[Another foray into La Gias... and a bit of a close call, but Selena wasn't one to let that bother her when everyone got out and the mission was a success.  Albhard was pretty damn happy about finally getting a Grungust.  But Selena on the other hand is concerned about the information found on the Wildschwein...]

... "Megillot", "Zechariah", "Ezekiel", and "Vayyikra"...

All Jewish names and terms.  Perhaps the Aerogators visited the ancient Middle East, similar to how the Gebians went to Egypt?  Or maybe it could be purely coincidental?  Unfortunately, all we can do at this point in time is make guesses.

Make guesses about why those names are what they are... and why someone in the ESUN inexplicably had them in the first place.  And for that matter why bother compiling all that information and then losing it... and losing it to a faction that -if not for our buisiness with Shu- we'd never know they had?

This doesn't smell right.  One reason or another, someone's hiding something.  Maybe they're connected with those Sterben-users that the Unity Group people ran into before they first were transported to La Gias, maybe not.

[She laughs once... hand on Elma's head.  Oh dear, there's that dent where she kicked him earlier.]

I guess you're right.  All we can do is make guesses.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Edited this a bit because of misreading a few details in the mission's debrief.  tl; dr, the information about the Aerogators was simply with everything else and not on the Wildschwein specifically.)

majestic_keiki: (Thinking)

From: [personal profile] majestic_keiki

Those are good questions...Do you know any trustworthy intelligence officers you can turn this over to?
majestic_keiki: (Frown)

From: [personal profile] majestic_keiki

That's bad. Like you said, there are a lot of questions and they could do much more than we can. At least I don't think anybody here has the access or training to investigate.
majestic_keiki: (Thinking)

From: [personal profile] majestic_keiki

Yeah. What's even going on here? It's hard to even guess at it.
tiger_ken: (Leave Me Alone)

From: [personal profile] tiger_ken

Joy, yet another set of secrets being kept from us. You think we'll ever find another ally that is actually utterly upfront with whatever is going on? Because that'd be great.

[Somebody is still frustrated after the battle.]
tiger_ken: (Leave Me Alone)

From: [personal profile] tiger_ken

That's for our enemies. Among allies, hidden secrets can mean swords waiting to go into your back.

[And thus, why he doesn't like the sheer frequency they get sometimes. Too many swords.]

Then again, for once, he have the tools for leverage.
tiger_ken: (Default)

From: [personal profile] tiger_ken

Well, I was thinking given how one of a kind they are, if the military were to want them back...

Well, as the old saying goes, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

[Why yes, he is implying blackmailing the government of the world.]
Edited Date: 2014-07-02 12:04 pm (UTC)
star_of_sad: (Uncertainity)

From: [personal profile] star_of_sad

Aerogators are Jewish? Or at least use Jewish names? I... don't know what to say. This must be the weirdest revelation we had yet.
star_of_sad: (Awkwardness)

From: [personal profile] star_of_sad

It sounds like they are borrowing words without understanding their real meaning.

Maybe it is not the unit designations as aerogators understand them, but some other third faction?
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From: [personal profile] dolorous_sensei

What does it matter what they name their machines. They could name their machines Mr. McWuffles and they would still kill us dead.
cloningblues: (grr serious)

From: [personal profile] cloningblues

How did that information appear on the Wildschwein's drive anyway? Nobody ever talked with Aerogators before...
cloningblues: (you wa shock!)

From: [personal profile] cloningblues

Do you think the Shutedonias and Aerogators are connected in some way?
ugyuuya: Yuuya Annoyed (Yuuya Annoyed)

From: [personal profile] ugyuuya

Surprise surprise, more secrets and lies.

[Yuuya walks up to Selena as she's musing over the data she recovered.]

At least I can be glad that you found the information while you were digging and not someone like Ingram, if he found it we wouldn't have heard word one about it. I'm not sure what's going on but with what happened in Manilla, this, and what's happened before I have a serious lack of faith in some elements of the UG leadership.

You might also want to consider not reviewing that data so openly with your assistant Selena. If there is something more going on here then we don't want to tip our hands too early either. For now let's just try to keep an eye on Major Pliskin since so much of this appears to loop back to him.