[The Indalph are gone and so is the traitorous Sara Harper. While she was once a good friend, she became a monster and enemy to all of mankind and its allies. But would it really be appropriate to celebrate? Depends on who you ask. As for Leos? He's simply invited you (or someone's case, invited himself in) to a favorite hangout of his with a console, a bunch of fighting games and pudding. Lots and lots of pudding. Its pretty easy to guess where this hangout was (Spoilers: Its Asagi's Room).]

So we've got Kalamity Battle X,  Blaze Gear: The Third - Phantasm Sign, Ultra Crash Siblings Free For All, Road Battler Five and DropBunker. I had a Copy of Martial Mashup 3 but someone kind of smashed it into about two dozen pieces tops.

[Leos is perfectly happy to remain on the floor to avoid breaking furniture with his weight. Interestingly enough though, in addition to a few controllers, the leader of the Frighteners had plugged himself into the console as well... this should prove interesting.]

[Pick a game, any game.]

(For clarification: Kalamity Battle = Mortal Kombat, Blaze Gear is a mashup of Blazblue and Guilty Gear, Ultra Crash and Road Battler are self explainatory and DropBunker is Divekick with pilebunkers replacing the kicks. Spectators are welcome to jump into threads with permission from the participant.)

2) [Long after prompt 1]
[Some downtime with his friends had helped Leos feel far better than anything had in a long time as he wandered some rubble strewn streets. He and his team, and possibly members of the Unity Group are out helping to deliver some disaster relief assistance. Purely volunteer work that was probably far below the scope of either party - something that the other Frighteners are very obviously bored out of their minds by with just how uncaring they are with their work - but something Leos seemed to be more than happy to assist with. Then a crash rang out from close by.]



"You should have walked away when you had the chance you worm. Sadly you won't get to regret that fact.-"

[Remille was holding a person by the neck near where they were passing out the food and water. That wasn't very nice. The fact that she was threatening of all people a child made things worse. The Frighteners had weapons out, there was a mess all over the place... and a young woman who had a pretty bad bruise, several other people were trying to shield her from Boyle, who was cracking his knuckles. There were some emergency personnel hovering over her but kept some distance due to the weapons pointed at them.]

Remille. Boyle. What the do you two think you're doing. What the HELL do ALL of you think you're doing?!

[Leos forcefully makes Remille drop the kid, leading to him falling onto his rear onto the dusty ground. The Frighteners look unsure now, lowering their weapons.]

"Got some slander tossed at us. When we took offence they attacked too, so we retaliated."

Are you fucking with me?! Are you saying that you tossed a temper tantrum because they called you names-?! Put your guns away! ALL OF YOU! If I so much as hear another shot I'll do to you what I did to the Nineball.

[Leos sighs and carefully herds the kid back to his sister, giving the Frighteners a glare as if to ensure their behavior.]

I'm sorry about this unpleasantness-

"Get away from me and my brother murderer!!!"

Excuse me?

"You don't think I know what that badge you have on your shoulder is?!"

[She gets back to her feet, pulling her now clearly terrified brother close to her as she points hysterically at the Frightener Insignia emblazoned on Leos' uniform. Something terribly terribly wrong is going on here.]

3) [Takes place after Prompt 2]

I talked it over with the Commanders. We're leaving.

[Leos tugs a bag over his shoulder, despite the smile on his face there was a sense of bitterness in his voice, that this was not a goodbye he wanted.]

I've had the others load up our equipment and we're it sent through the TSEN to Star Rose. We'll load up back onto the ship we were operating from when we bumped into each other during that fight with the Wulgaru.

And with any luck the Frighteners won't ever be associating with the Unity Group again...

[His fingers dig into the strap over his shoulder as he spoke.]

... I'm sorry. For everything. It was stupid of me to even think that they could handle something like that without something going wrong in the worst way... not just that but for everything they said and done. Guess it'll teach me for just accepting responsibility over a bunch of people I don't even know from some guy from ESUN... heh... its like Admiral Komine all over again...

[A rueful chuckle escapes from his lips as he lowers his head guiltily.]

For what it's worth... I ... I just hope we're still friends. Even after all the good and bad.... but I'll understand if you'll want nothing to do with me anymore.

4) [Locked to one character in particular.]

[With very few other things to do, the Frighteners returned to the beck and call of their benefactors at ESUN. This time though it seemed that they were going to be loaned out to someone that had been owed a favor and needed extra muscle. As they disembarked, a number of them were clearly annoyed at having to put down roots on solid ground once more.]

[To Leos however there was a more important matter of seeking someone else out.]

Surprise. I guess you didn't expect to see me here didn't you.
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