[The Indalph are gone and so is the traitorous Sara Harper. While she was once a good friend, she became a monster and enemy to all of mankind and its allies. But would it really be appropriate to celebrate? Depends on who you ask. As for Leos? He's simply invited you (or someone's case, invited himself in) to a favorite hangout of his with a console, a bunch of fighting games and pudding. Lots and lots of pudding. Its pretty easy to guess where this hangout was (Spoilers: Its Asagi's Room).]

So we've got Kalamity Battle X,  Blaze Gear: The Third - Phantasm Sign, Ultra Crash Siblings Free For All, Road Battler Five and DropBunker. I had a Copy of Martial Mashup 3 but someone kind of smashed it into about two dozen pieces tops.

[Leos is perfectly happy to remain on the floor to avoid breaking furniture with his weight. Interestingly enough though, in addition to a few controllers, the leader of the Frighteners had plugged himself into the console as well... this should prove interesting.]

[Pick a game, any game.]

(For clarification: Kalamity Battle = Mortal Kombat, Blaze Gear is a mashup of Blazblue and Guilty Gear, Ultra Crash and Road Battler are self explainatory and DropBunker is Divekick with pilebunkers replacing the kicks. Spectators are welcome to jump into threads with permission from the participant.)

2) [Long after prompt 1]
Cut for Length and Reasons )

3) [Takes place after Prompt 2]
Cut For Reasons )

4) [Locked to one character in particular.]

Cut For reasons )