The Black Charisma battleship is open and unguarded. All that is left is to face off with whatever Chimera members are left inside.

But the ship is empty. Brigadier Edel Bernal is nowhere to be seen, nor is a certain black-clad jerk. The only person on board is...

"Ah, don't hit! Don't hit! Edel doesn't like it when someone else does it!"

It's Jii, the childish/mentally unstable crazed scientist, making an exaggerated expression of panic (not pictured). He was found cowering behind the Chimera servers. Yes, the servers are there - and fully functional, still processing all information available online even now.

"This is a party. Party, party! Edel said you'll be coming, yes? That's why she and everyone is gone."

"They will be back, all around you so you can't leave. It's a party known as a trap."

[Elsewhere - narration only, not taggable]
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A trap, isn't it...

[Setsuko is resting somewhere on the Chimera battleship, a sweet bun in her hands. It still tastes like nothing, because of the Sphere, which does not make her any happier. Not that she doesn't have bigger things to worry about.]

The Cambio Protocol will try to surround us and wipe us out. They'll probably bring in whatever allies they can find...

Call it intuition if you have to, but Asakim Dowen will be there. I know it.


[She recalls everything the Black Stranger did - how he killed her friends, tormented her. How he tried his hardest to save the world from an ancient god...]

I'm sorry Leos. It felt nice to do something for everyone but in the end...

In the end some people I just can't forgive. I still want vengeance.