[And so the Balmarian Empire, feared for their power and the scope of their domain... were now homeless.  Their Spirit Emperor a coward who tried to have them all killed just so he could live, their Prime Minister a flawed revolutionary whose noble goals were mired by the lengths he had to go to for them, and their planet destroyed by a freak force of nature that their military might had been unable to stop because they'd been off fighting wars elsewhere until it was too late.  And the person in the best position to lead them?  A girl who had been meant to be a mere sacrifice.

[But they could start over.  The galaxy was a vast place, and conflict was starting to finally die down.  But in the wake of everything...]

... Why...

[-Something still feels off.  Like there's no reason to celebrate just yet.]

-It feels like I'm forgetting something.  Or something's trying to tell me I'm forgetting something...

It could just be exhaustion from the fight, Miss Selena.  We went through a lot... but with Spectra and Calico dead we've definitely more than earned a break!

You'd think that but I... I just don't know.