[After the battle at Anchorage, one has to wonder what happened to Gipsy Danger. MIA and falling off the radar after the Plasma Blast into Knifehead. Well... somewhere further up the coast, a massive behemoth of sheared and torn metal trudged onto the snowy, frosty beach with debris crashing to the ground with every step. A low groaning, shrieking noise filling the air as it just couldn't keep going and plummeted to earth with a tooth rattling crash. A fallen giant in every way. A figure stumbled from the ruined Conn-pod. Unsteady on his feet and nearly falling multiple times. Several injuries were revealed from the damaged sections of his suit, his eyes, clearly visible from the broken helmet betraying shell-shock like you wouldn't believe as he staggered about as if searching...]

Yancy?! YANCY!!!

[He didn't want to believe... he saw it happen of course... he saw his brother get pulled away and die. Both with his own eyes and Yancy's. But denial was a powerful thing, especially coupled with immense stress, mental fatigue and blood loss. He crashed into the ground like his Jaeger, struggling to force himself back to his feet... he had to keep looking... but everything was getting so blurry. He could barely even register what was happening around him, let alone the cold.]


(OoC: Because I am a terrible terrible person, I needed to do this scene in a post. Feel free to have someone pick Raleigh up. Note that the timeline for this is both after Anchorage as well as the Symphogear mission.)

Miss Kanade?

Mr Yancy... and Raleigh, too?

[It doesn't take long for someone to break news to Izuru. The young pilot just stands there, in shock.]

I wasn't even there. I wanted to go to the concert, but...

Why did it happen?

[Some wannabe heroes try to act tough. Izuru is not one of them, at least not now. Tears start to well in his eyes.]

[Ever since Ken got back to base after Sol Saviour's first combination, all anyone might have seen of him in the time since is, well...]


[Him taking his training regimen to new, absurd levels. He didn't go anywhere without weights the lengths of his forelimbs. Several push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and whatever else he could think of were made before and after he entered every room. And that little gym he made for himself in the 'fake' city which covers the entrance of the base? Yeah, that's getting some real usage as he punches pretty much everything he can. Interrupt...?]


[Or do you want to try approaching him when he's in his room instead? Removing the weights as he readies for bed, Ken cringes several times over as he moves his hands over bruises, before returning to a default, sullen mood.]

...Who's there?
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[Due to an increasing number of mixed operations (and in part to satisfy general pilot curiosity) the TSF detachment has scheduled a training event for other UG personnel to familiarize themselves with TSF piloting at their own pace. Unable to provide the full simulator support onsite at a UG location the event is scheduled to take place at the Yokohama training base.

The day is split between use of the simulators in the morning to instill the basics and more advanced maneuvers in the Fubuki training TSFs using a modified dual seat cockpit allowing members of the Argos flight to take control in case of emergency.]

[2] - Semi-locked to Raquel

[Tarisa is suited up in her TSF suit minus the HUD interface waiting for Raquel to meet for the arranged spar the two had decided upon after discussing her last run in with the Shura. Looking up as the door opens the look of excitement and anticipation on her face is obvious.]

Certainly took long enough for our schedules to match up for this, wouldn't you agree?
[The battle against the NUNE wound up spiraling into other things... which entailed the first formation of Solaris's newest, strongest combiner: SolSavior.  The same machine now returning to the Sakihama Base, triumphant after kicking serious ass.  Reason to celebrate?  Not this time.]

Sara... you...

... Don't be dead out there.  Please don't be dead!  You... we're... the Savior team... and if you're gone then nothing will...

[Yeah, she's been like this ever since the first battle with a new threat -the Indalph- ended.  The Director's granddaughter -her best friend no less- missing and possibly held prisoner, though most likely dead.]

Dido... I'm sorry.  Putting you in danger like that, ordering you to launch with Sara's machine... that's not what you signed up for.

This isn't anything like I thought would...

"May I have everyone's attention? Members of Unity Group, we noticed that you've been working very hard lately but also some of our people were pretty stressed out. Resting is a part of your duties too, so I have talked to a few people in charge from other organisations and, long story short, you have a short vacation in a tropical resort."

"Please enjoy it."

"I'll be there too!"

[1 - mingle thread]
As commander Antov just said, you have a two day vacation to enjoy. Beach, ocean, beautiful weather - it's all there just for you!

Unity Group is not the only organisation making use of the resort. You may be able to find interesting individuals from other groups lurking about... or maybe just swimsuit-clad bodies to ogle. If that's your thing you pervert.

All general vacation shenanigans go here.

[2 - for Yuuya]
Read more... )

[3 - for Izuru]
Read more... )

It seems the trip was not without incident. Several participants of the boat rowing contest are missing and the weather is getting worse. It's time to organize an in-mecha search party before they are caught in the rain for days and starve or something.

Also, someone threw Izuru into deep waters and he's not too good of a swimmer. Someone should probably rescue him.
[Virgola unit 3 was wrecked. Then it was repaired... and wrecked again, along with Setsuko's self-esteem.

At this rate, the mobile suit will never regain full functionality. The damage is just too severe.]

I really am a failure... even after all that happened, it's as if I learnt nothing.

Who thought it was a good idea to give a newbie position in the Glory Stars test team? Maybe I should just... go home...

[The pilot can be found moping not too far away from the hangar. It's like if Setsuko was reluctant to leave her own unit's field of vision.]
[Another foray into La Gias... and a bit of a close call, but Selena wasn't one to let that bother her when everyone got out and the mission was a success.  Albhard was pretty damn happy about finally getting a Grungust.  But Selena on the other hand is concerned about the information found on the Wildschwein...]

... "Megillot", "Zechariah", "Ezekiel", and "Vayyikra"...

All Jewish names and terms.  Perhaps the Aerogators visited the ancient Middle East, similar to how the Gebians went to Egypt?  Or maybe it could be purely coincidental?  Unfortunately, all we can do at this point in time is make guesses.

Make guesses about why those names are what they are... and why someone in the ESUN inexplicably had them in the first place.  And for that matter why bother compiling all that information and then losing it... and losing it to a faction that -if not for our buisiness with Shu- we'd never know they had?

This doesn't smell right.  One reason or another, someone's hiding something.  Maybe they're connected with those Sterben-users that the Unity Group people ran into before they first were transported to La Gias, maybe not.

[She laughs once... hand on Elma's head.  Oh dear, there's that dent where she kicked him earlier.]

I guess you're right.  All we can do is make guesses.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Edited this a bit because of misreading a few details in the mission's debrief.  tl; dr, the information about the Aerogators was simply with everything else and not on the Wildschwein specifically.)


[Very shortly after the previous battle there seems to be another silver-haired girl wandering around Alhambra Base. In her hand is a small map with what seems to be directions to the base. The expression on her face seems to indicate that she's annoyed with something.]

First those darned guards wouldn't let me in, and now I can't even find her anywhere!

...Maybe I should have told her I was coming first.


[A bit later the same girl can be found in front of a vending machine with her fist shaking in anger. One of the bottles seems to have gotten jammed. ]

Why you...

[She seems to resign in defeat for a moment before glancing around carefully. Once she assumes that no one else is around she lifts the large machine over her head like it was a toy and starts shaking the machine wildly. Eventually the bottle of tea finally emerges from the machine and she sets the machine back down calmly.]

Haha victory is mine!

[3] [Locked to ???]

[A long day of wandering later, the girl has collapsed outside Alhambra in failure.]

Wheeerrrrrreeee are yooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!?

[She sounds utterly defeated.]
[1] [After the latest battle, Hetepheres watches as her insectoid underlings are taking care of Scaraber. The core unit wasn't hit too badly, but the Scarab Frame lost its two additional arms and will need them fixed. She's also checking the post-battle report on a tablet.]

That was the first time I have seen Aerogaters use humanoid machines. Curious... And it still leaves as many questions about their nature as before, if not more. Fortunately, thanks to the Knights' help and early evacuation, the number of casualties was minimized, possibly even completely reduced to nothing.

All circumstances considered, that was a good battle.

[2 - announcement]
It is time for me to reaveal the Pro-Earthling Party's plan. Listen well.

Many members of the High Council are still undecided about whether our races should fight, or cooperate. During the Grand Vote, the fate of the whole Gebian species shall be decided. At that time, we must be absolutely certain that the majority of the council members will support the Pro-Earthling Party. And we shall earn their support by showing them the amazing advances of Earth's civilizations!

Our Minister of Health, Acenith, will pay a visit to Earth in around 2 weeks. She is obsessed with sports - not professional ones, but amateur sports, as a way to spread healthy living and spirit of competition and cooperation among the people. To show her that the spirit of sportsmanship is strong within Earthlings, we shall organize games for her to watch. And I ask you to be the participants.

Skills do not matter - it is not about ability, but healthy enthusiasm! The Ministry of Health is influential - show your spirit to Acenith, and many other council members, not just her, will support cooperation! Take your time to prepare, and think what disciplines you would like to perform. I shall not force anyone to participate; but the bigger the games are, the better our chances of success.
(Set just after Fire On the Mountain, forgive the delay life has been pretty hectic for me as of late.)

Raquel was back at base in one of the lounges and looking down, there was something strange about the encounter with the Shura, as much as she wanted to punch the Deception with the nails on chalkboard voice? This had got her attention. Who the hell were they? No she knew they were Shura, she had some idea about the race. She'd met one of them before but why were more of them here? They said they were looking for someone.

What's more they were looking for a machine as well form the sounds of it and the one she fought knew her style to the point he had counters for the majority of her attacks what the hell was going on here? She hugged her knees some more just trying to sort out her thoughts for once she was not bundle energy or even confidence like she seems to be normally.

[Izuru will approach everyone he considers a part of "his" team - read, anyone he has even the briefest positive CR with.]

Mr Randy left me something to watch with my friends. Let's do it together, alright?

[Location: Asagi's room. Time to watch the data disc Izuru got from Team Doberman's leader!]

The predictable reveal )
[When Leos was brought back to the Star Rose after the failed attack on the Wulgaru... the state of the Huckebein he came back in was... phenomenal to say the least. Practically EVERYTHING was destroyed except for the cockpit block. EVERYTHING. It lost all its limbs, thrusters, its communications systems were fried, its controls busted, monitors either fallen apart or shorted out, its OS was completely fragged and the oxygen tank died the moment it got back.]

[But what's more he was piloting when he should have been in the off duty roster due to his issues! He hadn't even went for his first meeting with his therapist yet! What does he have to say?]

I'm sorrryyyyy! Its just that this Admiral guy wanted me to turn up... I don't know why but he said if I could make everything look good...

[Wait... was Leos only there because of just how crap a pilot he was? Was it to boost morale that even raw rookies like him would be able to take on the Wulgaru... or was it to make Team Rabbits look better? Either way though.... we all know the results.]

I know I shouldn't have been out there... but I really wanted to help! I won't let anyone talk me into something like this again! I promise!

[He ducks his head, looking painfully apologetic.]
[Psychologists on location? Good! Izuru visited a counselor a day or two ago, just once, to see how it's like. What results did the visit bring?]

[It's early morning and someone is knocking to your door. It's the Team Rabbits leader, ready to barge into the room - if you let him.]

Hey! I know it's sudden, but would you like to participate in a team-building exercise?

It will be fun, I promise!
[1 - Locked to Kaname.]

[So, the last few weeks have proved... interesting, for the Unity Group's would be ninja. He got his new unit, and since then twice helped to thwart the bad guys... but at the same time, there's been failure, near-casualties, and even more mystery as enemies pop out of the woodwork. A whole lot of stuff that could lead to a whole lot of stress...

Thankfully, he had arranged for a potential release, with the help of one Kaname Chidori.


Hit me.

[Specifically, black jack. Poker was on the proverbial table for later - for now, they were just experimenting. Right now, as he looked at his cards, he was making a terrible bet...
Trying to go for 21, when he was already on 18.]


[And of course, as the game goes on, perhaps you pass by Ken's room on the base - and find yourself curious as to what's going on inside?]
1) [Optimus]

[The Leader of the Autobots had recently returned, and not for the better. The contents of his trailer were testament to that. Ratchet was in critical condition - several sections of his body literally blown out by shots from Starscream. And it wasn't just that...]

I apologize for not preparing any of you for the appearance of the Constructicons or the Triple Changers. While it was fortunate that we were able to stop them before they could go on a rampage... the threat may be even greater if Megatron has had the other combiner groups arrive on Earth.

[Wait. OTHER groups?! There was more than just those guys?!]

There is... a lot you may need to ask me after this battle. And I am willing to answer as much as I can to ensure we are prepared for our next battle.

2) [Ratchet & Wheeljack]

[For those of you who want to visit the downed Autobot... well... its a mess. A lot of his body was actually opened up, revealing the intricate workings of the machinery within... and there was a lot busted. Damaged plating and wrecked parts were scattered across the ground and there were a LOT of cables snaking into the wounds and other areas. As he happened to BE this team's medic, one of the other Autobots from another group had came by temporarily to assist the technician teams to stabilize Ratchet and handle the more difficult and tremendously finicky of procedures so he could be left in their care. A low and rasping crackle echoed through the air as the distinct mechanical keening of Cybertronian rang through the hangar.]

Ratchet! Buddy! Take it easy! You're safe... we're getting you fixed up alright? You're good... First Aid was just here, he helped the mechanics get everything sorted out... you remember First Aid right? Hot Spot's crew? The Protectobots?

[This earned more cybertronian and a pointed look at the inventor.]

Yeah yeah, silly me. I forgot you picked him out as your protege. Course you know him...

[Coughing, gears grinding.]

Just so we're clear. If something happens... He gets my job as Chief Medic, and you're sending my hands to Whirl. Got it?

But nothing's going to happen! You're fine, heck maybe aside from getting some off time you'll be good to go again! Besides, you really wouldn't want your replacement to have to spend his time dealing with me right? His processor would crash in weeks!

[Wheeljack laughs anxiously, despite not having a mouth at all - he was worried to all hell and blaming himself a little for Ratchet's injuries, holding onto the Medic's hand.]

Primus no. It'd be DAYS rather than weeks. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even the Decepticons.

[Ratchet laughs a little, it kind of hurts though.]

I'm just glad you got it right. I'd feel embarrassed if something blew up after I took that hit for you.

[The two share a chuckle before they notice you.]

Oh hey, you got visitors! You want me to show myself out or....

1 - [Alhambra, inside]

Read more... )

2 - [Alhambra, outside fields]

Read more... )

3 - [Only for those who are going to come argue with the brass about things like Leos. That means, Leos, anyone except you :P.]

Read more... )
[Setsuko has something important to tell everyone, or at least people who know who she is and are willing to listen. It's not a broadcast, it's told in person.]

This... this has waited long enough.

The Meganoid trap made me realize that I cannot run away from it. I have to face the truth, and a part of that is telling others.

So, you see:

Those events when I, well, teleported, were not just a one time thing. On the Meganoid ship, it almost happened again. And before that... when I was very young, my family was killed. I should have been with my parents, but I wasn't. I woke up in an orphanage, in safety, a long distance away.

I think that whenever my life is really endangered, something whisks me away to safety. And that sounds like a really good ability, but... I do not know why it happens. I should be a normal everyday person, but I'm not. And this power affects others too, as the La Gias incident proved.

So I'm afraid. Afraid that if I continue piloting, one day I will throw my friends into vacuum or another universe or something. By saving myself, I will doom everyone else, without meaning to or even being able to control it.

I... just needed to get it off my chest. My apologies if this causes you to stop trusting me.
[As Willis walks up and about, resuming his usual behavior, the other person who made a miraculous recovery is quietly sipping tea.
...Oh, she had a bit of squirming metal stabbed straight through her ankle, and somehow teleported twice during the battle. Nothing, really.]

Well Mistress, I would say that went well. No-one seems to have noticed your...indiscretion.

Y-yes, indeed...nobody at all...

...You can't seriously be upset...

But I tried so hard! I even let some of my many secrets slip, and dropped hints about my dark and mysterious past!
...I'm never going to be cool...

[She continues sobbing quietly into the tea.]

[During the last mission Strahlend was torn apart, impaled by the claw of a dragon, struck by lightning and crushed into scrap. Despite the damage, the machine somehow returned to the hangar of Alhambra Base in working condition. The medical crews practically leaped onto the machine after it landed. Forcing Willis onto a stretcher and bringing him into the infirmary immediately.

Anyone who visits after the medical team finally finished looking at him would find Willis working at yet another mountain of plates with a single fork in his right hand. The extent of his injuries can be seen on the convenient X-Rays scans posted nearby. Both his legs and left arm were completely crushed and most of his ribs were cracked.  In fact, he hasn't even been bandaged up. Apparently he told the medical staff that it would be a waste. The only thing he requested was a large meal. From the large hole in the right side of his undershirt it's easy to tell that the dragon also got a bit of him when it impaled the machine.  The fact that he was even conscious made no sense.]

[2] [Exactly one day later]

[Willis is up and about, walking around the base like the previous day never happened. The man had somehow healed up from his injuries bizarrely fast. Considering that his legs were just a mangled mess the previous day, it's a rather miraculous recovery. ]


[It's late at night and Willis seems to be watching the footage from the later part of the fight with the Kijin and AEG. When the strange crystalline machines show up on the screen Willis' expression noticeably changes into one that can only be described as pure hate.]

They really do act just like...

[Willis manages to catch himself and shakes his head in order to keep himself from thinking about his past.]
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([personal profile] ugyuuya May. 23rd, 2014 01:29 pm)

[Yuuya stands beside his unit leaning against the rail and looking up at it with a different expression.]

"Well then 94 Second, it looks like we both got jerked around by two countries but we can show them we've got more to prove than they ever expected of us. I think I finally got to grasp what it'll take to pilot you successfully."


[The Argos flight is leaving a debriefing from the last mission. Tarisa is still spitting fire and VG is placating her in his own style. Yuuya seems more pensive than normal but in a good mood however Stella seems to be just off of normal, almost like she was in part forcing herself.]


[In a more isolated runway on Alhambra you might catch a Yellow unit made infamous from the training exercise and a pilot in a similarly colored TSF piloting suit. She is looking out at the setting sun and a pocket watch she is holding in her hand. She appears to be thinking about something and will not immediately notice your approach.]

[In one of the smaller lesser used workout rooms Yuuya is busy working over a heavy bag with a particular fervor.]

I try to point out the flaws in her logic to help her and she turns it back to an attack on me. Just like Yui, her little flunky Ken, and half the goddamned Japanese personnel here. Support crew talking like they think I can't understand while Yui's got me on her damned leash and not saying word one to them about it.

[He proceeds to move from the bag to free-weights.]

So what if I don't match their little happy world views and want to keep grounded in a realistic frame of mind. That's a "poisonous" attitude? I guess that's what my grandfather meant about being underhanded and untrustworthy with their attacks. So what if Volya was "saved" from his attackers and given a healthy place to finish growing up in. In the end he's going to have to stand up and fix things himself like every kid who's stuck in a poor situation. Not like he has to worry about a loveless family being the only thing outside of military service that he'd have to return to and at least he seems to remember more than one member of his family fondly. People are willing to support and help him not worry about a superior who makes inordinate demands and then quotes pretty little "proverbs" instead of actually useful advice.

[Yuuya pauses momentarily as he sets his weights down on a bench his breath ragged due to the length and intensity of his workout. He looks up into the mirror and glares as he tried ]

And worst of all is this damned appearance. I've shed tears and blood for the American forces, pushed myself to live up to their standards and expectations but to everyone else I'm Japanese. The Russians with their damned interrogators, Yui and her opinion of how disgraceful I am, Ken and his stupid "Japanese Pride" and Mizuki with her stupid maybe the Japanese person most in need of getting chewed out by you is the one waiting for you in the mirror

"I'm American god damn it! Stop holding me to the stupid standards of a country and father that I never knew you bastards!"

[With the last audible outburst Yuuya threw the weight into the mirrored wall, turned to deliver a kick to the sand bag that manages to add just enough momentum to it's swinging that knocks the stand off balance and tumbling into another rack of free weights. Turning on his heel he begins to leave, a look of frustration and anger on his face that is tinged by something else underneath.]


[Entering the workout room you see broken glass and spilled equipment. One of the Maintenance staff for the TSF teams is just beginning to clean up and you can hear him speak with a resigned sigh.]

"Damn it Yuuya, I thought you were past this type of shit. Guess someone managed to finally get to him again, haven't seen him do this since Leon started shit after his mother's death. I wish he'd at least have the decency to do these rages where it wasn't so heavy to fix things."

[3 -Locked to Mizuki]

[Mizuki is disturbed in her office by Vincent entering and closing the door behind him.]

So for someone so concerned about Volya and being a great savior you managed to turn someone who was trying to offer some reasonable advice in a rather sanctimonious way into quite the little ball of anger and self-loathing.

I know what he said wasn't the best phrased and playing devil's advocate with a human life is in poor form but really how many of his concerns were at least valid on some level. So I'm not going to be upset about you dismantling his arguments and calling him on his hypocrisy.

What I am upset about is that after our discussion where I came to you on behalf of Ken and the efforts of myself and Lt. Takamura to keep an official reprimand from falling on his record and you took that warning that his heritage is a sore point and purposely attacked it. Yes he's been an asshole and yes his fight with Ken was stupid but taking that kind of attack when you knew how it would hit him was unnecessarily cruel.

I had at some point hoped that you're history and being accepted into the Japanese culture could help him which is why I sought you out after the fight to talk. Now I'm just disappointed and more than anything would like to know why you'd have done that to him.
There's a unit waiting in Sakihama Base's hangars. The Wildschwein is not a new addition to Unity Group. It belongs to a guest, a very important guest.

The guest in question is Major Ingram Plisken, one of Divine Wars veterans and a former Steel Dragon Battle Group commander.

NPC dialogue )

Have you a question to the Major while he's still around Unity Group?

[When the DuskBird returns to Sakihama Base and is dispelled back into Mizuki's shadow, the woman's limping and wincing.  And also in strange, regal apparel.  Black silks with gold embroidery, necklaces, a sash... lots of fancy stuff she didn't go out in.  And Sara's standing there, looking shocked and running to her friend's side.]

Mizuki...!  My god, with what happened out there.  You and Ken and... and everyone!  Don't... scare me like that!  Please!

I'm fine, I'm fine... just got a little taste of what some of my predecessors had to deal with.  And believe me... I'm glad to see a Sara who ISN'T trying to kill me.

[So have a friendly hug... just a noisy one because, again, all that jewelry.]


[Some time later though...]


So... I was thinking...

... How do people feel about the word "Savior"?  Like the "Savior Team"... or "SolSavior".


[So, yesterday's mission went comparatively well. As such, one might think that after holding off near-singlehandedly a mechanical Cthulhu the size of a building, Kagura might be celebrating. You'd think wrong.

If you want to find her to ask her something, you'll probably find her in a very out of the way office at Alhambra, with a cable connected from her form to a computer, filling out the paperwork and debriefings like a prim and proper officer should. Unity Group may be mostly comprised of lawless mavericks, but some people still hold to regulations. She's still pretty scratched from the mission, but she can get her repairs later. Nothing vital was hit, anyway. Also, if you are very observant, you might notice the names of some of the people in yesterday's mission in the scrolling forms.

If you want to bother her, though, this is probably the best time, insofar as there is any good time to bother the grumpy Major]


[A bit later, you might find her talking on the comm in an empty room. The other side of the comm can't be heard, but deducing the gist of the contents from Kagura's reactions from the moment you're in earshot is not really very hard]

[Pause as the other side talks]
[Short pause]
[Very long pause, probably an explanation]
[Short pause]

[And with that, she cuts the communication channel, before grumbling to herself]

[The moment Leos was dragged back to base it was clear things were going to be pretty bad. Why? Because his handler was chewing him out royally right there in the hangar.]


Pale Rider is being put into repairs again Leos, and not only that your actions are having PROGTECH question your competence. They are planning to drop your sponsorship altogether because of your childish, undisciplined and impulsive behavior-

He was there Lana! Hustler One... Nineball... He was there! I had to-

[This was punctuated by a tremendously hard slap that sent Leos to the ground with a cry. That definitely left a mark, and that whimper he let out was more along the lines of a kicked puppy than the wild, anger driven animal that had been out in the field. Lana didn't even raise her voice as she proceeded to tear into him like a frigid wind with a side order of ice cold rain.]

Cause irreparable damage to several of Pale Rider's systems for the sake of revenge. Revenge I may add that you aren't even prepared to take because of how under-trained, inexperienced and ill equipped you are. Not to mention your immaturity and utter lack of ability to maintain focus on a designated objective.

You. are. pathetic. I'm locking down the Pale Rider after its repairs are complete and speaking to PROGTECH about suspending your access to the Arena for the time being. Until you can actually learn to grow up as well as use a machine without completely destroying it, don't you dare so much as even get five feet of that Armored Core.

[Lana does a precise turn without even looking back at Leos, who looked up at her with a piteous expression on his face.]

Lana... Lana wait...'m sorry... please don't go... don't be mad... please..?

[No dice, she just walks out the closest exit, leaving Leos to slump to the ground.]

[Do you go after Lana? Or Stick with Leos?]

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[Yuuya stands in his regular uniform on the catwalk looking up at the Shiranui Second with a troubled look on his face. It seems something has him displeased and he's come here to try to puzzle it out.]

It bothers you doesn't it, your low scores on the test missions? [Vincent gives a slight wave as Yuuya is shaken from his reverie.]

I'll be the first to vouch that you're a top-class pilot in an American TSF but if tuned and built the Shiranui Second like that then the Japanese pilots would be having the same problem you are.

American TSFs are built to be straightforward, you tell it to go here and the machine does it, direct action to reaction. A Japanese pilot will use the shape of the frame to his advantage, let the angle of the sensor mast make small course corrections or use the knife sheathe to generate lift and turn a horizontal cut into a diagonal slash.

So that's what she meant by "A horse and it's rider are one". Stupid way to go about saying that.

Oh and might that she be Lt. Takamura? You know if you're so interested in getting to know how to "ride" the Shiranui Second maybe you ought to try your luck with her.

[The venom in Yuuya's comeback leaves most of the hanger staff confused but the ones close enough to have overheard are seen trying to stifle or hide laughter.]

All right, all right, I'm sorry, bad joke. But it's probably time that you opened up your eyes a bit more my friend. Yui and Ken aren't all that different from you, what does that mean for the others?

[With that parting shot Vincent leaves and a particularly pensive Yuuya stands looking up at the unit in front of him.]

Those who stop by the Sakihama Base's main hanger bay may notice a new addition to the mecha menagerie, techs repairing minor damage to it's back and right arm.

You may recognize the mecha in question– from the news, by reputation, or from your model kits: the Kaiju-slaying Jaeger, Gispy Danger!


At the base of the Mark III Jaeger, while welding sparks rain down over their heads, two brothers in matching bomber jackets clink their bottles of beer together.

Yancy Beckett looks up as you approach, and fishes out another bottle from the cooler. "Hey there! We were just celebrating our fifth battle; care to join us?"


Later on, you can see Yancy hanging out in one of the lounges, chewing on his lip as he works on a Rubix cube. Care to offer some advice?


Around the same time, you might run across Raleigh in the gym, sweat staining his tank-top as he runs through a set of staff forms, using martial arts techniques from all over the place. Surprise attack him?
[Hetepheres eventually returns from Macross to her office in Alhambra by TSEN. And it might not be easy to see at a first glance, but she looks tired. Regardless, time for rest will come later, because now she has an announcement to make. One of her scarab-like helpers gives her a cup of something to drink.]

I never expected the giants to reach Earth. But at this point, it is a safe bet that what are they after is your ship, the Macross. The ship that is currently around the orbit of Uranus.

Some of you might have heard about it, and it is true; my people encountered these giants before. As well as Decepticons, and Wulgaru, and Aerogaters. We barely know much more about them than you do; our contact consisted mostly of exchanging projectiles, not words. Regardless, if you have any questions, I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

[She can be easily reached through the network or in person.]
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[The monitors across the UG bases kick to life with live footage from what appears to be one of the smaller briefing rooms in Alhambra base revealing a 4-person team of varying Nationalities all wearing the same grey and black uniform. The first voice heard is a cheerful one from behind the camera.]

All right that's got it, we're live so get to it guys.

[The Asian-American is the first to speak]

2nd-Leiutenant Yuuya Bridges, Argos test flight, reporting to UG group as ordered.

[The same voice from behind the camera speaks again]

Really Yuuya? That's all you're going to say, at least give them a bit better of an introduction.

Just leave him Vincent, if he's going to be grumpy because of his argument with Lieutenant Takamura then that just gives us more time for introductions. 2nd Lieutenant Tarisa Manandal of the same. I hope to get along well with everyone.

[As Yuuya flushes and begins to turn to speak again when he is cut off by the other male member of his flight]

[He drops his hand's on Tarisa's shoulders and gives her a playful shake as he speaks]

Don't make fun of our lead's delicate sensibilities there chobi, you weren't much better when you started with us either. [Turning to the camera he continues] I'm Valerio Giacosa, VG for short and I'm Argos 3. I hope to get along well with everyone but especially the lovely ladies of this new group to whom I think it would be incredibly unfair to deny the joy of my company...

Put a sock in it Macaroni! We haven't even been here for 3 hours yet and you're already trying to pick up every woman on base! Well I guess we can't expect anything more from a greasy playboy like yourself but please don't try to hijack the introductions!

Speaking of introductions.

Ah, and Venus graces us with her most beauteous voice

[Ignoring the jibe the blonde woman continues]

I'm 2nd Lieutenant Stella Bremer. I'm Argos 4 and I do hope you'll forgive the rather rambunctious nature of my comrades. They're animated but honestly quite harmless.

[As Stella smiles serenely Yuuya sighs and shakes his head before speaking.]

And this is exactly why I was against this idea Vincent. I'm sure Princess Yui is going to *LOVE* what this turned into when she sees it.

[With that the camera begins to pan a little unusually as it approaches Yuuya and then sweeps right to Tarisa and VG arguing while Stella stands to the side her hand covering a grin as she watches her team-mates bicker before cutting off.]

(Argos Flight can be reached by comm or will be around Alhambra to be tagged)


[As you walk through the hangers you hear an angry shout. As you turn to look you see a young Japanese woman walking away with a clipboard and Yuuya in his piloting suit looking particularly upset. As the woman exits the hanger Yuuya rounds on the machine he's standing next to and throws his fist into it with enough force for the impact to resound. From his lack of reaction you can assume it is at least somewhat hardened to impact though he looks up at your approach and speaks in a seething tone.]

Did you need something or are you just here to criticize my performance like Lt. Takamura?