1. [Since the last encounter with a hostile Horseman, Fyra has been scouring the UG's, and Project Unity's records of Earth's history. Even though she had regained most of her memories and abilities, there was something that was not quite right - like a void that would not see itself filled.

Because what is available only goes back so far, she enlists the help of the Gloster Foundation, but not on items related to the Kijin. As Seta had mentioned some time before: the Kijin under their previous leader kept detailed records on humanity's advancement after the Great War - this is what the Rider needs.]


[She sits by a desk in one of the UG's bases that is surrounded by tall stacks of old books and scriptures, flipping through each one at incredible speed, while also being delicate enough not to destroy them. The fire damage on many of the documents shows that each is a survivor of the Gloster HQ's destruction.

A moment later, another person walks in, carrying yet another stack of old tomes.]

This should be the last of it. Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.


2. [One day, you happen across the Rider as she stands outside one of the bases. For the first time in a while, Morte is manifested and standing before her, his form more spectral than it was before.

When the Rider notices you, she keeps things very short.]

I have found something, and there is something I must do. Alone. I will be back in a while.

I will leave Morte here with you.


[Though the Steed says nothing, he is obviously not pleased with the idea. You can almost hear an exasperated sigh coming from him.]