prismphantom: (Shocked Survivor)
([personal profile] prismphantom posting in [community profile] srwu Oct. 30th, 2014 12:42 am)
[She can't believe her eyes.  Coming back from the battle, used by Albhard and Elma...]

That's... that thing we found plans for!

That's right... AS-04 Soleares.  All the new features in it worked like a charm out there, and it held its own even without breaking out the Gesterben's Blade Railgun.

I didn't want to bother you about it after... what happened.  But when you're finally ready to go out in just anything.  This... it's Team Jelba's legacy, born from everyone's machines.  If it can help you... help your heart, so much the better.

Albhard, you didn't have to... we still don't even know the origin of this thing-

And we still don't know who originally had my Grungust.  But if you'd rather we keep this locked away somewhere, fortunately it has some active camo for just the occasion.

No, it's fine... it's... even more than that.  Albhard, Elma...


[And a short while later, Selena's just, looking up at the new machine.  There's quite the story behind it, to say the least.]
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