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So that's what Major Ingram was up to? I never even suspected...

But in the end we still have a lot to thank him for, right? I don't think Unity Group would do as well as it did if he wasn't there to support us. Even if he had his own reasons.

Still, if he fights us again, we'll just have to beat him somehow, right? We can't let him do as he pleases.

I promised someone that I'll protect her and return safely. It happened a long time ago and I don't remember it... but she does. I'll keep that promise.

[But rather than focusing exclusively on serious things, Izuru has some other business to take care of.]

Go! Go and live once more!

[After weeks of tinkering, it's finally ready - he releases the cleaning bot that Kagura stomped on so long ago!

It moves a few feet forward before making discordant beep noises and spinning like a top.]


Is this what should be happening?

[Spin spin spin.]
Much was said and done during the battle at Fort Severin. While Garrod had his own issues going on, he missed the larger part of the "other half" as it were; basically who the hell Asakim and the Shoryouga were, and why exactly they were harassing Setsuko.

After all, he had matters of Newtypes to deal with, on three fronts!

But this is after that. This is while those who have chosen to are helping to clean up and salvage the survivors of the crashing Patoulia and their self-sacrificing leader.

Garrod's role, rather than directly helping, he's standing by with Tiffa while the two of them wait for Carris to be cleared for visiting by Tex in the Freeden's med-bay.

Now, many a thing happened to Garrod, as well as Setsuko, but many questions were left unanswered thanks to the Interfering Frost Bros.!

They returned so soon.  We still had like... six and a half years before the UE would show up again!  What made them change their strategies?

And... Master Albert!  He lived in that city!  He helped bring people in, helped guide and protect them!  And then he just let a bunch of Mavericks attack so some... some "cipher" could be released?!?  How can you offer such generosity to people and then snatch it away?


[Much later on, Flit's trying to check around the emergency shelters people at Legion HQ went to in the midst of all the fighting.]

-Yes, we do have a record of a "Yurin L'Ciel" checking in here just after the first Maverick machines showed up.

Then she should still be here, right?

Well yes.  She didn't check out, but... I've checked with the volunteers here and nobody's been able to find her.  I'm terribly sorry for this but surely she's still okay.  The shelter sustained no damage during the battle and maybe she just slipped out when nobody was lookingNow if you'll excuse me...

[All the reassuring in the world wouldn't have been able to keep Flit's heart from sinking, and the man's lack of even that just made Flit worry even more.]
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1. (Locked to Roger)

*You're busy doing whatever business a rich young negotiator like you are doing in your free time, when suddenly someone greeted you from behind.*

Good afternoon, Master Roger. This is your afternoon tea.

*It's the girl you saved before, Dorothy! In a maid uniform nonetheless! What is she doing here?*

2. (Free for everyone)

*If you're visiting paradigm city through Roger's Mansion, you can see a girl in a maid uniform sweeping the floor with a flat face. It's obvious that she never did this before, since she's basically just collecting dust and moving them around again and again. Those of you present in the mission "Dorothy, Dorothy" should recognize her as the hostage.*

Good afternoon. Are you looking for Master Roger? I assume he's currently still sleeping, but I'll gladly wake him up for you.

Garrod has been pacing the hangar back and forth, more or less in front of the GX. He does seem to have something on his mind, and his gestures are as if he's really fretting over something, but what might it be... You'll have to ask.

Sometimes later Garrod is seen with Tiffa, making way with her to the hangar. And within minutes after, the two of them load up into the Gundam and prepare to take off!

He's... coming back, right?
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[Due to an increasing number of mixed operations (and in part to satisfy general pilot curiosity) the TSF detachment has scheduled a training event for other UG personnel to familiarize themselves with TSF piloting at their own pace. Unable to provide the full simulator support onsite at a UG location the event is scheduled to take place at the Yokohama training base.

The day is split between use of the simulators in the morning to instill the basics and more advanced maneuvers in the Fubuki training TSFs using a modified dual seat cockpit allowing members of the Argos flight to take control in case of emergency.]

[2] - Semi-locked to Raquel

[Tarisa is suited up in her TSF suit minus the HUD interface waiting for Raquel to meet for the arranged spar the two had decided upon after discussing her last run in with the Shura. Looking up as the door opens the look of excitement and anticipation on her face is obvious.]

Certainly took long enough for our schedules to match up for this, wouldn't you agree?
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The Indalph... Something tells me we have not seen the last of them. One can only wonder what the future holds.

Not all news are so uncertain, however. The results of the games we held have surfaced; the Gebian High Council support for the Pro-Earthling Party raised from twelve to nineteen percent, and for the Anti-Earthling Party fell from fourty to thirty eight percent. Some of my people started to show interest in Earth's sports, as well - most notably cheese rolling, and what they presume lacrosse is about.

The numbers might not look favorable, but it is but the first endeavour out of many. A peaceful solution became a much closer reality, and it is all thanks to your efforts, and your willingness to participate in a potentially degrading event.

...Thank you.
*For some reason, lately Walt is getting more somber than usual. He's bugging random people now.*

Is it really just me? Can't anyone feel it? I can't ignore it anymore! It's getting stronger and stronger....

This dreadful feeling...  Like something heavy is in my chest... But it's not like those time when I forgot my antidepressant!  Something bad will happen soon, really soon...

Please believe me!
(After the successful rescue of Tiffa...)

Hey everyone... I just wanted to thank you all for helping me get Tiffa back. I know there was a lot more going on out there but... But all the same you came to help me, you know, as well for your other reasons since those weird brothers came after us for... well who knows why.

But... yeah... thanks everyone.
*A man in UN Spacy uniform walks into the Sakihama Base front door holding a bunch of bags in his hands. Apparently they're... toys? And cakes?

You might recognize the Macross emblem on his uniform.*

Oh man, those TSEN things are really convenient, aren't they? And I thought I would miss the release of these limited edition babies, with, you know, being a billion kilometers away from the store at the release date...
[So after Blinded By the Light finishes up]

[For now Zero is recovering on the Macross before he decides to hit that TSEN whatever to get to Earth, but wants to introduce himself to his new allies.

However Zero is not the giant of light that had been observed battling, but instead looks like a young man who could pass for a hobo, and with him is a kid that is just as finely dressed.]

Thanks for the save back there, not sure what would have happened if we didn't get any help.
I'm Zero, Ultraman Zero. A warrior from the Land of Light currently visiting this universe on my own mission. This body isn't mine though, it's a guy who's kind of in a coma and I'm helping him recover while I borrow it. It's the brother of this kid, Nao. I'm currently looking out for him so I hope you help me out with that too.

[He pats the boy on the shoulder who waves]

It's kind of a complicated story how all this happened and I got here, but I'm willing to tell it.

[Once he's gotten a bit more well known he's used the TSEN to bring himself and Nao to the Star Rose first because the kid wanted to check out some cool space stuff and he couldn't say no. It's more advanced than the mining planet he was on but you know, space and it's varying technologies make for curious kids.]

Geez, humans really got some advanced stuff.
I never would have expected all those robots out of 'em.
My fault I guess, heh.
[A young man in army fatigues comes on camera, staring into it with a stern expression]

SGT. Sousuke Sagara at your service.

I'm a member of Mithril who will be cooperating with UNITY for the time being. My orders are to specifically protect Kaname Chidori from any threats. However, I have been given orders to sortie in cooperation with Unity missions in order to facilitate good relations between our organizations.

My superiors recommended I finally introduce myself.

Any questions.

[From off camera a voice prods at the young soldier: "You're not going to pick up any chicks that way! What are your favorite songs! Hobby! Romance! Give them some of that"]

[Sousuke's eyes glance off camera.]

"I'm not sure why I would need to pick up baby chickens. The ration stock at the base is plentiful enough not to resort to such methods."
[Returning to the Star Rose after the battle at the Saotome Labs, Kei was even more quiet than usual.

A few hours later, she can be found occupying a kitchen in the UG base at the side, mixing something in a bowl, with a cutting board covered in chopped chocolate standing next to it. Despite the apparent domestic happiness of the scene, she has a largely blank expression on her face and her movements are unfocused as if her mind is clearly on something else.

Approach her?]

Those who stop by the Sakihama Base's main hanger bay may notice a new addition to the mecha menagerie, techs repairing minor damage to it's back and right arm.

You may recognize the mecha in question– from the news, by reputation, or from your model kits: the Kaiju-slaying Jaeger, Gispy Danger!


At the base of the Mark III Jaeger, while welding sparks rain down over their heads, two brothers in matching bomber jackets clink their bottles of beer together.

Yancy Beckett looks up as you approach, and fishes out another bottle from the cooler. "Hey there! We were just celebrating our fifth battle; care to join us?"


Later on, you can see Yancy hanging out in one of the lounges, chewing on his lip as he works on a Rubix cube. Care to offer some advice?


Around the same time, you might run across Raleigh in the gym, sweat staining his tank-top as he runs through a set of staff forms, using martial arts techniques from all over the place. Surprise attack him?
[Hetepheres eventually returns from Macross to her office in Alhambra by TSEN. And it might not be easy to see at a first glance, but she looks tired. Regardless, time for rest will come later, because now she has an announcement to make. One of her scarab-like helpers gives her a cup of something to drink.]

I never expected the giants to reach Earth. But at this point, it is a safe bet that what are they after is your ship, the Macross. The ship that is currently around the orbit of Uranus.

Some of you might have heard about it, and it is true; my people encountered these giants before. As well as Decepticons, and Wulgaru, and Aerogaters. We barely know much more about them than you do; our contact consisted mostly of exchanging projectiles, not words. Regardless, if you have any questions, I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

[She can be easily reached through the network or in person.]
After the rescue operation, you receive words from the mercenary leader that asked you for help. This is aimed at everyone willing to listen, but ESPECIALLY a certain young and foolhardy kid who stole a mobile suit not too long ago.

"This is captain Jamil Neate of Freeden speaking. Thank you for saving Tiffa."

"You deserve some explanation. Tiffa has a very rare gift - she is a Newtype, the kind that was used in war against the SRA fifteen years ago. Even now there are people who would abuse their power for their own goals. No matter what, I will not let that happen. This is Freeden's mission, to travel around the world and look for Newtypes we can help, make sure no one enslaves or abuses them."

"I am glad we could work together. If I ever need your assistance again, I'll let you know. Likewise if you need my crew for anything, just give me a call."

It looks like it's over, but then Jamil has one final thing to say.

"Because of what happened with the Gundam, Tiffa is unconscious. It's psychic backlash - but she should be fine. Do not blame yourselves for what happened. Just give her time to recover."