1. [With everything going on as of late, Elys had taken a back seat to most of the action. She still had her own company to run despite being part of Project Unification, and doing so in the middle of all this was not easy. At least, it wasn't just something she could take a swing at with a sword.

As she sits in the lounge, news reports about the Balmarian cease-fire show up on TV, and she sighs. There is also the recent development with Loni's crew to think about.]

...I had to convince my board of directors that sticking with all of you is in their best interest. They're not exactly confident in me after Aegis decided to do goodness knows what, but this helped to push them my way.

I mean, it's hard to argue against a gigantic alien empire and some kind of multidimensional deity...so they've stayed quiet for now.

[There is an air of unease about her as she speaks. And between her fingers, she twirls a small, black pen drive.]

If only the smaller picture was simpler to look at.


2. [After the recent battle, Amagahara stands in Sakihama Base's hangar, looking unusually beat up.

It's not just the damage that Desta's Guardian form dealt, but also the result of the strain from using that technique near the end - something she very rarely resorted to. In particular, the unit's arms look like they've been torn apart internally by the forces involved.

Elys examines the damage from floor level. Because of her connection to Amagahara, she notes the nanomachines don't seem to be as active as they usually are, making automatic recovery quite slow.]

I know I might've overdone it there. Hang on, partner...

I'd rather not owe Rand even more than I already do, but this time you'll need a hand.