[Yeah, after that little incident out during the mission Leos is out of it in the hangar, hands pressed to his face. Sara went and betrayed the human race, more importantly her friends and the Unity Group. Leos is having trouble actually processing this just as much as the Solsavior team. It would be like if Lana went out and said that she didn't have his best interests at heart and tried to kill everyone.]

Sara... what... what happened to you...

[He's shaking his head slowly, still trying to accept that she's an enemy.]


[Well its time to open the container before the Progtech crew gets here to take it back. And the contents were... underwhelming. It looked like a data storage system.]

So... should we...?

[Leos makes a rapid finger wiggling motion to the storage unit as he glanced at the people with him.]


[Progtech finally came by to pick up their stuff. But that wasn't the only thing they hauled off. Leos was standing in an empty hangar spot with a note in his hands. Pale Rider was nowhere to be seen and the Raven was scratching the back of his head.]

"So, you guys were interested in the container we asked you to retrieve, right?"

Look, it's Elan Cubis, the PROGTECH research and development chief.

"It's only fair if I told you since you brought it back safely... well, for the most part. Anyway, we studied the derelict ship and you saved our databank with information pertaining to it. But that's not all."

"I've been investigating Nineball-related incidents, and the conflicts between various megacorps that were springing around lately. All my data is in the bank too, and let me tell you - something really fishy is going on there. Each time there's a huge battle, someone important, like an esteemed scientist, an investigator or a political figure, dies in collateral damage."

"I don't think that's coincidental. I think someone's causing these fights on purpose, as cover for assassinations."
[Following the attack on Brussels, Alex had followed the Unity Group people back to their base. Not like the city was terribly livable at the time and if anybody could help her make sense of things it was the people whose job was dealing with these issues. The awful weather in Brussels during the mission was still clear as she was sitting in the transports back to base, showing themselves as wet, matted hair and positively soaked clothes.]

I should explain...Anything you want to know?

[In the hours following the return a new girl could be found trying to find her way around base. She seemed faintly uncertain and rather preoccupied with something.]

Is there a shower I can borrow somewhere?