[Frontdated a little.]

The Great Forge...

Ynya and Kimhone )

... Adjustments, she said.

[A package arrived to Sielje soon after the talk she had with her friends. With only a moment of hesitation she opens it, to reveal.]

... Ah!

[A dress. A black, vaguely leathery dress, with a tight fitting bodice but flaring, frilly sleeves and a skirt. As well as a veil, and a few assorted trinkets.]

This is what Kimhone wore ten years ago. A rarity like no other.
You wanted me... to have this?

[Travel to recover the Discovery's relic takes you to mountainous parts of Ankaia - inhospitable and barren even by the planet's standard, with barely any vegetation amidst rocks and crags. But eventually, the Unity Group party arrives at the forges: and the workshops where many an Arm was assembled now lie in ruins. Thanks to Ishin's destructive actions, artifacts put at work here now are shattered, half assembled Knight's Arm skeletons left on their own in empty halls.]

Meetings )