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"Now, please ask your questions one at a time."

Following the Nora colony defense, rumors spring up everywhere about the young members of the secret Military Junior Pre-Academy project - or as people star to call them, Majestic Princes! The MJP team joined with the budding Unity Group, and now it's time to address all these rumors: through a press conference!

"I have a question to everyone from MJP." Asks one of the many, many reporters present.
"How did it feel like to participate in the operation?"

Are you going to answer this question, or wait your turn until someone else asks you something else?

Although the conference is about MJP, other people are free to participate as well - especially if they were present on the Nora mission!

Oh, and by the way. This is all streamed on the Internet live. And people post comments. Scary, scary.
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[After how badly he fared in the hostage recovery mission, Leos is off on a misguided attempt to win back favor with his sponsors and by extension quell the icy wrath of his operator Lana Nielsen who is no doubt stalking Alhambra base in search of her wayward charge.]

Sneaky feet, sneaky feet, sneaky feet...

[Humming an off kilter tune, Leos was sneaking around the back of the interview, but still visible partially to the cameras. What was definitely visible was the sign he was carrying with him.]

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This face also works for covering embarrassment

[May is watching this from behind the cameras.]

Suddenly I'm glad that I skipped this one...
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[Leos is just going to beam and move the sign aside a little, waving to the cameras, and the people behind the cameras. Welp. Now Lana knows where Leos is. Somewhere in Alhambra a table may be getting flipped.]
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[Not for long though! Because guess who stood up right in front of Leos and his sign...]

It felt great! Once things got going, I mean. After all, my units primary weapons are a 90 mm L/70 high-energy charged particle cannon and two 40 mm L/45 radiation guided photon resonance antiaircraft as its co-ax guns. I can catch any enemy in range...

[Yes, Ataru is rambling to the press. Who just stand there, dumbfounded. The press.]
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[Damnit Ataru! He's trying to do stuff here! Important stuff! Stuff that'll keep Lana from dragging him to boring meetings where stuffy people in dress shirts will complain at him!]

Well two can play this way!

[Leos is going to streeetch his arms and hold the sign precariously over Ataru's head with a look of downright comical concentration.]
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...Then! I used the co-ax missiles to ward off the close range bogeys, before picking out targets...

[Ataru continues to ramble on, but now with some dramatic flare. Like a hand that swings backwards to practically smack Leos in the face.]
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[Which in turn leads to a terrified yelp followed by a crash as he fell backwards. Of course with how he held the sign the moment he let go it somehow flips over and bonks Ataru in the face.]
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So I then yelled- Ack!

[And it lands dead center, just as Ataru was throwing out his arms again. Falling off one foot, he soons falls backwards entirely, which was right where...]
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[Asagi watches this happen with this look on his face. Yeah, it looks like the conference is starting just swimmingly. Surely this does wonders for his confidence!]
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[Leos was just going to pout the whole way as he held his nose with one hand and dragged his sign with the other. On the plus side though at least he got PROGTECH some publicity! SUCCESS! Kinda...]


[Yeah, hang his head aaaall the way away from the conference.]
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I didn't even finish...

[And so Ataru goes along with his stooge in arms, equally aching from his fall.]
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[Okay. Damage control, damage control, damage control!]

A-at any rate... we were also able to finally test the AGE System in a live battle... and hopefully with it we'll be able to give Mobile Suit development a jump-start to let us better combat the UE!
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[The only other thing on this level (start to finish) would be watching a train about to crash and not being able to do anything about it.]
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[She's watching and shaking her head, let me tell you that.]

Can't blame him for trying to do what he can for his company...

Mizuki? Why aren't we doing that with Solaris's stuff?

Because we're not that desperate!
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How did I feel?


[Izuru's in a bit of a bind. Could use some help here!]
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[Asagi to the rescue!]

I, um... Err... It was very...

[Well, it seems the inevitable happened. Stage fright caused his brain to shut down.]
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[So far Kei had been a study in keeping her face blank and trying to avoid drawing any attention to herself. However, at this question she gave Izuru a quick glance, bracing herself for the embarrassment that was to come.]
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[Asagi's too deep in ulcer-induced hell to respond to this. All he can do is stare at the perpetrator, that is Izuru.]
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Actually. Let me show you.

[Holy crap what are you doing Izuru? He seems to realize how ridiculous it is too. But he does it anyway.

Izuru shows the reporters, and the whole world by proxy, a drawing he made - of a hero leaping to the rescue of an innocent.]

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It's a character from a manga I'm drawing.

That's how I felt at the moment.
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[Kei's expression wavers ever so slightly at that. Of course he'd do that. And it wasn't even a feeling.]
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[Okay. Asagi could've used some help, but this? This is not help.]
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*Walt is watching the video from a public monitor*

So this is what it takes to defeat the undefeatable Wulgaru and UE....
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[Cathy has been assigned the important task of representing Erewhon at this public relations opportunity. Liz has been assigned the important task of keeping her on message and filtering her exposure to audience reactions. This means Cathy gets to look calm and composed while Liz invisibly wilts under a storm of anonymous... feedback.

At least most people are focused on the Rabbits.]

It was very heartening. We went up against two of the most unstoppable threats to the Earth Sphere, and showed that our resourcefulness and resolve could rise to the occasion.
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[Okay, Cathy knows her details were included in the information the press would have been given, which means they're messing with her or they really don't care about anyone but the Rabbits... but she keeps a lid on that. Professionalism!]

Lieutenant Catherine Butler, Erewhon CDF. Pleased to be able to support another colony and its people in their time of need.

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[Sigh. Well, any publicity is good publicity, if you handle it properly. Cathy maintains her polite smile, in part thanks to Liz's voice reminding her, as only she can hear, not to make a scene.]

It's all right. Yes, my sister Elizabeth, Warrant Officer Butler, is my co-pilot. We're both working to prove and improve the LZ-251 Rose mobile suit by assisting in crises across the Earth Sphere, just as we demonstrated its effectiveness against two formerly insurmountable foes at Nora.

[Plug plug.]
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The surface world's been going through a lot too, huh? What do you think, Master?

[Chika is watching the broadcast from a monitor in Alhambra, and she's not alone.]

We will have to manage.

[Shu has been paying attention to the conference as well, and looking quite concerned about it.]