[They'd been winning.  They'd been making Carina eat her snobby, condescending words one and all, and Lenore'd been poised to finish her off for good.  So why... why had he only been able to watch as Carina did... that thing...]

... An "I win" button.

[That's one way of describing it, sure.]

Great Roy, just really great way to totally freaking jinx EVERYTHING!

[As juvenile as it is, the Wagner kicks over a pile of existential and philosophy books he'd requested.  So much for being in the mood for making sense of his own predicament.]

She deserves better than all of this crap!  It's not fair that... that someone can just control a situation like that!  What was Lenore supposed to do, just sit on her hands and just never do anything ever friggin' again?!?
That giant thing was built from Cambio Protocol resources... and Lenore's sacrified friends.

How can the Protocol even pretend to do anything good? Is this type of "new world order" supposed to help anyone?!

[Izuru clenches his fist.]

I'm sorry Lenore. You got captured and I don't know what Carina wants do to with you, but... but we'll get you back. I'll do everything I can.

It's a hero's promise.