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[So the day and the academy were saved.  Reason to celebrate?  Sure.  But there's another mission already on the horizon, and what's left of Team Jelba is already prepping their machines for it.]

... I can get them sending Team Dobermen on this scouting mission... but who's this "Gordon" guy we'll be meeting up with?

Well, what's it matter if he's an international man of mystery?  Before the La Gias incident, nobody here knew about Team Jelba either.  We can get our answers when we see him.



[He looks at his Grungust Type-2 for a moment, and then over to the Grungust Alpha.]

... This might be as good a time as any to finally give the new girl a spin.

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An international man of mystery? Could he be a secret agent of some kind?
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You can call operatives for the intelligence division that, sure. And whenever you're first assigned for a collab with them, you're never quite certain what you'll get, other than a sharp mind and a lot of things kept need-to-know.
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You do not know who it is either, do you? Selena? Albhard?

I wonder is there someone who does... after all the commander must have heard of this Gordon person from somewhere.
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If you say so...

[Still, Setsuko's curiosity is not sated. But for now it is directed elsewhere.]

A spanner? What are you doing?
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A minor adustment. The Soleares is best suited for fighting on the ground, but obviously there's no ground in space.

I noticed it a few months back during a ranging in space. A slight shift in the Soleares's center of weight might not seem bad at first, but it means a lot more working adjusting a lot of calculations.

And that's Elma for you, wanting to work smarter, not harder.

That's just because you give me such a big workload any- whuaaaah!

[Bonk. The spanner goes flying through the air, striking the Subot on the side of the frame and sending him tumbling down before his flight systems catch him.]

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So that's what the spanner was for.

[Setsuko has a bit of a deadpan act going on. It's not sure does she mean maintenance or hitting robots.]
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What's this about a meeting with an international man of mystery?

[Calvin's interest has been roused.]
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Cubey-who now?

[Calvin scratches his head a little.]

Even if its an alias it feels a little ridiculous... who would even have a name like that and-

[The Investigator turns to regard Selena for a moment and then averts his eyes very quickly and doing his best to make sure nobody caught how red he went in mere seconds. Any internal monologue he was about to go off on essentially crumbled down into this:]

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[Well now, that wasn't telling at all...]

You know... I don't even think Lowen reacted quite so obviously.
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[The inspector lets out a weak cough and tries to keep his expression as schooled and focused as possible. Just look her in the eyes Calvin, just LOOK HER IN THE EYES AND FOCUS THERE.]

I don't know who this Lowen person is ma'am... but... you have to admit your choice of clothing is rather... erm... flashy...
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If it were flashy, I wouldn't need Elma to carry around a safety flashbang.

Come on Selena, he's probably just never seen what TSF pilots have to wear.

-And on that note I still don't get what people are meaning when they talk about those things.