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([personal profile] pulledplug Jan. 31st, 2016 04:51 pm)

[So it seems you all haven't seen the last of Roy Garnette just yet.  In spite of what happened at Erria, the Wagner, untouched since then, still rose to help save Hikari's friend.  Now it's at least getting a proper repair job, with the AI inside now free to focus on his existential quagmire.]

So... yeah.

Boss man didn't just get me an awesome robot to pilot... that robot... was me.  An' I guess the normal-size me was just a... drone or somethin'.  Dan Man, you're probably right.  My past an' living on the street... nights I went hungry, winters I spent freezing my butt off... even meeting boss man himself were all a buncha lies.

But when we were out there, that dude in the Megatank knock-off needed help.  And like, I could hear it.  Like I wasn't blown to bits and crap.  And I had to ask myself if I could just let a guy get killed and not even try to save 'im.

I mean... even with boss man I tried...






[Hooked up to a screen, Roy's been trying to get at least a digital image of himself re-established.  Kinda hard when you're only just getting into the wonderful world of computer programming even though you are one.  And worst of all, his efforts seem to be straying further from the mark.]

Not in a million years...


[And afterwards the Wagner can be found, looking at a small data screen in the hangar, tendrils occasionally poking at it to cycle through reports about what happened at Erria and everything afterwards.]


... What a bunch of scumbags...