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[She can't believe her eyes.  Coming back from the battle, used by Albhard and Elma...]

That's... that thing we found plans for!

That's right... AS-04 Soleares.  All the new features in it worked like a charm out there, and it held its own even without breaking out the Gesterben's Blade Railgun.

I didn't want to bother you about it after... what happened.  But when you're finally ready to go out in just anything.  This... it's Team Jelba's legacy, born from everyone's machines.  If it can help you... help your heart, so much the better.

Albhard, you didn't have to... we still don't even know the origin of this thing-

And we still don't know who originally had my Grungust.  But if you'd rather we keep this locked away somewhere, fortunately it has some active camo for just the occasion.

No, it's fine... it's... even more than that.  Albhard, Elma...


[And a short while later, Selena's just, looking up at the new machine.  There's quite the story behind it, to say the least.]
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Hello, what's this?

[Time to poke around the Soleares. On the outside, that is.]

This is quite an advanced looking machine, isn't it.
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I wouldn't know. Designing or working with mobile suits and other humanoid robots is not something I ever did in any greater scope...

But, you say "found"? So it was already made by someone else?
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Ah, how mysterious! But that still means someone made the unit before you got to it. I wonder who - and if they will show up hoping to get it back.

We can't really blame them, can we? It's a powerful robot.
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I'm happy to hear that.

[Ren seems quieter for a moment.]

How are you holding up?
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I don't know if it's appropriate... but if I were to tell you a story from my experience, would you listen?
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I can personally vouch for its power on the battlefield. If I wasn't so attached to the ScarleTiger and my team... I might ask for a trade.
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...I suppose that's an important qualification these days...

You think you could handle stepping back in?
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I meant more your fighting spirit than your actual capabilities... but I suppose neither should ever have been in doubt.

Do them all proud.
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The Soleares, is it? I have witnessed it on the battlefield. It is a machine that should fit your fighting style well.
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Not just that. It is a very stealthy, deceptive and agile machine. Soleares is twice the ninja Gesterben was. If Albhard was able to sneak right up to the enemy champion with it, imagine what you will be able to do.
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Is revenge what gives you the strength to go on now? Watch out with that. It might drive you forward, but it might also blind you. Do not let it overcome your senses.
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Oh, I am not saying to just let her go. She has to pay for her actions, and if we do not kill her, more people will share the fate of Team Jelba.

But desire for revenge is an emotion. Emotions that burn the brightest are the easiest to exploit. Do not let anyone exploit yours.
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AS-04 Solares is it? I haven't heard of that series before, is it a line tied into secret development with team Jelba?

[Lamia looks worried and surprisingly suspicious. For some reason her guard seems to be higher than usual.]
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I was not aware that the two of them were so adept at mecha design and system incorporation. I know about the ECS system on arm slaves but your system is a much more complete technology that functions on a mech that was pieced together from other units. It almost sounds like it could have been some kind of advanced salvaged tech...

[Lamia fades off with a surprisingly intense questioning look in her eyes.]

The only way I could see such a complete system functioning is with the ASRS and Mirage systems running concurrently. The unit designation makes that seem more likely as well, but how did they get it?
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I'd be interested in seeing a more detailed schematic for the unit. It's similar enough to the Angelg's systems that it could help with their development and perhaps with the overload associated with the extended use or by using the Mirage Sign.

And a part of me wants to see this for certain. I know the Ashsaber plans well enough to tell if they are the same development line like I fear they might be.