Well... I guess we did it.

[Even with Beatrice defeated and now getting to spend the rest of her life in a world that had rejected her attempts at "improvement" at every turn, and VIPER similarly thrashed, Roy's really not feeling entirely at 100%.  And that's not just because his drone body's got tons of cybernetics showing and the Wagner proper's in need of getting patched upa gain.]


Ya know when you think about it, Dakova was like my second parent.  Boss man wouldn't have made me without it, couldn't have even made me in a million years.  And we couldn't have stopped Finally-Out-Of-Tricks like we did without it.

And then there's Jen and everything with... with Nancy the Nasty Ninja still.  Like yeah... she saved a crapton of people and made that ninjalady finally pay for everything but like...

There's all those clones out there, right?  Things being all set up so they just think they've gotta pick up the torch some day and be total psycho hose-beasts just because that's how the original was.

And you know?  That's... just not fair.