1- Alhambra, an hour after Impact Again

[Some time after the mission, Kagura is coming out of the Graveyard installation, after a thorough checkup. She's walking fast, and her inexpressive armor doesn't give any clues as to what the results were.

But if you were in that last mission, there's a pretty good chance you'll want to ask Kagura what the hell just happened, and this is probably the best moment for that.]

2 - Dead of the night, Alhambra (Only for people with positive CR with Kagura)

 photo 7a9cba3f-1544-4f4d-ae62-294530abdc62_zps90fbef03.png
[At a high point on the desert hills outside Alhambra, after most reasonable people have gone to bed after a hard day, Kagura can be found, standing. And the suit is, surprisingly, opened. The little fairy normally inside it is sitting on it with a very focused, strange expression in her glowing eyes, looking at her own hand - where, sometimes, it seems the light reflects oddly, as if twinkles of light were ocassionally coming from inside it.

Kagura frowns, as if concentrating, and there's a spark and the smell of ozone all around for a moment. This only makes her frown harder.

She vaguely looks aside at you as you arrive, though. She clearly felt you come, but didn't seem to feel a need to get back into her suit yet]

[Kagura, Albhard, Setsuko, Willis... she'd seen them all die out there and be reduced to light.  And yet whatever 'out there' actually was, they were back and still alive.  Albhard'd even mentioned seeing Jessica, and wasn't that a grim reminder?]

Would I've seen you and the others, Captain?

[A short little snort.]

... Then again who else would there be?


[And the other Jelba operative's been thinking about all of this too.  His luck hadn't run out today, but it'd been close.  And that night he can be found staring up into the skies, the same ones that Jessica'd had wanted to go out and explore.]


If that wasn't you, then it just wasn't you.  But if it was... I'm sorry.  It wasn't my time just yet.  It might not be my time for a long while still.  There's still things needing done.

But seeing you like that again...

If you're waiting, I'll make it worth the wait.  Promise.