The media are buzzing with reports of current events. So many things have happened, but one above all: the Balmarian war drawing to an end.

But all out of sudden, one by one the anchors, news reporters and media personalities start behaving weird. A blankness in their eyes and silence, followed by them all speaking in unison on all TV and internet channels:

"We are in control. Rejoice, Cambio Protocol's new world has come. The good, the peaceful among the Earth's minds have nothing more to fear, because from this day forward: the corrupt and the brutal warmongers of the world will no longer be able to do as they please. Their will and freedom is stripped away. We can look towards the bright future together."

"And for all who are listening to this, a message: find Roy Garnette. Kill Roy Garnette. The one who does it will have their every desire come true."

"Well that's not ominous or anything. I just checked on the Erria survivors and they're all in convulsions from the psychic reaction. At least it's blatantly obvious who's to blame for this, hmm? And thanks to the psychic output, now we can easily track her down..."