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[Just as the Lost Seeker global threat suddenly emerged, it was also suddenly defeated. Daniel watches a map on a touchpad, that shows the position of the Light Centurion thanks to the transmitter he fired at her unit - and, eventually, should show the mark of the Seekers' secret base.]

...He's probably there. Jason Godefroy. The last of the Three Wise Men. Unless you count me.

[He glances at Steel Wanderer. The mech looks completely normal now, despite its unusual performance during the battle.]

...Apostle Mode. When it was active, I felt... different. Like I'm more in touch with everything. The world, the Gun of God, myself. But when it stopped, the sensation stopped too.

...It was quite something.
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There was something similar, when I fought Apogee-she called it mushin, "no mind". A state where I can see and understand perfectly what's going on around me, and how to best react to it-was it something like that?

Though that was all me, no mystic technology required.
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I see.

Do you believe to be able to do it again? You will not suffer for it, will you?
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Took it long enough.

But, if your body was the price - did not every single member of Lost Seekers pay it too, then?
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If this is what they are all after...

How likely is it that others will follow your path? The way in which your realization was made... I cannot see many Lost Seekers able to do it.
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And many who wield one are such unjust, too.

How morbidly humorous.
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Changing one's mind is difficult. Especially when you already sacrificed so much to reach where you did...
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[Cue one security guard/princess looking quite interested about that.]

That's... a feeling a lot of people back home chased after.

A few sages from the old times said that if someone could find their center... this place in themselves where everything started and stopped and just focused on it... it'd be like the Universe'd welcome you.

Hasn't been a person to ever do that...

Technology here on Earth's amazing if it can pull something like that off.

[There was a bit of awe in her voice.]