[Pre "Story's End"]


There's no rest for the wicked or the righteous. As the final military operation against the Lady shifts into high gear, Project Unification staff and civilian volunteers are streaming in and out of Saikhama to donate memory imprints to the crystalline weapon.

Dido Sybil has been hovering around the hanger bay where the Anti-Lady weapon is store. Observant people might see her take a few steps toward the memory copying station, then turn around and walk away, looking at something on her phone.

Finally, she sees and approaches you. "Hey," she says with a weak smile. "If you've got a free evening next week, could you do me a favor?" She chuckles nervously. "It's a doozy."


"I, Alexia Sybil, ask of you all!" Dido's mom proclaims. "In the world of Italian cuisine, what is the mightiest dish? Calamari? Chicken Alfredo? No, it is bell peppers; the spicier the better! Those who can eat these peppers whole are shining champions of taste! Those who cannot stomach them...should just order from the children's menu!"

You've tagged along with Dido to have Italian dinner with her billionaire mother. More specifically, you're dining in a zero-g Italian restaurant, located in the central torus of a space colony, where all the the food is broiled in raw sunlight focused by skyscraper-sized solar mirrors.

For an utterly posh restaurant, it's rather messy.

"Anyways," Alexia Sybil says, turning toward you. "Wont you tell me what my little Dido's been up to?" She grabs a stray pepper floating through the air and wolfs it down. "She never talks about her work at the Unity Group...or is it Project Unification now?"
[It was a while after the inspector's announcement and much of the information was still sinking in. For some it was a time to plan for the future, for others it was a time to discuss the new information that may or may not have rocked views on the very world itself. For Peola and a few security staff and mechanics? It was a time to try manually open a hatch on the giant robot horse.]

Okay! I think we've almost got it! Just one more pull-!

[There was a loud mechanical thunk as they let go of the hatch and quickly move back as it falls. There was silence for a while before the sound of something heavy meeting metal in a steady rhythm made its way outwards to the hangar. Lo and behold a truly titanic horse made its way out with a mighty neigh before cantering over to Peola and snorting loudly, letting a breath all over her.]

Ah! I know I shouldn't have been reckless, but what was I supposed to do? One of her friends was going to get hurt!

[A nicker and another snort and the horse was soon gumming at her hair.]

Quit it! Ack! Somebody help me out here!

[The people assembled in front of the hatch glanced at each other... and then figured it was far too much trouble to get involved and dispersed.]

[So... the giant robot horse had a huge horse in it... huh.]
I have to go...

[Peola sounded... depressed to say the least.]

Some of the things my father said. They stuck in my head, I've been having trouble sleeping because of it.

I sent him a message that I'd agree to the wedding...

[There was an immense grimace on her face at the thought.]

Turns out those nobles didn't recognize my 'non-existent' choice... I don't know if its because they don't care about Earth, that she wasn't around or because Kliiment talked them into not caring...

But... I guess that's what I get for running away from my problems and punching them in the face isn't it?

... They're holding the wedding on Earth... my father's invited you all... figured since we all fought together you guys should be there.

I guess that's it... thank you... all of you for being good to me.

[Peola lowers her head in a modest bow.]

[For those of you who wish to speak to her before she has to leave she's at the hangar. A small troupe of Royal Porters were quickly shimmying off with her belongings to a rather ornate looking shuttle outside, its entrance flanked by a pair of mecha. Regalis Filia itself was carefully being moved into the shuttle by another pair of them. The Princess is tremendously listless about the whole matter and is spending the whole time fidgeting. Notably rather than her usual security uniform or just some simple clothing she's clad in a flowing gown that seemed to have an almost ocean like sheen to it, looking tremendously formal and out of place.]


[Many many things have been happening over the past few days and Peola's a little overwhelmed by it despite not having been personally there for any of the occurrences. Kagura was no longer dead... sort of, a god was killed and a moon had been prevented from falling to the Earth. She really did admire just how much everyone had done...]


[But with her being off the mission roster for a while she's been spending time with her sister when not on guard duty or training or otherwise being indisposed. Ourania was still under observation but Peola did find a few things to bring in that her fellow security guards figured might help things along. The siblings had literally let their hair down and were bonding by beating the everloving crap out of each other on a screen.]

"... You're really bad at this Peola."

Well I never really ever tried any of these 'video games' before... but it means we can learn together right?"

[Ourania simply rolled her eyes, something of a tiny smirk creeping onto her face.]

"I tried a few of them while I was on Star Rose. I was quite good actually. If anything I should be teaching you."


"If you're trying to make me feel better though... its working. So I guess you won. A little."

[Peola was so caught off guard by this that she didn't even notice you entering the room. Her sister did though and simply regarded you curiously before giving Peola a shove that had her fall over to regard your feet - upside down - from the vantage point that's the floor. The older princess simply waves at you from where she is.]

Wha- Oh..Hey! When did you get here?

"Are you here to ask me to do something too since the others are? I know this isn't an inn or a prison."



"Thank you for your hard work. I really hope you enjoy your meal!"

[Monika offers the person she just doled out a meal to at the mess hall a shy but clear smile and inclining her head politely. She didn't have to of course but if anything she felt that people really did need to be appreciated for the things they do. Having people actually thank her sincerely and being happy for her presence... truly happy did things for the young woman's confidence, even if it was a seemingly minor role.]


[Salwah on the other hand was awkwardly messing with her own meal. She's had a few incidents here and there. Even if she did prove herself in some combat drills and simulations she was still getting used to Earth technology and more than often tripped herself up with things. Suffice to say Peola wasn't the only one who made a mistake with the bathrooms. She returns a wave to Monika when she is seen by her friend but otherwise she makes a preference to currently find a nice quiet corner in the mess hall such as it is to stew in her embarrassment.]

[Talk with one of them?]

[Post "Challenge Honorably"]


So now Earth is at war with a nation of honor-bound hide-mecha warriors. All thanks to the ridiculously provocative actions of the Fumerco's Corporation's private security forces.

It doesn't take a political science degree to realize there's something going on

Which is why one day, while you're walking down the hallway of Saikama Base, Sasha and Alexis accost you and drag you to a corner of the room.

"We're going to investigate Fumerco," Sasha says softly. "We need a third person to watch our back."

Alexis grunts. "What my wife means to asks is...can you come with?"


The Kaidonvoskies, clad in formal uniform, knock on the office door of the UG Command Staff

"Can we come in to talk?" Alexis asks.
[Well a great many things happened. NUNE was gone, the stragglers that had cut a deal with Phannuhel that didn't run off had surrendered, Phannuhel himself had lost his Regalis unit (But kept the horse somehow) and fled, Kliiment too ran off with his guards after the plan botched, Xun was dead from a case of being stabbed in the back. As for the Haremettes and Cennetig...]
Conversation under the cut )

[Despite the damage it took, Regalis Filia seems a lot better than it has been in a long while. Despite currently being deactivated for repairs, the faint echoes of ki still flow across its frame, leaving the 'tron lines' across its body and its scarf to shimmer with an ethereal glow. Peola was close by, looking at it with a small smile before glancing over to you and waving.]

I was wondering when you'd show up... its been a busy day hasn't it?

[Elsewhere on the base Monika and Salwah are trying to get their bearings and finding out how they could help the Unity Group. Admittedly while the latter was a little anxious, she seemed to adapt quite well to things not involving combat and unlike Peola, did not completely devastate a kitchen trying to make a meal. Salwah took a little more time, with Earth tech tending to startle and surprise... the less said about the toaster incident the better to say the least.]

[Cennetig simply tends to hang around on building rooftops, looking out at the surrounding area like a majestic falcon with the eyes of a cunning raven or request honorable spars in person or battles in the training simulator while he remains around for the next few days he remains with us. Eventually he leaves with little ceremony.]

[Which among the three do you interact with?]

[As for Ourania... when she was escorted out from the Regalis Atrox she seemed to be extremely out of it. She didn't take Phannuhel casting her aside very well and seemed to have withdrawn into herself. Admittedly she would have been confined to the brig at first, but Peola suggested vehemently against putting her sister within the same distance as their mother. Given some of the comments Serak had made, it would put Ourania in an even worse place. The blonde princess simply sits quietly in a room provided to her under 'house arrest' with a rotated watch kept on her by security - her sister taking double duty whenever she could in an attempt to try connect.]


[She says nothing when you drop in, simply giving you an unnerving look.]

[As preparations for Operation Heaven's Gate are under way, Peola has had to move down to Earth from her quarters at Star Rose. It was odd to find herself staying back down on ground level again, but not unwelcome. With a small smile she unpacks the last of her belongings and wipes her forehead before a twang of irritation flashes through her as she's being called up... the reasons?]

[1] [Xun]
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[2] [Cennetig]
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[3] [Kliiment]
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[4] [Phannuhel & his Haremettes] [Its possible to speak to either or. Assume Peola has to suffer with the one not tagged.]

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[5] [Aftermath]

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[Pre- "Shine-Tommorow, Shine Forever"]

Solaris and the Unity Group is gearing up for a big military op, and things are busy at Saikhama Base. Ammo and repair parts are being shipped in by the bushel, and the air is filled with smoke as mechanics work round-the-clock to overhaul the Mechas in the hanger.

Suddenly, a mat-black shuttle with a ”日“ logo flies into the open hanger bay and lands like a UFO. As the shuttle lands, Dido looks up from her welding job; her eyes widen, and she drops her tools and books it for the nearest exit.

A ramp lowers from the shuttle, guards with sunglasses and turtlenecks file out, and a imperious, well-dressed woman strolls out and sweeps her gaze along the hustle and bustle of the base.

She sniffs in contempt. "So this is the Unity Group: humanity's strongest heroes. But really, can a group devoted to protecting others be said to have true strength?"

[Cut for long, borderline Objectivist speech.]

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"...therefore, should we not–?"

The classy woman notices you inching away. "Oh!" She exclaims. Dropping her speech mid-sentence, she walks over to you, grabs your hand, and shakes it vigorously.

"You're Dido's friend, right? I've heard so much about you!" She chirps in a bubbly tone. "Do you know if she's around?"


While Alexia Sybil is chatting with people, two other well-dressed members of the Sybil family slip out of the shuttle and wander through the hanger bay.

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Dido burst through the door of the room you are in, slams the door shut, then leans against it in a panic!

"Oh gods, it's them it's them it's them!" She wheezes. Her eyes focus on you. "You!" She wheezes. "Hide me, now!"

Do you help Dido hide?
[Peola lets out an irritated noise as she dragged herself out of the severely battered Regalis Filia. She gives the machine a somewhat irritable grimace at the sight of the smaller damages - most likely from the pin-like projectiles her sister used.]

They just get more and more worse every single time.

[She tiredly makes her way down the gantry before just settling down nearby, palming her face in frustration.]

Uuugh. What am I even complaining about. Just because that jerk and Ourania and their friends showed up doesn't mean its all bad... we beat the Gebians that wanted to wreck everything and I got a good fight out of it...

[Despite this though she feels more than a little...]


[...frustrated. She proceeds to punch a metal pillar next to her hard enough it left an indentation of her fist. She winces and holds her hand. It wasn't in too much pain but the impact stung a little. It was jarring enough to get her attention at least.]

Ow ow ow ow ow!

[In whichever base Peola currently is not patrolling around you would find a gathering of various Unity Group personnel.]

"Taking bets! Taking bets! Put 'em down here and we'll see who's the big winner!'

[It seems that there's a betting pool under way... and the subject matter in question?]


[A collapsible board with the words, photos of the potentials and their odds along with the money bet on them were there. It wasn't surprising to see the suitors that everyone knew of to be pretty low on the pool, but there were also people from the Unity Group there too! Not just that but other familiar names like Max Jenius as well!]

[Say something about the pool/React to your presence on the board as well as your odds?]

[Meanwhile, the Princess in question just paused, looking confused and irritated at the same time.]

Do you ever get the weird and overwhelming urge to punch your friends for some reason because you think they might be doing something stupid?


A few weeks after the destruction of the Ladies' Good Men, and a week after the final fight with the Kijin, Dido tightens her grip on the controls, eyes narrowed, teeth bared.

"I can't give up now!" She declares. "I won't despair! If I stand by justice, and keep moving forward, a way will open up! I know it will–Aw Fudge! Fudge! C'mon! Fudge! That combo's broken! This boss is OP! Cheap! Hax!"

On the arcade game's screen, Dido's Qipao-wearing character twitches helplessly in the throes of hit-stun, then flies back across the stage. "K.O.!". The boss character, clad in a sharp business suit and fish-crested gladiator helmet, folds his arms and laughs."Pathetic! You're ten years too early to beat me!".

Dido's bloodshot eyes twitch. "I'll wipe that grin off your face!" She shouts, fishing quarters from her pocket.

For god's sake, someone drag her away!


[Private Chat, locked to Mizuki]

"Yo, 'Zuki!" Dido pops up on your tablet screen, shadows under her eyes, a grease stain on her chin. "Could I ask you for a favor?"


[Private chat, sent to Ken, Hetepheres, Sarah and Peola]

Dido pops up on your tablet screens, looking chipper and extremely energized. "I challenge you to hand-to-hand mecha combat!"
[To say Regalis Filia was pretty damn trashed after the latest engagement with the Zentraedi was an understatement. Indeed it was designed first and foremost to protect its pilot, it didn't mean the beating wasn't straining in itself. Peola was sitting on the deck of the Macross with a number of bandages on her, kicking her feet lazily as she looked out to sea. Ever so often she'd glance at her bandages in annoyance and tug at them a little.]

For an annoying big talking Pacifist, that jerk Kaifun knows how to throw a person.

[She gives you a wry smile and waves.]

Do you think we did good enough out there?

[Not too far from the Macross and the Unity Group in town, there was a woman making something of a commotion. She was a tall, brutal looking specimen, numerous scars on her body and face. There was also a distinct air of smugness and a somewhat vicious grin on her face.]


[Her hand snaps out towards you.]

I'm looking for a brat named Peola. I felt and saw her around here... so where is she?

[As she lowers her hand her fingers curl into a fist as bones pop.]

I'm not one for asking twice so you better cough it up.


[Not long after the mission into the mountains involving the humongous worms and the Shatterhand, Peola had decided to stay a little longer on Earth. As to her reasons you would find the Regalis Filia out in an open area at Alhambra going through a rapid and complex set of martial arts maneuvers with and without its sword... yet despite the movements there was something off about them. Every so often the punches and kicks would drag a little. The sword would dip or have a little too much weight put into it. Then for a moment it flared blue as it thrust out its fist and suddenly convulsed and twitched wildly.]


[Eventually she'd stop and exit her machine, looking extremely worn out as she wiped the sweat away from her forehead. It didn't help that she was also supremely irritated by the reappearance of Xun and the appearance of Cennetig. She grit her teeth and did her best to force away the bitter feelings. Giving her machine a somewhat unhappy and anxious look.]


[Peola's taken her practice out of her machine and onto the roof of one of the buildings at Sakihama in the afternoon. Apparently she practices better out in the sun, and for some reason it shows. She seems to be gaining speed with each movement and attack she makes and for a moment anyone - not just people attuned to ki - could spot a faint blue glow radiating off of her. Several makeshift  interlocking obstacles and numerous dummies were all but danced past and pulverized respectively. As she reached the last dummy left standing she delivered a single blow to it before walking away.]

Phew.... Guess I haven't lost it then...

[She looked at one of her hands as she carefully clenched and unclenched it into a fist. The dummy she struck at the last shattered to pieces not long after she picked up a juicebox she left in the shade before she stuck the straw in it and took a sip. Letting out a happy sigh right after.]

You want one too? I have a couple more with me.
[Peola's wandering around the city Sakihama base was located. No offense to her usual posting at Star Rose but right now she needed to take as much time as she needed to walk around while the sun was bright and shining. It wasn't exactly that it was a necessity though, it was just something she was always used to - like waking up early in the mornings to train with her brother and ditch some of her more irritating suitors or most useless of classes her father heaped on her. She had to admit she was feeling a bit roughed up after the Shadow Mirror attack.... the dubious perk of being a security guard.]

[As she meanders along the sidewalk she feels a familiar presence of someone in the Unity Group close by, enough to make her stop to look around.]

[Sitting in the Hangars, Peola is looking up with an expression of mild annoyance at Regalis Filia. Pressing her hand to its foot, anyone with a ki sense would feel  the pulse that ran through her hand and echoed right into her machine. What was different though was the faint moment it glowed blue from its seams, with numerous patterns lighting up across its armor and scarf. Then they flickered and faded in an instant, making Peola sigh irritably.]

Damnit... if it wasn't for that Loni jerk...

[Given the recent events Peola's been pretty irritated. Not just because of the GREAT Xun Ostberg, self proclaimed GIGA man (Though in all honesty he played a major part in things) but also the fact that Prometheus managed to get away through the whole thing (also partly Xun's fault). As such she was currently squeezing down on one of those stress ball toys... and it looked like it was about to explode from the amount of pressure she was putting on it as she muttered angrily to herself. The arrogant blowhard was thankfully not allowed anywhere near the Unity Group's facilities... and if he did get through Peola would have been tempted to introduce him to Kagura.]

By the sun... who else is going to end up chasing me here...

[She's deep enough in her irritation not to notice you. Talk to her?]

1) [Right after 'The Runaway']
[Well a new machine is now sitting in the Hangars of Star Rose. Though a familiar face was soon leaving it. A very angry face at that. Peola was stomping down the gantry, tearing her helmet off and hurling it into a wall with brutal force. She was ranting and screaming angrily in a mixture of english and a language known to no human being on Earth at her current situation. Why? Well her secret was out. She was a Runaway Alien Princess with a horde of potential suitors. And now all of them were coming to Earth for her. What's more her sister somehow managed to sneak into Star Rose and was probably responsible for her Gespenst's breakdown - which was the whole reason she had to switch Regalis Filia back on in the first place.]

-Untranslatable enraged screaming- SWEAR TO GOD I'LL TEAR OFF HER ARMS AND -more untranslatable enraged screams- SMASH THEIR STUPID FACES IN -Do you actually want to know what she's saying? Its not pretty- HATE THEIR STUPID IDEAS AND HIS STUPID PLANS AND HIS STUPID NEED FOR ME TO GET MARRIED -Yeaaah best we don't know- RAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

[Aaaand Wallpunch. Do you risk turning the wrath of a furious princess at you?]

[Peola has.... relatively calmed down and is sitting in a lounge, curled up on a chair with a look that is mixed between annoyance, bitterness and resignation. She barely pays attention to the sight of a trio of people on TV trying to beat the everloving crap out of each other in front of a cheering audience.]

I know you're there...

[She sighs grumpily, she already had a long and uncomfortable talk with the commanders about a lot of things... what was one more person asking her MORE questions.]

What do you want?

[Peola let out a frustrated sigh as she slumped down at the kitchen counter, hands over her head. She's had a somewhat miserable time due to reasons she would prefer not to discuss - but suffice to say Ken and Dido's ki experiments had a hand in it. Still. Nothing a small snack wouldn't fix and-]

Is that smoke?

[She turned around to see a somewhat clogged toaster literally spewing out black smog that smelled of burned... cake? Peola of course panicked, quickly rushing over to slap it on the side - causing it to fire the charred mess out with the velocity of a bullet, sending the charred mess all over the place.]

AGHK-! Damn you! At the very least that other thing is doing its job-

[This was promptly preempted by the microwave's door blasting open and splattering its contents on the far wall before it shorted out. The bluenette slowly turned to regard the disaster that was literally painting the kitchen before the sprinkler system kicked in after cutting the power to the appliances. A soggy security guard hung her head solemnly.]

[After assisting with cleanup of her mess, Peola was wallowing in the shower. Well not exactly... Somehow she managed to find a large basin, barely big enough for a person to fit in, drug it into the bathroom and was sitting uncomfortably in the steaming water with a grumpy expression as she cleaned her hair.]

Just what kind of place is this, no proper tubs... or anything...

[She grumbles to herself, continuing on to wash and scrub herself down. Odd as it was, this actually wouldn't be too bad... if this wasn't the men's shower.]

[Once again after yet another inexplicable mistake on her part Peola just crashed somewhere, picking up some reading material along the way that most likely belonged to Izuru as she lay on a chair with a mild expression on her face.]

It....blew up the moon? But that doesn't make sense... the moon is right there...

[Wait... what?]

[After Mars, Peola can be found in the hangar at Star Rose, seated close by her Gespenst and looking half asleep as she lazily drank the contents of a small nondescript carton of fruit juice. The mood was still tense practically everywhere, even after managing to save everyone. People don't simply forget friends and several hundred civilians dying so easily.]

[She paused a moment and moved her free hand in front of her, stretching it slowly before pulling her lips away from the straw with a sigh.]

I really hope today means everything is going to get better...

[Still, when a perfectly average security guard does that well on the field... its a good sign yes? She waves lazily for some reason.]

You need something?

[Wait... was she talking to you?]


[Peola's at a gym somewhere. Alhambra, Star Rose, The Macross, Sakihama... it doesn't really matter. Either way when you see her, she's training pretty hard as a barrage of strikes filled the air and battered the everloving hell out of the poor training dummy that was set up.]


[You can see that she's been at this for quite a while. However it seems that there's something else in the way she moves. While she was indeed pushing herself to her limits, the look in her eyes betrayed a sense of exuberance. Part of why she was training so hard wasn't just to get stronger, but simply because she enjoyed it - all but immersing herself into the flow of punches and kicks.]

[She hasn't noticed you yet, a change of pace from her regular schtick.]

[Not long after the fight at the base, a battered one armed Gespenst can be seen getting fixed in the hangar, its pilot was a young woman sitting close by. She was rubbing the side of her head like she had to deal with a headache and given what had been happening out there it wasn't that surprising. She suddenly breaks out into a shiver, clutching herself.]

Keep it together Peola... okay.... its okay... you were trying to keep people safe... those were bad people who would have done the same...

[Still trying to come to terms with killing people right now as well. She blinks before suddenly looking towards you.]

Uh- wait I was supposed to-

[She snaps to attention looking a little anxious. She's pretty tall actually, and looking plenty tough too.]

Pilot Peola Nelfess, Security Detail. Ah... sorry... still a little new at this...