[With the amount of people turning up to help empower the Anti-Lady weapon it was for certain that there'd be civilians who would have had to bring their children with them, or that had to wait a long while before they were brought in. That being the case it seems that a few well meaning Cybertronians had some ideas to keep people entertained as things drew on.]

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Kids of all ages! My name's Hot Rod and I'm glad that all of you are doing everything you can to help protect the world! Me and my friends-"

[There was an irritable grunt from one of the figures leaning off to the side as if to say 'I'm not your friend'.]

"...and acquaintance... may not be from Earth... but we love it all the same and to show our appreciation we've lined up a few things for your entertainment! In this corner we've got the big green mean machine himself DEVASTATOR!"

"The challenger will be crushed! Competetively."

[The combiner added the last word in a bit of a hurry. Something that earned a laugh from the unmistakable form of a purple and black seeker and a facepalm from a certain blue one.]

"Aaaaand this opponent, the tiny powerhouse straight from the historybooks of Cybertron.... TAILGATE!"

[Standing on the opposite side of the combiner was.... a rather rounded and small Cybertronian. One that was smaller than even Bumblebee. He waved happily to the audience.]

"Hi little organics! Don't worry! I'll try to go easy on him!"

[The pair promptly picked up what was a massive anchor chain... though in Tailgate's case Picked up was a bit of a stretch.]

"Aaaand.... GO!"

[The chain was pulled taut with a metallic clack in the air.... and somehow... the tiny cybertronian was managing to keep level with Devastator. Something that garnered looks of disbelief... and absolutely wild cheers.]




[Metal teeth grit in effort... somehow the Combiner knew that if they asked... things were probably going to end badly.]



[Bad feeling was right. Tailgate tugged the chain mightily and sent the combiner toppling over hard enough he split into his component pieces. The crowd went absolutely wild.]

"Well folks! That was amazing! Give it up for the tiny terror of cybertron himself and his opponents!"

[There was a massive round of applause all around. The constructicons gave several thumbs up and waves as they carefully got to their feet and dusted themselves off. Hot Rod went with them with a big grin as they walked back into Sakihama Base.]

"Y'know... I guess I was wrong about you guys."

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Hey, not trying to be offensive... I just thought you guys were always a bit rough around the edges. Wasn't too sure about you since... you know... But watching you guys out there help Tailgate with the act? Letting him win like that? It was real big of you guys. And I don't mean it cause you can turn into Devastator."

[Hot Rod pats Scrapper on the shoulder and gives Hook a fistbump. That wasn't appreciated. Scavenger however was jumping eagerly with his hand in the air and received a high five. That one was appreciated, earning a look from the other constructicons as if to ask 'Really?']

"...Well. We're in this together. Figured it'd be a thing. Earthlings like watching the little guy win and all..."

"They sure do... Anyway. I gotta get back out there and start announcing the rest of the stuff! You guys keep up the good work!"

[And as Hot Rod dashes off... The Constructicons collectively slump in shame.]

"We didn't go easy on him... We didn't go easy on him at all..."

[And soon a number of other a number of other shows of skill are displayed for the entertainment of all. An insane show of swordfighting skill and a makeshift airshow complete with daring maneuvers through the Sakihama skyline being some of the acts. Admittedly the show had to stop when Hot Rod's attempt at a daredevil stunt off a ramp dented his fender... among other things. But otherwise morale was up and the kids were happy.]

[With that out of the way the Cybertronians were available for conversation.]

[Hot Rod, Ratchet and Drift who are dealing with the aftermath of the stunt.]

[Thundercracker who is trying to watch some TV on a portable screen while Skywarp bothers him]

[Tailgate who is eagerly speaking of the day's events to a large and intimidating figure who looks very much like Unicron's minion Cyclonus.]

[Windblade who is perhaps the first female cybertronian anyone on earth has ever seen]

[The Constructicons... who are for the most part moping.]

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From: [personal profile] herodrawing

You can probably guess who Izuru is talking to

Wow! I didn't know you were so strong. I mean, all Cybertronians are much stronger than humans but even for one of you guys to overwhelm Devastator.

That's so cool!
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From: [personal profile] herodrawing

[Cyclonus? He seems a bit familiar... but nevermind that now.]

So you're new here? How do you like the Earth?
herodrawing: (Unimpressed face)

From: [personal profile] herodrawing

I'm sure you just need to get to know it better. Even people who hate almost everything find something on Earth they like.

[Wait a second. Let's mentally backtrack a few seconds.]

Err... you said Cybertron's not like you remember? You mean it changed so much in a short time?
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From: [personal profile] herodrawing


[Nova Prime, yeah. That's an awkward thing to know.]

That's a huge revelation. I know why you're not willing to just tell anyone.

But, you see, I think there's at least one bright side to it.
herodrawing: (Awkward conversation)

From: [personal profile] herodrawing


You're here now because a long time ago you refused to do something really horrible, right?

That's something to be proud of. You could even say that...
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From: [personal profile] herodrawing

Maybe I don't. But this planet has been through some really difficult times. Hard decisions, and tragedies. Everybody worked really hard to prevent them. And we didn't always succeed, but we're still going.

And I'm here, too.
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From: [personal profile] a_linear_mind

A few?

[His expression remains as smug and condescending as before.]
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From: [personal profile] holdthefuture


[Lenore just sort of stumbles upon the trio as she's about to leave...]


You're the three from earlier.
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From: [personal profile] holdthefuture

I know how it feels like to get beaten up by stronger people. Stronger than what I expected, too.

[Older ones on top of that, she would say, but she doesn't know Tailgate's history.]

That show earlier reminded me of that. And well, there's one important thing I learned from those times...
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From: [personal profile] holdthefuture

I didn't mean it that way at all, and...

There are three of you. It's better to deal with these things together than on your own.
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From: [personal profile] holdthefuture

Six, then...that's as many of you as my-

[Lenore stops short of finishing. No; she's done here, and that part was over when Carina was finished.

The Kijin turns around.]

...Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. It's been fun.