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You get a message on your comms from Dido, inviting you to one of the lounges in the Saikhama hanger bays.

Upon arrival, you discover that furniture and tables have been shifted to the side, making room for a chalkboard. A huge old-school chalkboard on wheels, pea-green and with a wood-framed ledge for colored chalk-sticks.

Dido nods to you as you walk in, sternly tapping some chalk to the board.

"So," she says. "Loni and the terrible trio have all the Seals. Soon, they'll make their move to summon the Lady upon this world. Brye and Rani are standing by the wings, ready to hijack the Lady's power and somehow use it to wish away suffering. The Lady herself managed to influence the Lady's Good Men, the UG's foundation and Loni's whole upbringing, despite being in a different dimension. Worse, we still don't know what her true power or form is."

Dido starts writing on the chalk board. "If we're gonna win, we have to figure out what's coming. That means assembling clues, testing theories and answering key questions..."

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Dido underlines each question on the board, and turns to face you all. "Class is in session, guys," she pronounces.