The trio that rescued Fail Five Team Rabbits from impending demise is visiting Star Rose, with their units standing in the hangars as proof.

As for the pilots themselves: here they stand, looking aloof and unapproachable. And then...

"Wow! So many cool units around - Unity Group is something else! I bet they have a lot of cute girls, too!" The redheaded leader guy is looking around excitedly, his eyes shining.

"Hey! What about your plan to act like an aloof ace and make a good impression appearing cool, Randy?" The blonde protests, flustered.

"A man can't stop himself in a situation like this... I mean, what the hell are you talking about Patrick? My very presence oozes awesome and cool ace! You tell him, Chandra!"

The dark-haired member of the trio sighs and shakes his head at the others' antics.

It looks like the Rabbits' seniors are not too different from them after all.
[Asagi's being even more of a grump than usual lately, and it's hard not to see why. The operation made everyone look like fools on live TV, but especially him and his epic failure to dock with Blue One's Assault Jaeger. Now it's all over the internet! Which is probably why he's desperately trying to stay away from anything with a net connection right now, and grumbling to himself in one of the common areas.]

Who even thought doing a live broadcast of a combat mission was a good idea...
[When Leos was brought back to the Star Rose after the failed attack on the Wulgaru... the state of the Huckebein he came back in was... phenomenal to say the least. Practically EVERYTHING was destroyed except for the cockpit block. EVERYTHING. It lost all its limbs, thrusters, its communications systems were fried, its controls busted, monitors either fallen apart or shorted out, its OS was completely fragged and the oxygen tank died the moment it got back.]

[But what's more he was piloting when he should have been in the off duty roster due to his issues! He hadn't even went for his first meeting with his therapist yet! What does he have to say?]

I'm sorrryyyyy! Its just that this Admiral guy wanted me to turn up... I don't know why but he said if I could make everything look good...

[Wait... was Leos only there because of just how crap a pilot he was? Was it to boost morale that even raw rookies like him would be able to take on the Wulgaru... or was it to make Team Rabbits look better? Either way though.... we all know the results.]

I know I shouldn't have been out there... but I really wanted to help! I won't let anyone talk me into something like this again! I promise!

[He ducks his head, looking painfully apologetic.]