"The Spirit Emperor said that I understand the importance of my duty, and he isn't wrong. When the time comes, I will go to Balmar, as the Priestess of Zehirut."

"But until I am needed there, I wish to stay on Earth. Experience more and more of it - and I have all of you to thank for the opportunity to do so."

Armana's thanks are extended to all members of Project Unification, and she's not the only friendly Balmarian now. Apparently ESUN and Balmar have achieved peace, and a large Huleh is now landed near Alhambra. Its crew are mostly Balmarian cloned soldiers who don't have anything important to say - but not only them.

"Until that time comes, I will guard the Princess with my life. I am Luria of the Qayits noble house. We met on the battlefield twice, but I hope we can coexist in peace now."

"Wa ha ha! Well said. After all the Spirit Emperor nominated me, Baran Doban, as the Balmarian representative to Earth, so we should get along. And though we are finally at peace, I must commend you: You fought well, warriors of Earth! Such determination and tenacity, it reminds me of myself in my younger days."

Wish you to talk to the Balmarian Princess - or perhaps one of her colorful bodyguards?