[Another foray into La Gias... and a bit of a close call, but Selena wasn't one to let that bother her when everyone got out and the mission was a success.  Albhard was pretty damn happy about finally getting a Grungust.  But Selena on the other hand is concerned about the information found on the Wildschwein...]

... "Megillot", "Zechariah", "Ezekiel", and "Vayyikra"...

All Jewish names and terms.  Perhaps the Aerogators visited the ancient Middle East, similar to how the Gebians went to Egypt?  Or maybe it could be purely coincidental?  Unfortunately, all we can do at this point in time is make guesses.

Make guesses about why those names are what they are... and why someone in the ESUN inexplicably had them in the first place.  And for that matter why bother compiling all that information and then losing it... and losing it to a faction that -if not for our buisiness with Shu- we'd never know they had?

This doesn't smell right.  One reason or another, someone's hiding something.  Maybe they're connected with those Sterben-users that the Unity Group people ran into before they first were transported to La Gias, maybe not.

[She laughs once... hand on Elma's head.  Oh dear, there's that dent where she kicked him earlier.]

I guess you're right.  All we can do is make guesses.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Edited this a bit because of misreading a few details in the mission's debrief.  tl; dr, the information about the Aerogators was simply with everything else and not on the Wildschwein specifically.)