to perform a relic activation experiment. It's all secret and the activation does not draw in Noise or any other nasty creatures - and if we succeed, we might end up with a third Symphogear user to help you. Still, best to have some kind of support in case someone decides to interfere. Good luck."