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([personal profile] delouser Aug. 6th, 2014 01:05 am)
1. (Locked to Roger)

*You're busy doing whatever business a rich young negotiator like you are doing in your free time, when suddenly someone greeted you from behind.*

Good afternoon, Master Roger. This is your afternoon tea.

*It's the girl you saved before, Dorothy! In a maid uniform nonetheless! What is she doing here?*

2. (Free for everyone)

*If you're visiting paradigm city through Roger's Mansion, you can see a girl in a maid uniform sweeping the floor with a flat face. It's obvious that she never did this before, since she's basically just collecting dust and moving them around again and again. Those of you present in the mission "Dorothy, Dorothy" should recognize her as the hostage.*

Good afternoon. Are you looking for Master Roger? I assume he's currently still sleeping, but I'll gladly wake him up for you.
[There was a fairly generic member of the team that went on that jungle mission-or, that's what it looked like. The girl in question summoned some kind of crazy super robot, called Leos a liar, and had Ms. Norman all over her. She's still even got the third eye that old lady painted on her forehead.

She can be found wandering around the base, her right arm in a sling. Sometimes, she will visit the hangar and stare up at the new black robot that showed up to save her.]