*It's the middle of the night. Walt sits down on his bed in the infirmary, looking at his left arm that used to be filled with eyes. It's healthy skin now. He laughs.*

This can't be happening again, right? This is just another nightmare, right? Friend?

*And his giggle echoes in the dimly lit hallway.*


The next day, a police detective come knocking to Alhambra base. He's bringing a sealed package to Walt who is lounging around.

"Mr Walt Schermtz? I'm from the interpol. I know this isn't standard procedure but... we know when things are beyond our jurisdiction."

"Jurisdiction?" Walt cocks his head. "You're the interpol. The whole planet is your jurisdiction.

"Exactly." The detective nods. "This case is beyond that.

We were investigating a series of ritual murder from all over the world. One of the victim... left something for you. I believe she is your acquaintance."

The detective hands over a leather-bound diary. The name written in front of it is someone familiar.

It's Dr. Eliene's Diary.

Dear Walt.

If you're reading this, that means I'm already dead. I know we didn't separate in the best term. I won't defend what I've done, nor pretend that what I'm currently doing is enough to atone, but if you are still what I remember you are, you are not going to ignore this. Please have as many people in the Unity Group know about this, because you will need their help, but most importantly,

you are needed.

After the fiasco on your case, I resigned from Unity Group, but the encounter with the sentient dimension introduced me to a thirst for knowledge that I never felt before, thirst for knowledge on things beyond knowledge. Professor Dupond's works on Discovery and the gates is still something I hold in my heart with wonder and jealousy. I want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him, the person I put in my altar. So I continued my researches privately.

In my researches, I stumbled into another person with similar interest. He's charming, he's intelligent, and he introduced me to his circle of friends. They all are academia from various disciplines, but they all have similar interests with me. I soon find out that this circle of academic interest is bigger than just the few people I met, there are many members and chapters all over the world.

They're a cult.

Oh, the atrocity I witnessed. But I steeled myself, I tried to involve myself in their "research" as much as I can while distancing myself from the cruelty they did, because I know that I need to involve myself as deep as I can if I want to have a chance to stop them from the root.

Their main "research" seems to revolve around the attempt to invoke this... being, for lack of better word. Records about it has been wiped out from any human history. It has a name, but they don't or can't verbalize it. They just call it "The Sleeper From Between The Stars." The supposed purpose for their "research" on it varies. Some says if they can invoke it we will have unlimited energy, enough for utopia until the end of time and beyond. Some says that if they can invoke it, they can redirect it power that nothing can ever threathen earth again. But one thing for sure. These people are obsessed. No matter what their intention is, they want it to come to earth.

And I believe nothing good can result from that.

From what I gather, this being exists in empty space between galaxies. Every once in a while, it appears in places less empty, either summoned or by its own accord I do not know. What I know is that those places had traces of civilizations. Had. Because whatever civilizations existed in those places, the only things left are their traces.

Records about this being are exclusively held by this cult. They managed to have perfect information blackout on it. But I managed to find out that there's specific requirements to invoke this being.

And the requirement is almost complete.

I'm almost out of time, so I need to be more reckless. If I'm successful, you won't receive this diary. But if you receive this diary after all, well...

I failed. The only hope now is on you, Walt, and the rest of Unity Group, to stop this right at their final preparation phase. That is the only time you can stop them at the root once and for all rather than just pruning their branches.

And why you?

Because other than all the requirement to invoke this being, the cult also has records on how to prevent the invocation. It's all vague, and they're purposefully not researching it, they only keep it to prevent other parties to know about it. But the most significant part is this oft repeated poem.

“If the Watcher
should be broken,

the Dreamer
would arouse.

If the Dreamer
were overcome.

The Sleeper
would wake.”

I know it's you Walt. You are the Watcher. Don't be broken. Don't be overcome.

Don't let the sleeper wake.
Recent developments with the Lady and the Discovery prompted some to mention a particular Kijin organization as a potential source of artifacts.

Because of this, those who are interested may participate in a hastily organized visit to the once grand estate that was the headquarters of the Gloster Foundation. There are things to be discussed.

After the events almost a year ago, the place is definitely not what it once was: buildings are still damaged, and while some are being rebuilt, others have been abandoned. The giant, lavish manor that was the administrative building, where Seta's coming of age ceremony was held, is one of the latter.

A gloomy atmosphere looms over the area, complete with a sky laden with overcast.

Among those who decided to come, one person is a special case: a certain horned girl, who received a personal invitation from the new leaders of the Foundation...


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