[Kagura, Albhard, Setsuko, Willis... she'd seen them all die out there and be reduced to light.  And yet whatever 'out there' actually was, they were back and still alive.  Albhard'd even mentioned seeing Jessica, and wasn't that a grim reminder?]

Would I've seen you and the others, Captain?

[A short little snort.]

... Then again who else would there be?


[And the other Jelba operative's been thinking about all of this too.  His luck hadn't run out today, but it'd been close.  And that night he can be found staring up into the skies, the same ones that Jessica'd had wanted to go out and explore.]


If that wasn't you, then it just wasn't you.  But if it was... I'm sorry.  It wasn't my time just yet.  It might not be my time for a long while still.  There's still things needing done.

But seeing you like that again...

If you're waiting, I'll make it worth the wait.  Promise.

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I'd rather not go back there to find out.

[Looks like someone was listening in.]
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To be fair, Kagura says a lot of things about a lot of superiors...and juniors...and allies...and enemies...

For someone without a voice she makes her opinion known quite a bit.
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