To my friend Daniel:
I knew you will find this eventually. Listen to my message; the password is something only you would know.
The first part is the name of your energetic friend.
The second part is the name of your calm friend.
The third part is the third name of God.
Access the data, and learn the truth.

[That was the message attached to the data disk Daniel found in the ruins of the old Lost Seeker compound. And now, thanks to Greta's answer, he knows the third part of the password.]

Maggie. Bobby. Nothing.

[He inputs the password. The datadisk accepts it. On it, there is an audio file. Daniel starts to listen as a voice can be heard in the room - a voice that, if you discount the lack of artificial synthetic parts and metallic resound, sounds suspiciously familiar...]

The recording )


[Click. Daniel stops the recording. Slowly, he takes a step to the side, without saying a word. And he slams his fist into the wall.]