1. [The Symphogear project was approved, which is good news. But instead of a celebration, there is an eerie silence in the infirmary.

Like a sentinel, Tsubasa watches over her unconscious partner. At times, she actually does look like a statue because she doesn't move at all. But then...]

You knew what would happen if you sang that, so why...?


2. [After a few days pass, Kanade finally regains consciousness. She still looks like she's in pretty bad shape. Her skin is pale and her attempts to move around only resulted in very intense pain. At the very least her Linker withdrawal symptoms haven't kicked in. Those that visit her are still greeted warmly, despite her condition.]


[She attempts to give a wave but quickly gives up when she realizes she can barely lift a finger.]

(OOC: Joint post with Kanade.)

[Despite joining up with the Unity Group, the two members of Zwei Wing have been rather absent from combat for the last few weeks. For the older Kanade the reason behind this was not exactly something that she wanted to get out. She had an image to uphold after all. Even if she trusted the Unity Group she still wanted to be careful with it.

Of course, hiding it really wasn't an option once her withdrawal symptoms started to kick in. The Idol leans against one of the walls of Sakihama Base and begins to coughs into her hand. A surprising amount of blood came out of her. For some reason Kanade doesn't seem that surprised about it. She just looks at the blood in her hand like it was nothing.]

Not quite as bad this time...


[Some time later she's finally provided with a new supply of LiNKER and she's taking her dosage in some secluded corner of one of the bases. She seems oddly calm, even as she stabs the syringe into her neck and pumps the drug into her system.]

That should do it.

[Kanade looks a lot more relaxed now.]


[In Sakihama City Kanade can be found wandering around in a brilliant disguise (large sunglasses and a sunhat) doing some grocery shopping. Somehow you've been dragged along to come with her and she's going through shops at a breakneck speed. For someone who was in pretty bad shape a few hours ago she's pretty energetic.]
1. [Meet Zwei Wing]

[Shortly after the mission, the idol duo Zwei Wing can be found wandering around the various UG bases. They're checking out everything and it's pretty easy to tell that the younger blue-haired girl was a bit uncomfortable being led around like this. Her much larger partner on the other hand seems to be enjoying herself. A lot.]

2. [Meet Kanade]

[Later on Kanade is forced asked to intro herself properly.]

Right, so the Boss Man said I should probably introduce myself properly so here goes. Yo, nice to meet everyone. I'm Kanade Amou of Zwei Wing and the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps. Despite the long name there my job is actually pretty simple. I'm just the user of a weapon that can make Noise destroyable.

We're apparently going to be working with all of you so I hope we'll be able to get along.

3. [Meet Tsubasa]

[Unlike her partner, Tsubasa isn't the type to make introduction videos. She's much too shy for that. Instead, she can be found on the Star Rose, looking out into space curiously, or outdoors at Alhambra, where she's simply enjoying the view. In either case, she's humming a tune, which just happens to be the same song those in the mission have heard.]