1-[The announcement]

"...So, um, I've got some good news, and some not-very good news."
Doomstar, of all people, is making an announcement for Sakihama base.
"Good news: Jen's fork is up and running. I set her up this morning, and we've been going over recent events and helping her pick out an appearance for her body. Other news is...well, she beat me up, stole my wallet and car keys, then jumped out a third-story window and escaped. Her sense of self is still very fragile, and I don't know that she's entirely stable, either. So if you can find her...please return her safely. With my car!"

2-[The escapee]
Elsewhere in Sakihama, a blonde woman with red eyes lounges about. Atop a moving car, in traffic. As the car she's on slows down for a turn, she hops off, rolling into a crouch as though it were the most natural thing in the world. From there, she walks past a sweets store and manages to filch some anpan from the tray out front. She tosses it in the air, catching it in her mouth like a trained circus animal and quickly gobbling it down.

"...Nifty! So I can eat food, or at least a little bit. That's nice! Though the taste is bland..."