"Kimhone, will she truly be able to hear me this way? For certain? ... Aha! A familiar face."

[Suddenly a private but low security transmission is received by Unity Group. On the other side you can see the Ankaian champion, pleasantly surprised that this works. And he's not alone.]

"Salutations. How fare you? We heard news of Earth and they were tumultous. It looks like you managed to prevail however, and I am glad for it."

"Is Sielje any place near? It is my turn to ask for her favor. Something she is best suited for, and may it bring our realms closer together in this difficult time."


"Is this how people of Earth live? Peculiar... I expected a place more austere. It certainly is lively though!"

Not quite... It is not a city, but Unity Group's Fort Alhambra...

[Sielje is playing tour guide for a small group of Ankaian delegates - knights young and old, men and women, they came here to experience themselves how Earth's like. But Ynya made a (probably wise) decision not to shock them with the big cities yet, so far a UG base should suffice.]

"Ignorant upstarts, you know nothing!"

[It looks like most of the tourists have better things to do than to take in the views however.]

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As the brouhaha revolving the Discovery and the truth about The Lady and Loni unfolds, a strange man came to Alhambra.

"Excuse me, may I meet with one Miss Grace Wallach?"

He doesn't seem to be threathening, so he's shown to Grace. The man is a middle-aged personage with british accent and an ill-fitting suit that seems to have seen a lot of use. A thin, somewhat twitchy guy with moustache that doesn't belong, follows him.

After Grace shakes his hand, the mysterious person extend a card.

"Dr. Steward Grey, Anthropologist. And this is Danny, my assistant. Are you the one Miss Wallach who managed to got herself a whole unused warehouse full of ancient handheld consoles known as polystations?"

"Huh... Yes that's me. I must warn you that I got that purchase all legal, really! It's all signed by lawyer and notaries and such!

...do I need to call a lawyer now?" Grace starts to put her hands on her pocket, obviously trying to grab some hidden devices.

"Nothing of sort, Miss Wallach, but this is important. The fate of the world might depend on your answer.
Do you still have some of those Polystations?"

Grace embarassedly scratches her hair. "Well... I kinda donated most of them at christmas last year. And the rest was bought by some other people. If you're collector, I'd direct you to the orphanages where I donated them, but you're out of luck, since those had been stolen."

Dr. Steward looks frustrated as he punches his own palm. "Curses! Confounded again. I know about the orphanage theft, Miss Wallace. And I know about the purchase of your stock as well. I was hoping you still have some.

Because... the one who bought your stock and the one who stole from the orphanage might be the same party.

And the world is in great danger right now."

Grace is taken aback at this.

"What... what are you talking about?"

Dr. Steward looks at Grace straight in her eyes.

"Then I should enlight you on the history of Polystation Alpha and Processor Mivich 7. Gather your comrades, as many of them as possible, because eventhough this might pale before the sort of universe-devouring monstrosity that you and your friends face every day, the fate of this small planet might depend on this.

I'm an Anthropology Professor, but I spent most of my free time hunting for curious cultural artifacts. One of the artifact I've been hunting for these past few years are specimens of Polystations known as Polystation Alpha.

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So what are we going to do about that guy's idea of taking charge of the two primary crisis response teams of Earth? Whatever we're going to do, a unified response from all of Unity Group would probably be more persuasive than just running around and sending in whatever we each think is a sensible response.


[Kei just recently received a pretty big, heavy envelope. It's carrying a simplified logo of Harvard University and anybody used to trying to read her expressions can readily see that she's practically bursting with excitement. Even without having opened it, she's making the way to the kitchen closest to her room to grab a slice of cake to celebrate getting it.]

3 (Locked to Izuru)

[In the evening, Kei knocks on the door to her recent boyfriend's room.]

Can we talk for a bit? ...It's about being stuck on the Discovery together like that.