"This... oh my goodness."

Even after we parted ways with Balmarians, it turned out the visit to their now-destroyed home planet was not entirely fruitless (not counting the part about saving Armana and her kind from certain doom). As promised, one of the Balmarian ships deposited an ancient artifact in Project Unification's care. A strange crystalline device, or perhaps it'd be more accurate to say - a chamber, with a device in the center.

"Ahem. Yes, this is very good." Inspector Jou removes and rubs his glasses, a strange gravity to his move.
"What you see is a device similar to the ones that, ages ago, created a weapon against the Lady. If the Discovery of Self was our finest soldier, then this is the forge that hammered out its sword. How it worked is: it took a mental imprint of a person, and gave it physical form. The Lady's mind operates in ways of stories, archetypes. With this, we can force her to realize people aren't just actors with roles to play. In that realization, her powers will be stripped away. And the more individuals the device takes an imprint of, the more powerful the resulting weapon will be."

"There is just one side effect."

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