[Nothing went right during the latest mission in La Gias. Denzel is dead. Setsuko, Toby, and the people they were sent to rescue have disappeared to some place unknown. Blue One took a crapload of damage, but that's the least of Asagi's worries right now. He stumbles towards a sitting area, slumps down on a chair, takes a stomach pill and lays his head on the table. Then, he slams his fist on it. The table, not his head.]

...It wasn't supposed to go like this.

[One would expect Leos to be absolutely devastated when you find him after the mission. With who died... who went missing and how badly he fared. The screaming and crying all the way through... that he would be an inconsolable mess. Yet instead when you find him, he's humming cheerfully as her walked through the base with several packs of pudding. A little too cheerfully. Something was worrying about this.]

Oh... hey! One minute...

[He snaps off a pack and places it in your hand, giving you an almost heartrendingly sunny smile.]

Friendship pudding now. Just so I don't forget like I did a lot of times before.

I've got a meeting with Progtech that Lana's taking me to so I won't be back until waaaay later.

[2] [Later that day...]

[It was closing onto midnight and still no Leos. One would almost be worried as to what was happening to him... but he's a grown dude. He can take care of himself right?]

H... elp....h...help...m..me...

[Except that belief would be refuted. Utterly. Walking down an intersecting corridor was a horrifically bloodied Leos with a frighteningly vacant look in his eyes from the absolutely gigantic amount of pain he was feeling before he just collapsed into the ground and bled there.]


[The good news first: Leos isn't in any danger of dying. The bad news: All those wounds and injuries? They weren't random. They were surgical scars. It was less about what could have been removed... but more about what was put in. Specifically it seems that Leos was now the proud owner of a large amount of cybernetics. Ones that in theory could allow him to literally interface with machinery and link his mind to it.]


[The surgery itself was horrifically invasive and traumatic as Leos can attest to. Diagnosis revealed that a minimal amount of anesthetic was used in order to ensure that the cybernetics were properly linked to his body. As he recovers in the infirmary you can see Lana sparing the Raven a glance before walking away.]

[Could she... and by extension PROGTECH be responsible for this...?]

[As Leos is still in no state to be visited... Discuss this matter with others/Confront Lana?]


So many people have died recently. So many people have gotten horribly hurt. And they've all left behind the wreckage of their mechs like grave markers. Fort Alhambra is swarming with technicians and engineers of every stripe and color, some working overtime, others hastily summoned back from vacation or from other UG branches.

Dido's in the thick of things, a welding rig slung over her back as she orders tech about.

"I need ScarleTiger's arm hoisted on the gantry and ready to be reattached, stat! You, you, and you: start putting Pale Rider back together. Yeah, I know you've done it before, that's why I'm trusting you with it! The rest of you, put Virgola Unit 3 and Gipsy Danger into storage–we'll deal with them after crunch-time's over!"

She turns to face you, and her bossy expression fades to fatigue. "Hey. Did you need anything?"


[Locked to Mizuki, as well as Ken potentially]

After a long day's work, Dido's kicking back with you, holding a cool bottle of beer to her over-heated head. The refurbished Sol Machines loom overheard in their gantries. DuskBird, ScarleTiger, ShelLancer. She stares up at them for a time, then turns to you and asks.

"Could you tell me about SolBalmung?"


A comn transmission is posted on the Network, addressed to every Unity Group Pilot who's built a reputation as a stone-cold badass.

"Hi." Dido says simply, scratching her head. "I need to become a better mecha pilot. Could you train me?"