"At attention! Team Rabbits, it has been a while." Look who's here, ready with a quick announcement just before the allied fleets move out to the Crossgate.

"As a part of a deal struck between Earth and Wulgaru, represented by Commander Gato and Princess Teoria - the Juria System of AHSMB Red Five has been dismantled and analyzed. With luck, its readings will be used to prevent the Wulgaru genetic malfunctions."

"Because of that, the unit cannot be reassembled in time and will not take part in this operation. However there is a reason why we did so now and not later..." Her gaze falls over each person present, serious but with a tinge of care to it.

"Elements responsible for Red Five's awakening were isolated and copied to other AHSMBs. That means whatever Izuru did, you should be able to as well. All you have to do is try to replicate his state of mind as it is during the awakening..."

"I know it won't be easy. But you all made great progress. I am proud of you. Suzukaze, out."