[With the damage the Wagner sustained taking down Alex/Joshua, Roy had figured he'd have to go under for a while while the mechanics patched his body up.  He's plenty surprised though to wake up one day... back in his human-sized body, repaired and good as new]


[Here he'd found his body to help Doomstar and Jen out... but to think the crazy scientist had actually been able to patch it up again?]

... Holy cow.

Lady Crackrock you're... pretty freakin' amazing when you want to be!


[And indeed... it's pretty great to be able to go around and not in a Doomba, at least until...]




[Until Roy gets re-introduced to pain when he stubs his toe on a door.]



[And hunger pains make him do an emergency run to the mess hall to have his first meal in months.]


[And worst of all...]


[Suddenly realizing he's gotta start using the bathroom again. as he sprints down the hall when nature starts calling.]