(Sorry about this. I'd wanted to do it like a month ago or more, but stuff has been going on in my life and it was delayed.]

[It's been quite a while since the mission in the Middle East and her subsequent hospitalization, but finally Alex is back at one of the bases. She's lost a bit of weight in the hospital but otherwise looks no worse for the wear, her new prosthetic legs hidden by her pants. Her expression is somewhat stiff, as if she's trying to not let some emotions show.]

Hi. It's been a while, but the hospital finally let me out. I've been trying to follow the news and people have visited me, but I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I missed while I was gone, so I hope everyone has been okay.

But, [she hesitates for a bit,] I'm not here to return to service. While there I was thinking and I decided to return to civilian life to finish my studies. I just wanted to personally say goodbye and check up on you instead of simply vanishing from the hospital. I'll try to stay in touch, even if military schedules and time zones might cause issues at times.
[After the battle, Alex was taken to a hospital near Sakihama to get her treatment as quickly as possible after returning from Arabia. It's been a long time, but they're finally opening for people other than close family to visit her. She's in a pretty ordinary hotel room, complete with a vase with some cut flowers and mysterious, but important looking tubing. She's not looking good, still lacking hair, but a lot better than she did last anybody from Unity Group saw her as she sits in bed. Seeing you enter, she raises one hand to weakly wave, showing the burned skin on it.]

[Following the mission where Ren returned, Alex was somewhat distracted and preoccupied. She didn't do anything too unusual or anything, she was just more quiet and thoughtful than usual. And right now she's sitting at a table in one of the common rooms, a pretty heavy looking book and some coffee in front of her. She's pretty clearly not able to actually pay attention to the book.]

So...What are we supposed to take away from that?
[1 - backdated a little]
[Daniel wasn't around for several days - he suddenly asked for a leave, if anyone bothers to investigate his disappearce. But now, he just as suddenly shows up again. He also looks kinda dejected. The large cyborg sits down in a chair heavily (which creaks in protest), and boots up a tablet (he has to use a stylus - fingers too big), which shows an e-book titled Tales From The Old West. But Daniel doesn't look like he's in the mood for reading. It's a mystery if he's physically capable of sighing, but he looks like he really wants to.]

...Thought I finally found them. But I was wrong. It was a false trail. A red herring. Again.

[2 - the outskirts of Alhambra]
[Steel Wanderer is being piloted right now, for a practice session. The mech fights against a target dummy, hitting it repeatedly with a training sword (pretty much a large steel tube). The attacks, while certainly strong, are very simple and without skill, as if delivered by a rookie - very different from Daniel's usual precise sharpshooting. Is he really the one who's piloting the robot?]
So at the end of that fiasco, the mysterious horned girl escaped. The surrounding area is vast, even if she possesses unusual physical characteristics, it can't be too difficult to flee.

But, you should know your Kijin better than that, right?

Wandering the city not long after the mission may lead you to an encounter with the girl in one of a few situations...


1. [A vending machine looks like it has been run over by a vehicle, and an unhappy policeman is giving the girl a scolding. She stays where she is and listens.]

Yes...I understand. I'll be more careful next time...

But for now I have to...

[Unfortunately, the officer, thinking that she's one of the district's cosplayers, continues his lecture about respecting public property...

So much for a flawless escape.]


2. [Towards the end of the day, a bench in a quiet park is where she sits. Staring into space and looking not only directionally challenged, but also troubled.]

I did that much to her, and she just shrugged it off.

She isn't a normal Kijin...

[A crazed terrorist stealing a nuke. Ankaia declaring war on earth. Optimus's death, and the withdrawal of the Autobots from earth. Some giant space monster rushing towards the planet. It's been a great time, and so its end finds Jen perched on the edge of Alahambra Base's roof, staring off into the night at a distant city.]

...The hell do you think you're doing, Jennifer...gonna get yourself killed at this rate.

Life ain't a superhero comic...

[After the incident on Ankaia, Armana can be found at night, looking up into the starry sky, weary and saddened.]

... Their infrastructure was already in such disrepair, and yet they're moving towards war with Earth too...

I shouldn't be so surprised, but still..

1.[After everything that happened on the last mission, Eva is worn out. So she's sitting on a chair out in the hangar, looking up at the Tern and gathering herself. Her hands are quietly shaking.]


2.[Night finds you walking the halls of Alahambra base-but it's wrong. Windows are shattered, lights flicker, and there's dirt everywhere. The place is familiar but not, looking exactly like the base might if it'd been abandoned for five or ten years. Nobody else is around.

-Until a teenage girl drops out of the ceiling right in front of your face.]


((If it's not obvious, this prompt takes place in a dream sequence. Feel free to tag both with the same characters.))
[Like many others Alex had come to the Batavia Fleet to take part in chaperoning Grace and trying to actually find the correct antique dealer among the crowds drawn there by the conference. This afternoon, however, she's away from official duties at the place to instead have a seat at a café on one of the ritzier ships, sharing the table with a wealthy-looking middle ages man bearing a distinct family similarity with her. There aren't any cups in front of them yet.]

I was pretty surprised when you called. I hadn't expected to see you here of all places. Some kind of military duty?

[She tenses for a second at some of his words.]

Yeah, we're here to look after a con artist whose trying to learn about the power of some ancient artifact she got stuck with. Pretty similar to what happened to me. Seems common around Unity Group.

[Interrupt the chance reunion between father and daughter?]
[Not too long ago the Command Car belonging to the 13th Genoace Team returned from parts unknown. Interestingly it seems to be festooned with rather ornate looking spears across its body. About a day or two ago Calvin figured he would try to follow up on one of the clues that the guidestone offered up.]

[While the team itself was no worse for wear, Calvin on the other hand looked like a half drowned rat when he stepped out of the car and was holding onto what looked to be an absurdly ornate egg carved out of solid gold, bearing a number of carvings depicting both death and rebirth.]

[Now sequestered back in his quarters, Calvin is huddled on his chair with a towel and a hot cup of coffee and trying to relax.]

-We hold power beyond imagination.-
-I hold the power to sift through dreams-

-I hold the power of life itself.-

Yes. I'm very sure the both of you do. Pipe down.

[And as it turns out the first artifact, a rather sinister looking mask as well as the egg could speak. And they are clearly not exactly the most benign of objects.]

-You cannot deny us forever.-

Please tell me we have soundproof boxes.

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[Daniel sits in a common room, in a chair large enough to support his weight. In front of him, a TV. What's playing is the ending credits to a western, as the cast rides off into the sunset. Looks like he's been sitting here for a while. And, as soon as someone passes by, he speaks.]

...I made a mistake. Can't move my leg. On the table over there, a syringe. Can you give it to me? Sorry about that.
1. Urrrgh....

[Jen's had a rough few days, and can be found easily enough-usually slumped over books on various weapons systems, or booklets of accounting figures. ]

Well, looks like the balances work out now...those were nice apartments, though...Still need to figure out how I'm going to pack more power into that tiny robot. And I could really deal with more money, too...

[She pours herself a clear, strong-smelling drink from a bottle; notably, it has a "95.6% ABV" label. Jen's glass is more like the kind you would use for drinking beer, but she takes a drink from her glass anyways. And then immediately makes a face.]

...This tastes terrible.

2.[Gym practice time! Which for Jen means boxing, her fists moving in a blur as they strike at the sandbag. Meanwhile, some weird mix of pop-idol singing and metal instrumental work blares from a stereo.]

Hm. For a crazed terrorist, she's not that bad at singing...

[Optimus was still at Sakihama. Currently Autobot City didn't have any pressing matters that he had to take care of himself so he was taking his time to wander the base where he could and get a chance to talk before he had to head back. But as he was moving through the base he'd receive a call.]

"Optimus? You copy?"

I'm reading you Blaster. Is something wrong?

"Well... Nah... not exactly 'wrong'. Its just... well... we got a new arrival. He's coming over to Sakihama to talk."

[The Prime was a little confused by how his comms officer was practically tiptoeing around his words. There's a flare up from the TSEN as a large figure steps forward. Optimus turns to regard the newcomer with surprise in his optics.]

"Prime. Its good to see you again."

Ultra Magnus. Old friend... its been too long.

[The two share a firm handshake. The newcomer. Ultra Magnus. There was something about the way he carried himself that felt somewhat disconcertingly familiar.]

Welcome to Earth.

1) [Optimus]

[After a while Optimus and Magnus part ways, leaving the Autobot leader somewhat free once more to interact with others before his eventual return to Autobot City where he would no doubt be plagued with the many duties of leadership.]

It has been a while since I was last here. Something about the atmosphere has changed hasn't it.

[With all that has happened, it wouldn't be surprising if the base felt a little different.]

2) [Ultra Magnus]

[As for the new Autobot, he simply looks around the base as far as he was allowed. From time to time he would speak to some of the personnel, others he simply regards a matte-black data-pad as if comparing what he has seen to what was on it. Whether it was information on the Unity Group from Autobot City or something else entirely is up in the air. But what can be noticed was that the entire time from when he talked to Optimus and when he was moving around Sakihama was that: 1) He carried himself like a soldier at all times. Always at attention and always alert. and 2) He never smiled. At all.]

[Do you want to risk talking to him?]

3) [Grimlock or Kup]

[Grimlock and Kup could be seen at their old spaces at Sakihama. The former simply maintaining his weapons, the latter sitting on a large cargo container like it was a chair. Either way though something about them felt distinctly agitated. Grimlock seemed to be sharpening the edge on his sword a little too intently while Kup tapped his foot on the ground every so often with a frown on his face.]

[Something was really bothering these two.]

1. [Roger wasn't present at Unity Group much for the past few days... But now he suddenly reappears, looking like a man who's been very busy with something important lately. Without a word, he throws a picture on a desk - a low-quality photograph, showing a Megadeus skulking in the shadows, between two buildings. What little can be seen of the robot is covered in bandages.]

It's how I suspected. He's back. Schwarzwald is alive.

2. [this happens shortly before the mission, and is locked to ??? only]
[Roger received a tip from Angel about Schwarzwald's whereabouts - it's surprising the woman knew about all this, but she's always been a mysterious lady. The negotiator arrives at the scene, which turns out to be a big, fancy party at the top floor of one of Paradigm's most luxurious buildings. Everyone is wearing masks, and Roger also receives one - but while the crowd engages in debauchery, most of them completely drunk, he stays away from the party and looks around. There is a reason he came here.]
1. [After the mission to the abandoned mine, there is a short message from Eva for everyone.]

I'm leaving. Tonight, or maybe tomorrow. I have questions for Edward that need answering, and doing things the "official" way will take years and a mountain of paperwork.

In truth, he has employed me for a long time-longer than the Unity Group. He found me at a very difficult time in my life, and it's thanks to his help that I was able to even join the Unity Group in the first place. Without him, I would probably have taken my own life before ever coming here.

He employed me as a spy, though I wasn't able to find anything particularly amazing. I stopped sending him information shortly before the Albatross was destroyed; he's not someone I trust anymore.

Oh, and keep Edwards out of my personal effects while I'm gone.

[She'll be around the base for a while longer, before it comes time to leave.]

2. [Eva's room is plain and barely furnished; there is a matress in one corner for a bed, a safe in another. But the walls are covered, floor to ceiling, with sketches on paper she's taped up. They're landscapes of the area around various UG bases, and while most are pretty amateurish, there are a few good quality ones.

Eva herself is sitting on a suitcase, cutting up a photo; there's a small locket, spread across her lap.]
1. [The mercenary who helped out in the fight against Sapphire Eyes and her goons shows up. And he turns out to be a hulking metal colossus. One who's wearing a long coat, for some reason.]

Hello. I am Daniel, an independent contractor. Or merc, if you prefer. Your commanders agreed to hire me, and I'll work for Unity Group now. I always wanted to do that; I think that's my most prestigious boss yet. If you don't trust me, check my website. It has credentials.

There are two things I'm asking in return. First, don't touch the Gun of God and Apostle's Armory. I'll handle them. The rest of Steel Wanderer is fine for touching. Second, I'm looking for my friends, Maggie and Bobby. If you've seen them, let me know.
...I'm also asking for payment, but your commander covers it. So it's technically three things.

2. [The website in question turns out to be embarassingly amateurish - like something out of Geocities, or Japanese internet. It even has a midi song playing in the background (a theme from some old western movie). But there are recommendations from previous people Daniel worked for, and they have only good things to say. And it seems he never took any morally questionable jobs, only honest ones like protecting settlements or convoys.
Feel free to comment on the website to other people or to Daniel.]

3. [Steel Wanderer kneels down in the hangar. It looks like the mech's only visible weapon is a hugely oversized revolver - the Gun of God Daniel mentioned. The cyborg is here too, operating some kind of console, connected with a cable to Wanderer's shoulder-mounted Apostle's Armory system. The console is full of switches, and screens showing unlabelled charts that mean nothing to an untrained eye, but Daniel doesn't look lost, and operates it with confidence. Finally, he presses a button, the Armory starts to buzz, and after a few seconds, it spits out a mecha-sized bullet on the hangar's floor. Only then Daniel notices he has company.]


[Where is Sielje after the breakout? Her cell looks devastated, full of rubble, partially burned and with one wall just outright gone.

And there she is, standing in the middle of it all, looking like a total mess. Dishevelled hair, ash covering her skin and clothes, body full of cuts and bruises. It was a close call, staying here. She could also just try to flee like the others.

But she gave her word to stay. So she did.]

I heard of what occured.


My condolences.
[When everyone returns from the mission to the Kijin Realm, Jen doesn't bother with waiting for Izuru to come out of the Grungust or talking to anyone else from the deployment. Instead, she marches out of the hangar and straight to the gym.

There, she changes and sets to work punching a sandbag again, and again, and again. Occasionally she takes a moment to talk to herself]

Jeez...What's with all those kids? Idealistic, naive little...I get not wanting to shoot your friend, but stopping someone else...

Just what the hell were they thinking, anyways...

[She keeps going for a while, but her punches get weaker and slower with every blow. Finally she throws one last punch, then stumbles over to a wall and sits down.]

1 [Backdated to just after Crazy Little Things.]

[After the debriefing and cleaning up, Alex can be found returned to the scene of the battle overlooking the destruction of what used to be the museum of fine arts before taking a look up the hill to the royal palace, seeing some scarring from stray shots on it.]

So this is what protecting Flanders is? Give me a break...


[Making use of how operations has taken her back to Belgium, Alex took a day off to go back to Antwerp to visit her parents and reassure them that she was still well and catching up. That was yesterday, now she's getting back to the rest of Unity Group and something seems to be weighing on her mind. She's even so deeply in thought that she's watching a random chess championship in one of the break rooms.]
1. [Almost immediately after the mission in Brussels, Eva is sitting on a seat in the shuttle. There's hardly any sign of emotion on her face. She's just...there, staring at the opposite wall.]

...What just happened?

2.[Much later, Eva can be found at that wall of remembrance, sitting with her back alongside it. Above her there is a new picture of Ren; in her hands is a pistol. She's been crying, though she isn't now.]
[Ren's room has been vacated. Scarce personal possessions have been moved elsewhere, and the whole place looks like if no one ever lived there, left in a pristine condition.

The horned person can still be found in a Unity Group base, head bowed in prayer in front of the wall of rememberance. Ren wears the same robe they were first found in. Even the gunshot hole and the bloodstains are there.]

Seeing even one person die in front of my eyes, their life lost - when I had means of preventing it... it makes me feel guilty. It's a selfish emotion because it makes you feel bad for yourself rather than the one who just died. But we are inherently self-centered beings. Aren't we?

[As their eyes open, Ren smiles sadly.]

My time draws close. I know I am going to die - not exactly when, not yet, but it will be soon. And I know where it will happen. I really doubt the circumstances will be peaceful, so I already informed Roland. We will do everything we can to ensure no further tragedy strikes.


I am really happy we could have met. Thank you for everything.
[Jen's taken Cethlenn out for a spin outside Sakihama base, exploring the abandoned area above it. That smoky cloud it has oozes about, occasionally surrounding and utterly devouring a small building.]

Okay, so...What can I do with this...There's that railgun, a missile...Let's try...

[The smoke cloud gathers up into a small ball, heating to a dull red as it does so. A little while later it starts to cool down, and spreads out again-dropping a mecha-sized knife to the ground.]

...I wonder, if...

[It does the same thing again, but this time out pops a small (human scale) gold ingot.]


...Okay, I think I can work with this.
[Not very long after, the area is littered with human-scale weaponry-knives, pistols, naginatas, a whip-along with all sorts of other random crap. Walking through the street Jen's picked out for practice is gonna be a pretty weird endeavor for some time to come.]
[Late at night, Ren is looking up at the starry sky. It is peaceful and quiet, with wind gently blowing, a fresh breeze on everyone's faces.]

I was a fool, wasn't I?

If you close your heart, if you stay distant from others - then they can't really hurt you. And if you are not sure about someone's intentions, that is the best way to avoid disappointment and harm.

And yet...

And yet I will continue being a fool.

I am aware of horrible things human beings are capable of. I even experienced it first hand - this doesn't change anything. Because, every day, I am surrounded by proof of wonderful things people are capable of, too. People of Earth, and of other planets.

[Ren notices the shining object in the distance. It was not there just a few days' ago. Cybertron.]

Great kindness, incredible cruelty and everything in between. That's what it means to be human, doesn't it? Sorry for waxing so philosophically.


[Ren approaches people they know with a glint in their eye. It might be time to run.]

So many people were concerned about recent happenings, I'd like to help them get at least some relief. And I know how.

Would you like to attend a religious ceremony with me?
1. [The recent mission was quite the ride for one - now identified - Cobray Gordon. His medical examination proves that he is, in fact, the informant that the UG was supposed to meet up with.

What isn't very helpful is that he has completely lost his memories of anything prior to being in the equally mysterious machine, which he calls the Werkbau. The amnesia was also confirmed, which is probably the only reason he's not being kept in a cell.

The only thing he can hope for now is a lead on his past, because there isn't much except piloting that he can help with.]


[And that also applies to communicating, apparently. He sits idly outside the infirmary, looking thoughtful.]


2. [Now, you'd expect someone who is looking for his memories to be more curious about the machine he was found in. But, it's the exact opposite of that...

Cobray has refused to get back into the Werkbau for some reason, while it is inspected. What is known is that the unit itself is an enigma - incorporating Earth technologies, but also those that are reverse engineered from aliens. It is so strange that it can't actually be categorized as either, even if it leans more towards the former.

You find him staring at the machine quietly from a distance. He actually looks bothered by it.]
[A transmission hijack has snapped onto the airwaves, static simply snowing over the images on televisions and streamed broadcasts at first before completely scrambling and being replaced with a cavernous and sinisterly lit room. A dark and sinister chuckle rumbles out into the air as the image comes into focus, revealing the figures that awaited within. Cassowaries. Cassowaries in sinister, twisted armor. Some controlling them with their taloned legs or feathered wings, others seemingly fused with the machines given the metal that is biting into their necks. These specimens' eyes seem alight with an unnatural cruelty, far beyond their feral relatives.]

I can hear you, children of humanity. I can hear your questions. 'What are birds doing interrupting my paltry and tasteless entertainment'. 'What kind of unrealistic trash are they foisting on us now?'.

[A sinister chuckle arises from the one in the largest armor, the one with a metal crown enveloped in a sickly film of red.]

I assure you, that I am very real. That my bretheren and our servants are very real. That we are coming to swoop down upon your hapless civilization to break open the protective shells you have built around yourselves in the form of your protectors and tear open and feast upon the tender, weak flesh that lays beneath with our beaks and talons.

The time of your rule is over humanity! Your wonders, your triumphs, your hopes shall be nothing but ashes in the dirt to be sifted through by the filth and vermin and worms. The colonies you built to live in the depths of space will be broken open as the airless void consumes those who lie within! Your monuments and memorials shall be reduced to rubble as nurseries for those that will consume your future! We who have transcended from the pathetic weakness of our cousins the Dinosaur Empire to embrace true power!


Bow before us, and perhaps....just perhaps we may deem you fit to crawl on the dirt before us. Resist and you shall bleed and die with your bodies broken before us.

[React/mingle post to the above.]

1.[In the mess after the whole fiasco in India, Eva is eating. Or trying to, at least-she keeps dropping her fork, and her right hand doesn't...work right. The wrist keeps sort of rolling off in random directions, and she's not using her pinky or ring fingers at all.]


[A thousand people rendered homeless, easy. The bad guys said she was their sister. The man they tried to save committed suicide. But right now, Eva is dealing with a very uncooperative plate of spaghetti.]

2.[Locked to a certain NPC]

[Eva makes the call from an isolate payphone, well away from Sakihama base and into the city proper. There's a rather long dial tone for her international call, and it takes some time for the person on the other end to pick up, but when he does-]

...Sir. I'm going to need more information.
[1] (for people who participated in Penance Due or are coming to help pick everyone up afterwards)

[Well... things had certainly happened, but what little that had been learned from this trip just raised further questions without any possible leads.  And with nothing better to do, Ana's been trying to explore what she can of the building that Jason Ortiz had been waiting for them by.  If it was where he lived, clues might've been there... but between all the fighting and Thomas's powers going haywire it's really just become an exercise in lifting up rubble and putting it aside.]

What could he have possibly done?  Ortiz was helping out here at least to some degree.  If it was atonement for some past sin... if it was as bad as Thomas said then we would've heard about it, right?  You can't make enemies with that kind of deep-seated hatred and not get other eyes on you as well...

[In the midst of her searching though, she winds up uncovering a few broken pieces of a wooden object.  It's not had to guess they were originally had a more human-like shape... like some basic doll that was left behind here for one reason or another.  Ana stares at it for a moment before continuing on with her fruitless labor.]


[The doll's still on her mind when the team's finally brought back to base, and along with contrasting images of the fancy, expensive kinds that she'd had as a child.  The whole trip to India contrasted with her wealthy beginnings, really... and even after being disowned she'd never experienced that kind of poverty or seen it firsthand.  It's almost enough to start feeling grateful to her family for all those years of support before they'd thrown her out.  Enough to make her actually pick up a phone to call them.   Considering her working with the Unity Group, she'd probably even be welcomed back as the prodigal child.]


... But to them it's about "family calling" and "tradition".

[Rekindled appreciation for a good childhood is enough to pick the phone up, yes.  But that's all.  Back down the phone goes, Ana heading off back to her room to rest.  She's got another shift scheduled at the cafe in a few hours.]

The closer I get to what they want from me, the more I'm getting away from what they want me to believe.

[After the defense of the Macross as it tried to return, Alex hung around the hangar back on base for a while rather than going to get changed immediately. Mostly she seemed to have just stopped in place, lost in thoughts.]

So...Did Enki lie to me, did Enlil half-assedly cheat or does Humbaba mean something else entirely?


...Just drop it. We haven't talked in ages and that's what we end up talking about?...Right, we should. Goodbye.

[Alex was just on the phone with somebody and it didn't go well. She looks quite angrily at the poor, innocent piece of consumer electronics even after hanging up. Her expression quickly slumps slightly, though, the anger fading away.]

I should have guessed that.

"I promised to tell you what I discovered. This is all secret information, try not to spread it around."

Elan Cubis is safe, and now he has a few words to say to everyone.

"I'm sure you remember the derelict ship Progtech had a research station at. The thing is... I did examination of the Nine-Ball, and its subsystems are similar. Not the same obviously, one's a ship and the other is an AC. But the similarity in design is there. Who made that ship, why, how long ago? We don't know. But there's an obvious connection."

"And a lot of people who worked on solving the mystery behind that connection are now dead."

There is one other person that has things to tell you. And while Elan did not care much for official channels, this time it's a talk behind closed doors, and you were informed that what you learn is classified and you're not supposed to share it with the rest of the world.

The person you talk to is an elderly scientist - Professor Dupond, the inventor of TSEN.

"I am not the inventor of TSEN." He says.
"No, this is not fully accurate. I have copied the design, modified it so it works using Earth technology. But I did not come up with it. When we made... the discovery, it was already there. Among others."

"What is the discovery?"

"It is a facility. Or a space ship? I am not sure. I am sure it is very ancient however, even older than the Macross. I was the expedition leader and I was able to uncover one of its many mysteries, this is why you have TSEN now. But before I could unearth more marvellous technology..."

"The facility disappeared. The giant underground cave that housed it was suddenly empty one day. Our ancient treasure trove was just gone - with one of my assistants. His name is Aaron Anso Antema. Does this name sound familiar to you? Constans Ricard Antema is his nephew. The same Antema who pilots Blue Blood, the Lady's Good Men combat robot."

"I have cooperated with Elan and pooled our resources to find some answers. He hoped to find the truth behind Nine-Ball, I - to discover my find's current location. We both made good progress, and I am sure this is why we were targetted."
[Lamia is standing in the hangar after the disastrous turn of Major Pliskin and she appears to be unusually somber as she looks over the damage inflicted upon the Angelg.]

I don't understand why I am so bothered by what happened during that mission. Turns and defection are nothing new given the history of conflicts or even the past of the shadow mirrors. It was an act of treason that brought us here and even now we are building strength and information to betray the current Earth sphere government and install our own command structure.

But after all of this I wonder if that's right?

I broke secrecy of the mirage system and what it's capable of in a situation where I could have instead run or used other weaponry. Even mirage sign was to dangerous in that situation. If Ingram had been so inclined he could have easily destroyed me while the unit recovered and in that case it would have caused another of the pilots here to cover for me or even potentially suffer injuries like Ken to protect me...

[Lamia pauses as her mind wonders over this newest thought and as she continues to stare at the Angelg despite the chaos around her.]
[After the battle in the Iraqi desert as the bodies had been cleaned up, Alex could be found walking around the dig site. Stopping to look at newly broken statues or just around where the battle had been. It wasn't really a very big site all told, but did that really matter?]

It's weird. This place has been lying quietly for millennia and war returned to it like this...At least it didn't turn into a full-blown massacre.
[Eva has been released from medical care and supervision-with orders to relax, avoid stress, and most of all to not touch the Albatross. And she's still not getting her weapons back. But for the girl who's constantly exercising, practicing at the shooting range, or trying some simulator mission, the first of those orders is the most problematic.

She can be found in the hangar, wearing her usual civilian clothes-a short skirt and a chinese-looking sleeveless top. There, Eva sits across from the Albatross, 'BE THOU AFRAID' displayed in baroque letters on its forehead. She sits there, and watches, and waits.

And waits.

And waits.]

[In the wake of the massacre at the Yukon base and the theft of... pretty much everything of value associated with the Breaker program, Ana's just trying to piece everything together.  There's debriefing and internal affairs people asking why she hadn't been with the others and a lot of exhausting things to go through after a day that was already plenty exhausting.

[And then someone finally let her look at the death toll.]

Mechanics, pilots... project heads and even the top eggheads...

[Of course the death toll would be like that.  Legato's men and women had just slaughtered everyone in-person at their little performance.  One that had specifically been arranged to celebrate the completion of the Breaker program...]

We went through all of that, buried so many of our own, finished our jobs... and then this!

[2] (frontdated a few days)

[There's a new pilot being transferred to the Unity Group.  She's not thrilled about this -she's a test pilot, not a combat one- but the theft of the Breakers has sorta convinced some of the upper brass she'd do more good here than helping try to salvage the whole program.  But, as she comes in to Fort Alhambra, wheeling a cart behind her with her clothes, guitar, and a few other things... she's got something else on her preoccupying her.]

-And that white-haired girl at the Yukon's a monster too?  And it's not just the Autobots... but there's a Wulgaru princess helping us?  And we might share some genetic ancestor with them?

... And that blue-haired girl from before is ANOTHER princess?!?

[In short: being just a member of the vanilla ESUN locks you out of the loop about some things.]

-And this person's "kin" want to eat them to become immortal?!?

[A lot of things.]

-And Shu Shirakawa was somehow ALIVE?  And he had some talking pet bird?!?

[A whole lot of things.]

... And the cat thing just has to be someone messing with me!

[It's gonna be one hell of an adjusting period.]


[The mock battles ensue, and while most of the attention is on the TSFs and their skilled test pilots...a few may notice the presence of an individual who is VERY out of place among the spectators at Yukon Base.

This may be because said individual is a silver-haired female wearing a long, very elaborate black dress with a feather-lined collar, and is sitting on an equally eye-catching garden chair that seems to be made of carved, black marble.]

"Of all the places to be sent to! For a display of combat abilities, this isn't even remotely entertaining..."

[She crosses one leg over the other with a bored look on her face, then slowly turns a half-filled wine glass in one hand while she sighs.]

"Well... I suppose the weather is still to my liking. But, I do wonder how my foolish student can endure being surrounded this way...

Ah~ to think of how much suffering she must be going through at this very moment... perhaps she even managed to wet her bed again."

"...Um...I am right here beside you, Madame. I can also hear what you are saying..."

"...Oh, I seem to have forgotten that. Do keep reminding me periodically. I am supposed to be on my best behavior, after all. Lapses in memory simply will not do."

[Seta takes a deep breath, twitching ever so slightly.]

"...I mean no disrespect; but, in that case...I should also remind you that you are not the only spectator here..."

[And indeed, around the two is a sizable crowd. Most of them are guests from other countries and such who have promptly backed away to create distance between themselves and the pair of weirdos. Who can blame them?]
1) [Right after 'The Runaway']
[Well a new machine is now sitting in the Hangars of Star Rose. Though a familiar face was soon leaving it. A very angry face at that. Peola was stomping down the gantry, tearing her helmet off and hurling it into a wall with brutal force. She was ranting and screaming angrily in a mixture of english and a language known to no human being on Earth at her current situation. Why? Well her secret was out. She was a Runaway Alien Princess with a horde of potential suitors. And now all of them were coming to Earth for her. What's more her sister somehow managed to sneak into Star Rose and was probably responsible for her Gespenst's breakdown - which was the whole reason she had to switch Regalis Filia back on in the first place.]

-Untranslatable enraged screaming- SWEAR TO GOD I'LL TEAR OFF HER ARMS AND -more untranslatable enraged screams- SMASH THEIR STUPID FACES IN -Do you actually want to know what she's saying? Its not pretty- HATE THEIR STUPID IDEAS AND HIS STUPID PLANS AND HIS STUPID NEED FOR ME TO GET MARRIED -Yeaaah best we don't know- RAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

[Aaaand Wallpunch. Do you risk turning the wrath of a furious princess at you?]

[Peola has.... relatively calmed down and is sitting in a lounge, curled up on a chair with a look that is mixed between annoyance, bitterness and resignation. She barely pays attention to the sight of a trio of people on TV trying to beat the everloving crap out of each other in front of a cheering audience.]

I know you're there...

[She sighs grumpily, she already had a long and uncomfortable talk with the commanders about a lot of things... what was one more person asking her MORE questions.]

What do you want?

[An announcement is playing. It shows Alex alone trying to look in control.]

Hi everyone

I've been staying here for the last week following the attack on Brussels and I've met several of you already and I imagine the rest of you have at least heard about the battle, but I'd better introduce myself anyway.  My name is Alexandra de Witt and at the battle it turned out that I have the ability to call on the power of the Sumerian god Enki to fight monsters sent by the king of the gods Enlil...I don't think that will ever stop sounding insane. Regardless, I can summon the Sumerian god Enki as essentially a giant robot and while I think there won't be any more monsters, I still can't be sure.

I've spent the last week trying to figure out what to do about that and I have come to a decision. I will stay with you and help protect the world against alien invaders and rampaging monsters. I never thought about becoming a soldier before, but I have a powerful weapon in my hands that I can't hand over to somebody else and I can't just turn away and let others fight in that situation. So I'm officially introducing myself.

...And I'm probably also going to need to ask for your help in learning how to properly fight. I can pilot, or whatever you want to call it, Enki just fine, but I have no training in tactics or other parts of how to handle myself on the battle field.


[Later that day Alex can be found sitting slumped against the wall a short distance down the corridor from the gym to the showers. She's wearing what looks like very new training clothes that appear to be drenched in sweat.]

...Maybe I overdid it.

(Mood music here)

[After the mission in Alaska, Eva can be seen wandering the hallways of the base, clutching her head with one hand. There was her headache earlier, and something went...wrong, with the summoning of the Albatross.]


[She leans up against a wall for support-and glances over her shoulder suddenly.]


[Seeing nothing, Eva goes back to leaning against the wall-then takes her hand off and stares at it. She keeps looking at it for a while, before falling to her knees, closing her eyes and covering her ears.]


[She sits there, shaking like a leaf.]
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[In order to get better as a pilot and not wreck a mobile suit each time they're piloting, Ren is doing some good old fashioned physical exercise.]

And one, and two...

[Running laps around Alhambra Base - with a lack of haste that'd cause any drill sergeant worth their salt to pop a vein or a dozen. But what's this - 15, 20, 30 laps around the base done, and Ren isn't even sweaty yet.

Comment? Or maybe join in, if you dare?]

[Some time after the exercise, but directed at whomever seems willing to listen.]

Do you believe in the afterlife?
1. [The previous mission had ended relatively well. And so, one may find Seta actively using her phone without minding her surroundings...even as she walks or eats. It seems like she's gotten a lesson on how to finally use the device from someone, for better or worse.

If a person actually manages to peek at the screen though (it's not hard at all), they'll see many out-of-focus pictures of what looks like white scales. There are more blurred images like these, including one that seems to depict a wolf-like creature tackling a serpent-thing, and a random shot of many long, black limbs...and a wine glass.

Whoever took these obviously didn't wait for the auto-focus to kick in and snapped them straight away, making it difficult to tell exactly what they are...even so...]

So, this is what it does...

On top of making calls, as well...what else is it capable of...?

...Aah...this technology...is incredible...!


2. [On a more serious note: like in Alhambra a while ago, Seta now stands facing a group of dummies out on an empty square that is located somewhere in the uninhabited parts of Sakihama City.

This time, attached to the left side of her waist by red ribbons, are a pair of curved swords. Together, a set like this is known as a daisho, and in this case, said set is comprised of a long katana and a shorter wakizashi.]


[The strange part of this is that she's been doing nothing but staring at the dummies. Her right hand rests on the longer blade's handle - there's a firm grip, but she never draws it.

Minutes and hours go by...and still, nothing happens...until she lowers her head in defeat.]

...I do not understand...I was able to draw it before. What made it so different back then...?
[Following the attack on Brussels, Alex had followed the Unity Group people back to their base. Not like the city was terribly livable at the time and if anybody could help her make sense of things it was the people whose job was dealing with these issues. The awful weather in Brussels during the mission was still clear as she was sitting in the transports back to base, showing themselves as wet, matted hair and positively soaked clothes.]

I should explain...Anything you want to know?

[In the hours following the return a new girl could be found trying to find her way around base. She seemed faintly uncertain and rather preoccupied with something.]

Is there a shower I can borrow somewhere?