[1 - locked to Argos Flight]
[Immediately after the mission ends, someone is checking on VG's downed TSF.

VG himself can see a weird person appearing in the entrance to the cockpit, looking at him with a concerned expression.]

Are you wounded? I know you didn't die, but it'd be a shame if you were hurt because of me.

[Later, back at Unity Group Bases, someone is making a video introduction.

That someone is an individual with horns and an unchanging smile on their face. Ren switched the old robe to standard, baggy technician overalls. The reason for that is simple: the robe had a gunshot hole at the heart, and was stained with blood - Ren's blood.]

Hello, my name is Ren Ubuntu. I am really grateful for saving those ESUN soldiers. Let me explain. Hmm, where should I start? Ah yes. These...

[Poke at the horns.]

They are real. No, I am not a demon or anything supernatural like that. I am an artificial human-like being, birthed from a cloning pod. I'm afraid that my kin, beings similar to me, are after me. They want to, well, kill me and eat my flesh. I am not too concerned for my own safety, but they started to target people around me as collateral.

So I'm turning to you for help. I know Unity Group is powerful and can defend itself against my kin, and your Commander-in-chief agreed to grant me asylum, at least for a little while. I have a little bit of skills I learnt here and there, so don't worry, I won't be a freeloader. If there is a way I can help you with anything, I will.

This introduction feels... impersonal, but I'll gladly talk to everyone in person. I'd like to get to know all of you better.

I'm sure you are all wonderful people.

[The transmission ends there, but Ren is easy to find in person. They don't exactly blend in with the crowd.]

Several people have died that night. So many more could've perished, but even that few make me sad. It's a tragedy.

[Ren found the memorial, and puts a lit candle in front of it.]

I know most of them were not members of Unity Group, but I hope it's alright if I remember them this way.

[Its after the sortie and Leos is nowhere in sight of his borrowed R-Blade. One would think he's back in the infirmary or just bundled up somewhere. Not so. In a corner of one of the bases, a flickering light continuously lives and dies casting shadows over him in a most disturbing way as his palm presses heavily against a machine. It creaks lowly and its own faint lights flicker.]

Almost.... almost....

[There was a noise akin to electricity crackling, the machine Leos was connected to seemingly shut off before returning to full functionality, letting out a low growl as it did so. Leos began to cackle almost maniacally in response to this.]


[There was a low thump from the machine. Leos slowly crouched down... and pulled out a pack of pudding. The light above him finally decided it wanted to stay on, bathing Leos' exuberant grin in its warmth.]



[Now that Leos had discovered he could interface with more than just mecha of various flavours, he's been wandering around the bases, attempting to plug himself into various forms of electronics. Some with more success than others.]

a) Game Console/Computer

[Leos had a tremendous advantage in that his avatar ingame, or in the case of strategy games, his entire army seemed to move with almost every thought he made. However...]

Wait wait. Left LEFT-!



[That did not automatically make him good at them. Just faster.]

b) Star Rose's Roombas Cleaning Robots
[As a Janitor, Leos was expected to tend to cleaning up the areas of Star Rose that had been sectioned for the Unity Group's usage. However, taking care of things with just him and Ken was so slow. In order to take care of that problem he decided to plug into a few of the Out of Service Mini-Cleaning Robots that usually take care of the minor details and small messes.]


[He didn't expect that his attempts to program them to do his job for him would lead to the small herd of Roombas to develop low sentience along the lines of an animal level AI. Seriously Leos. How the hell did you do that? The good news is that they're more of a nuisance and can't really hurt anyone aside from tripping them, and they can't exactly make other machinery come alive either. The bad news? They're chasing Leos around.... but in the long run is that REALLY such a bad thing?]

c) TV

[Leos had a grin on his face. He could change the channels... WITH HIS MIND. He was essentially channel surfing at a surprising speed as he leaned back and relaxed, never mind a few connections between him and the TV. He has transcended the need for petty remote controls. Fear him.]

d) Death Battle
[Leos was looking up at the Shark-Ship with almost religious awe in his eyes, it was official. He REALLY needed to plug himself into this. Someone please stop him, I don't think the world is ready for Leos to find out what it feels like to be a gigantic flying robot hammerhead shark.]


[When next you find Leos he's sliding against the wall as he stumbles along sleepily, mumbling nonsense to himself. He barely manages to push himself away from it to wave at you.]

He- he-yaaaaawn- hey...

[He rubs at his eyes sleepily, has he been getting enough rest ever since his recovery?]