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[Nineball is dead. The rank one Raven is gone. Leos finally has had his vengeance and can now breath a little easier. There were other people to hunt down of course, but he can say he's done with the Raven's Nest. In any case. Time for celebratory pudding. He opens the fridge to find...]


[Absolutely nothing. Then he remembers that vaguely remembered message regarding Loni and there being cutbacks on everything.]


[This was the enraged roar of someone denied his victory pudding. Needless to say, Leos hated him more than ever now.]

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Pudding bro delivery service to the rescue.]
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He apparently has family in high places. Family that has been quite... supportive, of he and Desta being a pair of heroes. So some of the money we've been receiving? Tied to their performance.
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You thought you have it bad? You should listen to Tamaki crying she can't have her squid guts. She can be very loud.
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Yes, yes. Thanks for demonstrating.

What the hell is Loni thinking? Some of our units are expensive to maintain - AHSMBs and others. They won't be ready on time if an enemy attacks now!
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Don't remind me.

But this time, he doesn't even have the courtesy to show his face. It's like he knows everyone is pissed off at him.
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I'm not endorsing it, but I won't stop you either. He had it coming. Unity Group is not his personal playground!
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[Not even the kitchen and the Sacred Pudding was spared from Loni's obsession about getting a stronger machine.]

... If he comes begging to me to use the AGE Builder, he can forget it.
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It's people more concerned with playing hero than actually being one.

What Loni said before... about prioritizing one life over many...

[Flit's fists clench tightly.]

Someone who lets hundreds die just to save one person is a monster! You're supposed to save everyone!